June 19, 2022

Best Curly Hair Toppers

Best Curly Hair Topper

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This is a review of the best curly hair toppers in 2023.

My name is Alexis, I am a cosmetologist, and I have been wearing hairpieces for over ten years. I found curly hair toppers to be a great solution to thinning damaged hair. If you are a curly girl and suffering from hair thinning around your crown, hair toppers have been the best middle ground between hair extensions and wigs.  

My favorite hair topper is the Maery Curly Wavy Human Hair Topper. This curly hair topper is made with 100% human hair, making it extremely realistic and easy to blend into your natural hair. It also has anti-slip clips for secure yet comfortable attachment all day. 

While I’m loving this one, there are other great options for you to choose from to find the best curly hair topper. 

Keep reading for more. 

Quick Summary 

Who Should Get These?

Curly hair toppers are great for all curly-haired women suffering from a thinning hairline and/or hair loss and help to add volume giving you a healthy and full look in any area you had once before.

Compared with wigs, hair toppers are usually lighter and less dense.

Best Curly Hair Toppers – 3 Top Picks

Here’s a detailed review of the top picks for the best hair toppers for curly hair.

Maery Curly Wavy Human Hair Topper

  • Key Features: Full coverage, BB Clips, silk base, 
  • Hair Topper Length: 8”-16”
  • Color: Dark Brown 
  • Best for: Overall 

Maery hair topper is thick, full, and ideal for curly hair. This hair topper offers full coverage and volume while being lightweight and comfortable to wear. The BB clips attached make this topper super easy to install. No glue or adhesives are needed, no sew-ins are required, it clips in easily and is very comfortable to wear all day. 

Not as dense as a full wig and made with a breathable silk base, this material helps this hair topper blend into your curly hair texture so you won’t have to worry about it looking unnatural. 

This curly hair topper is also great for the majority of curly hair types because the texture of the curl can go from tight to loose with little manipulation. It’s very versatile! You can straighten, curl, or even cut the strands easily based on your preferred style. 

Since usually the area your hair is thinning is sensitive and fragile, attaching this topper with clips may be a downside. So I would advise using this topper for temporary purposes.

If you’re not careful, these clips could pull, tug or even damage your hair. Sometimes even cause headaches. If this becomes an issue, you should attach your topper with tape or glue for easier bonding.

Yudit Curly Hair Topper

  • Key Features: 16”x14” silk lace, human hair
  • Topper Length: 8”-12”
  • Color: Natural Black 
  • Best for: Added Volume

The Yudit curly hair topper is the ideal topper for enriching the volume of thinning hair. This topper is full of texture and mimics real curls that match most curly textures. The base is made of silk lace, and the size is 16″x14″ for the best coverage.

This topper provides full coverage in the crown of their head and is meant for later phases of baldness. The voluminous hair is made from human hair that can easily handle heat styling, cut, and color.

The downside of this product is it comes with only three clips on the cap so you may need to use more tools to secure the hair on your head.

Fluffy Kinky Curly Hair Topper

  • Key Features: 100% human hair, bangs
  • Topper Length: 12”
  • Color: Natural Black 
  • Best for: Kinky Curly Hair 

This hair topper is made with 100% human hair, it is unique and exclusive for women who want to rock a kinky curly hair look with frayed bangs. What also sets this hair topper apart is how natural the bangs look.

Like the hair, the bangs provide the face with a 360-degree cover range, they are safe to curl, iron, and straighten. You can style this hair topper any way you want to replicate the closest style to your natural hair or try a completely different style.

The best hair toppers (with bangs) come in various sizes, shapes, textures, and colors so they will easily blend with your real hair to help you achieve a very natural look. The kinky curly style of this hair topper also blends extremely well with thicker and looser curly hair textures.

The downside is this hair comes with a funny smell when it arrived, I needed to wash it twice because I can use it.

Best Curly Hair Toppers – What to Consider?

Consider the following factors for choosing the best curly hair topper for you. 


The goal is to find a hair topper that closely resembles the color of your natural hair. If you can’t seem to find one that matches your hair, look for a human hair wig topper, like a few of the ones we suggested, and bleach or dye your wig to adjust the tone.


The length of your hair topper plays a huge part. It’s up to you to choose the hair length that best suits your preferences. If your hair is particularly thin, you might want to use longer hair toppers with thicker tops. Those with thicker hair are freer to explore shorter hairstyles.

Most hair toppers come in lengths of 8, 12, 16, and 18 inches, though smaller and larger sizes do exist

Tip: You can cut and trim hair toppers just like you real hair, so if you’re unsure, your best and safest bet is to choose a larger size.


There are two options for the type of hair strand of your topper, synthetic or natural human hair. Synthetic is much cheaper and easier to maintain in the long run, but it rarely looks as realistic. Hair toppers made of natural human hair blend better with natural hair, and offer more versatility when it comes to styling

Hair Style

Whichever hairstyle you want to achieve will help you pick the best hair topper for you. Most hair toppers come with different parting options to give you versatility. For example, the Maery curly hair topper comes in the left, middle, and right parts.


Here are some frequently asked questions relating to curly hair toppers and their quick answers.

Do hair toppers cause hair loss?

Hair toppers are designed to help people suffering hair loss at their crown and parting. According to my experience, if you install a hair topper properly, it seldom causes hair loss. However, improper installation of hair toppers may result in hair loss.

Are hair toppers better than wigs?

It depends on the area and degree of your hair loss. Compared with wigs, hair toppers are lighter, thinner, and cheaper. However, they are suitable only if you suffer from hair loss condensed on your crown and parting.

Wrapping Up

Hair toppers to camouflage hair loss are a great option to opt for. Hair toppers have many advantages for hair loss at the crown or part, like helping you conceal thinning hair, bald patches, and more. 

I believe you will be happy with Maery Curly Wavy Human Hair Topper, it is full, easy to install, and can blend well with most types of curls.

If you choose the right specs, follow these guidelines and take care of and maintain your topper, you can rock your topper and embrace the new fuller, and more beautiful hairstyle available to you. 


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