July 12, 2022

Best Short Wigs

Best short wigs

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This is a review of the best short wigs in 2023.

Short hairstyles are a cute and fun look to wear if you can find the cut that fits you. But before you go and chop off your hair, you may try out a short wig.

Short wigs come in many variations and can also be seen in different hair colors too. You can pretty much try out a short hairstyle without having to manipulate your natural hair. If you’ve ever wondered how you would look with short hair, then a short wig is your best bet.

My name is Lauren, and I have worked in the hair industry for many years. I love making and wearing wigs in every length, cut, and texture. When it comes to wearing a short wig, the Cecyocy Short Bob Human Hair Wigs With Bangs is my top choice.

This Brazilian virgin hair wig comes in a 130% density and has a beautiful natural sheen and luster. The hair is super soft to the touch and looks like your own hair. 

There are also other options for short wigs that will get you on your feet, so keep reading to learn more. I will give a detailed review of each option so that you can find the perfect short wig.

Four Best Short Wigs 

Best Short Wigs Reviewed

Here, I will give an in-depth explanation of the best short wigs for different styles. After reading through the features, you should have a better idea of which short wigs are best for you and that suit your look.

Cecyocy Short Bob Human Hair Wigs With Bangs

  • Key features: 100% Brazilian virgin hair, bangs, 130% density
  • Hair Color: Natural black
  • Hair Length: 10-14 inches
  • Best for: Overall

Bob wigs are the perfect short hairstyle because they actually can look good on everyone. This wig adds some flair to a traditional bob look with bangs that can be worn straight across or swept to the side.

You can color, cut, straighten, curl, or dye this wig because it is made with 100% Brazilian virgin hair. This will ensure lasting quality and easy manipulation without causing damage to the wig.

At 130% density, you will get a super natural fullness that will look like your own hair. It is soft and smooth and has a nice and natural shine. You can find a length that suits you with this wig‘s 10 to 14 inches, making it great for longer bob styles.

I would recommend this wig for those with narrow or slimmer faces. If you have a round face, this wig may not be the best suited for you. You can try one of the other options listed below.


  • Key features: Heat-resistant fiber, bangs, wavy
  • Hair Color: Natural black, natural brown, dark brown, highlights, light gold, wine red
  • Hair Length: 10 inches
  • Best for: Synthetic

Because of its wavy tresses, this wig puts a spin on traditional bob wigs. You will also get bangs with this bob, which will look fabulous on anyone. You can leave this wig styled as is, or change it up because it is made with heat-resistant fibers, and safe to use with heat styling tools.

Don’t worry, there is a hair color for everyone if you decide to go with this wig. This is great because you don’t have to stick to traditional natural colors and can enjoy a variety of lovely hair colors or highlights.

This wig comes in 10 inches, giving you length around your neckline. The wig cap is breathable and comfortable for daily wear. You can always tailor the fit to your head by using the adjustable straps that are included.

Unfortunately, this wig is pretty thin and can come across pretty flat for some people. For this reason, I would recommend trying another wig if you prefer fuller hair.

Tgezer Short Wavy Hair Pixie Cut Wigs

  • Key features: 100% heat resistant synthetic wig, hair, pixie cut, wavy
  • Hair Color: Natural black, wine red, golden blonde, auburn
  • Hair Length: Pixie
  • Best for: Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are absolutely gorgeous, and if you’ve ever wanted to do this cut but weren’t sure, this pixie cut wig will have you wishing you did. This wig comes styled with beautiful waves that are tapered near the bottom and very full at the top.

It’s made with heat-resistant fibers and is very soft and natural-looking for a short style, making it a great wig to wear daily or for special events. You can enjoy the different colors this wig comes in and try one that will fit your look.

You can use heat styling tools with this wig because the wig is made with 100% heat-resistant synthetic fibers. You can feel comfortable changing the style without the worry of heat damage.

This wig looks great on all head shapes and sizes. However, you will need some shaping, cutting, and styling to fit your desired look. I wouldn’t recommend this wig if you want something that comes customized for you.

Geeta Human Hair Lace Front 13×4 Bob Wig

  • Key features: 100% Brazilian hair, pre-plucked hairline, lace frontal
  • Hair Color: Natural black
  • Hair Length: 10-16 inches
  • Best for: Lace front

The traditional bob is always a classic style, and with this wig, you will get the perfect length and a natural look. This 13×4 lace frontal comes pre-plucked with baby hairs to offer a natural hairline for a realistic look. The Brazilian virgin hair is suitable for straightening, curling, coloring, or bleaching this wig any way you like.

You will get a natural fullness with the 130% density that is practical for most people. You can choose to get a shoulder-length bob with this wig as it goes up to 16 inches, or stick to a shorter length.

This wig is the best option if you want a bob because it is made on a medium brown swiss lace and has a very soft and healthy hair texture.

This wig might be too thin for some people, and you may prefer a higher density. I would advise to check with the seller for additional options, or to explore another option with a higher density.

Best Short Wigs – What to Consider?

Here we will go over some details to consider when looking for short wigs. Consider the following factors before you purchase your short wig.


The style of the wig is very important when it comes to looking for a short wig. Short styles look great if you can pull them off, but not all short styles are the same. For instance, you may look great in a bob but horrible in a pixie cut.

Knowing which styles suit your face shape and head size is critical when wearing a short wig. You want to know whether you have a round face or a narrow one, or maybe a box face or a long one.

Different styles will suit different face shapes better, and that goes for wearing bangs too. You want to wear a wig that will enhance your look and not take from it. That is why knowing which style works for you before you buy your wig is very important.


You might want to pump up the volume with short wigs, but not too much. Short wigs tend to be less full than longer wigs because of the length. However, they should still provide a natural fullness and reasonable density.

Try to stay away from wigs that appear to be thin. With time, most wigs will shed, which can be bad if you start with a thin wig.

If you are not satisfied with the density of the wig, reach out to the seller and see if they can increase it. Always make sure to check the reviews beforehand and see what past customers are saying.

Hair Quality

Hair quality is important no matter the length of the wig and should always be high on the list for what to consider. You want to make sure that if you are buying human hair, that you are using unprocessed hair.

If you like synthetic, make sure it is a high-quality or heat-resistant synthetic fiber. This will give you better options as opposed to regular synthetic wigs.

Make sure to talk with the seller if you are in doubt or need additional clarity on the wig. Don’t forget to read the reviews too.


Here are some frequently asked questions relating to choosing short wigs and their quick answers.

How to Style a Short Human hair wig?

Always style your wigs according to the hair length. Bobs, shags, and pixies are all great styles for short wigs. To increase the volume of your wigs, you can add mosses, hair sprays, or even dry shampoo to hold the shapes of your wig.

How do Beginners wear short wigs?

Here are some great tips for beginners to wear short wigs:

  1. Make sure of a breathable wig cap
  2. Choose a wig matching your head size
  3. Make use of wig glues or tapes to secure your wig
  4. Always remove all the glues and adhesives when you take the wig off

My Verdict

Wearing short wigs can be a great way to change your look and add style and beauty to your hairstyles. That is why Cecyocy Short Bob Human Hair Wigs With Bangs is my best overall choice. It is easy to install and suitable for a majority of people.

You can enjoy luxury human hair at a fraction of the price and maintain a variety of styles with this wig. If you loved any of these short wigs or have any feedback on this article, comment below and share your thoughts!


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