October 13, 2021

Best Dry Shampoo for Hair Extensions

Best Dry Shampoo for Hair Extensions

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This is a review of the best dry shampoo for hair extensions in 2022.

My name is Jolene, a hair professional with 15 years of experience dealing with wigs, extensions, and hair products.

Many women today are using hair extensions, but they forget to maintain the new tresses to keep the hair shiny. They end up wearing coarse and dry hair extensions. Admittedly, dry hair shampoo is essential as it removes accumulated buildup in the hair, making it clean, moisturized, and shiny.

Over my years of practice, I have tried various dry shampoos for extensions, and below I will share with you the best choices. OGX Extra Strength Refresh Restore Dry Shampoo is our best overall choice for a dry shampoo that will restore your extensions and keep them shining.

This shampoo will retain moisture for curly extensions, protect color-treated hair, as well as keep your extensions shiny and rejuvenated.

Well, this is not the only dry shampoo, as there are others, which I am going to discuss in the sections that follow.

Keep reading to learn more.

Quick Summary

3 Best Dry Shampoos for Hair Extensions Reviewed

In the following section, I will go over my top picks for best dry shampoo for hair extensions, giving a detailed review for each.

OGX Extra Strength Refresh Restore Dry Shampoo

  • Key features: 100% vegan, No color or dye, Non-comedogenic, blended with coconut, vanilla bean extract, and Tiare essence
  • Volume: 235ml, 5 Ounces
  • Scent: Coconut
  • Best for: Overall

What I love about this product is that it is 100% vegan meaning no trace of animal products; it is made from natural ingredients, which are safe for the hair and scalp.

It is also non-comedogenic, meaning it does not block pores and it will not clog your hair follicles, which would lead to acne and pimples.

This does not have color or dye, which is essential, especially if you are looking for something that doesn’t alter your natural hair color.

I also like the fact that it is blended with coconut, vanilla bean extract, and Tiare essence, which gives it a pleasant scent.

The downside to this shampoo is the price tag. However, I think it is worth every cent, as a bottle will last you a long time.

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Light Tones

  • Key features: paraben-free, alcohol-free, argan oil-infused
  • Volume: 205ml, 6.4 Ounces
  • Scent: Original
  • Best for: Light Hair Extensions

I like this dry shampoo because it can be used on light hair extensions even if they are mixed with the natural color of the scalp. It is great for blonde hair, but also great for any color. Being parabens-free is beneficial for most people with sensitive skin.

It has a low residue formula that is argan oil-infused and alcohol-free, which is essential when it comes to protecting your natural hair by not drying out the scalp or leaving behind white powder.

The downside for this one is that it leaves a strong scent, but this is easily remedied by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

  • Key features: Waterless Formula, Paraben-free, Talc-free
  • Volume: 6.73 Ounces
  • Scent: Tropical
  • Best for: Thick and Coarse Hair Extensions

Batiste is a popular brand that has been around for years, but I only recently tried it out. This Dry Shampoo is a great shampoo, as it has a waterless formula, which means it does not leave residue on your hair, and it absorbs excess oil, dirt, and grease.

I can’t forget to mention that it’s also paraben-free, which is great for people with sensitive skin.

It is also talc-free, which is something you want to look out for when picking up dry shampoo.

Talc is not absorbed by the scalp and it often leaves behind white powder which can cause your scalp to look dirty and it’s not good for long-term use.

While this shampoo leaves your hair feeling clean and fresh, it does have a strong scent that can be overwhelming to some people. I suggest adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to tame the smell if needed.

Buying Guide for Best Dry Shampoo for Hair Extensions

The following factors will come in handy when buying a dry shampoo for hair extensions:


Don’t pick up a dry shampoo just because it has a pleasant scent, but it should be one that doesn’t cause irritation or allergies. Look out for fragrances that contain essential oils like lavender, rosemary oil, and lemongrass.


The packaging for dry shampoo is an important factor to consider since it affects the amount of product you end up using. Consider something with a pump nozzle or a bottle cap that won’t clog and will allow you to easily spray the product.

Hair Extensions

There are dry shampoos that can be used on hair extensions of any color or type, but it is also essential to look out for certain ingredients if you have hair extensions that are made from darker colors, like black or brown.

You don’t want something with the wrong toner in it since this could make your hair extensions look dull or off-colored.


This is another obvious factor! Look out for products that are priced reasonably and work for what you are paying for.

I highly recommend going for a paraben-free dry shampoo that contains less chemicals overall. Look out for ingredients that will help strengthen your hair extensions and keep them fresh, clean, and smelling great!


Here are some commonly asked questions relating to dry shampoos for hair extensions and their quick answers.

Why is Dry Shampoo Great for Hair Extensions?

Making use of dry shampoo properly can extend the lifespan of your hair extensions. Washing our hair extensions too often will cause them to dry out and become fragile.

Dry shampoo can bring your hair a refreshing touch by absorbing excess oils, grease, and dirt from your natural hair between washes. Besides, it is really quick, easy to apply, making it a great hair extensions care routine.

Can I use dry shampoo on synthetic hair?

Yes, you can use dry shampoo on synthetic hair to make it look less shiny. Spray the dry shampoo on your hand, then wrap it on your hair to spread them more evenly.

Are all dry shampoos sulfate-free?

No, not all dry shampoos are sulfate-free. However, some brands do offer sulfate-free dry shampoos. So make sure you read the instruction or check with the seller before purchasing.

Useful Tips and Information

To maximize the benefits of using hair extensions dry shampoos, read these additional tips and information.

How to Apply Dry Shampoos on Your Hair Extensions

Check this vido out for some great tips and steps to apply dry shampoos on your hair extensions.

We have written several articles regarding hair care products for hair extensions and wigs, make sure you check them out before to keep your hairs in tip-top conditions!

My Verdict

It is essential that you use the right shampoo for your extension so that it does not ruin your hair. Dry shampoos are great when you do not have time to wash your hair, but it is essential that you find the right one, so there is no damage done in the process.

The above shampoos are all good but our best overall is OGX Extra Strength Refresh Restore Dry Shampoo as it moisturizes the hair while absorbing excess oil.


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