December 11, 2021

Best Bob Wigs

best bob wigs

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This is a review of the best bob wigs.

Bob wigs are top tier when it comes to talking about short hairstyles. They are a classic and trendy style that has evolved over the ages. Wear them with bangs, curls, straight, or even an edgy asymmetrical look. No matter who you are, bob hairstyles can fit anyone.

My name is Lauren, and I have been in the hair business for a very long time. When it comes to wearing bob wigs, there are so many options out there that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. In this case, I will share some of my top picks when it comes to wearing the best bob wigs.

A classic bob will never go out of style and will look great and unique on each individual person. That is why the Geeta Human Hair Lace Front 13×4 Bob Wig is my number one choice and the best overall option.

This wig comes in various lengths to measure up with an ideal look that will fit all head sizes and shapes. It is a straight texture with a natural sheen to resemble your real hair. This hair has a nice bounce and bluntly feathered ends for a true bob style.

If this wig doesn’t make you jump in your seat, don’t worry. We will dive into other bob wigs that will. I will fill you in on the highs and lows of each of these products so that you can make an informed decision.

Keep reading to learn more!

Quick Summary

4 Best Bob Wigs Reviewed

I will now give a detailed review of my top choices for the best bob wigs in the section below. Keep reading to find your perfect bob wig.

Geeta Human Hair Lace Front 13×4 Bob Wig

  • Key features: Brazilian virgin hair, pre-plucked, slightly bleached knots
  • Density: 150%
  • Length: 8-16 inches
  • Best for: Overall

This exquisitely crafted wig is bone straight but has the perfect amount of 150% density to give it body and fullness. It is made with Brazilian virgin hair that is durable and made to last regardless of dyeing, bleaching, curling, or styling this wig. It has amazing lengths to fit different styles if you want to wear the hair down or pulled back.

The hairline on this 13×4 lace front wig is very realistic. It is pre-plucked, has slightly bleached knots, and will melt into your skin. The hair comes in a natural black color that will suit most skin tones and complexions.

This hair texture is very soft and smooth and has a noticeable and natural sheen. The healthy strands can withstand heat styling and chemical processing. You will get a nice blunt cut with lightly feathered ends to give you a natural softness.

This wig is great for daily wear and has a long shelf life with the proper maintenance. Unfortunately, even at 150% density, this wig is a bit thin for some people. If you prefer fuller hair, then this is not the wig for you.

QUINLUX WIGS Body Wave Short Bob Human Hair Wig

  • Key features: 100% unprocessed Brazilian virgin hair, 13×6 HD transparent lace, pre-plucked
  • Density: 150%
  • Length: 8-16 inches
  • Best for: Body Wave

This bob choice is perfect for those who want a little bounce and body added to their short look. It is made with 100% unprocessed Brazilian virgin hair that has the cuticles intact for various styling options like coloring, bleaching, and straightening.

The 13×6 HD transparent lace allows for ample parting space that is deeper than most frontal wigs. You can wear this wig straight out of the packaging, as it comes fully customized with pre-plucked lace and baby hair.

Choose between the chin and shoulder lengths when wearing this wig, with suitable options for everyone. You will have luscious strands that are full of body at 150% density for natural fullness.

This wig is soft and lightweight, making it a comfortable wig for daily wear. Although it does come customized, you will need to define it a bit more to make this wig unique to you.

Megalook Lace Front Bob Wigs Human Hair

  • Key features: 13x5x2 T Part lace, 12A virgin human hair, double drawn wefts
  • Density: 150%
  • Length: 8-14 inches
  • Best for: Beginner

This bob wig is a great introduction to bob wigs if you’ve never worn one, very simply installation. It comes customized on its 13x5x2 T part lace to give you a deep middle part for the classic bob look. The hairline is also pre-plucked and will blend into your scalp with its medium brown lace.

You get durable 12A grade virgin human hair that is cut from young and healthy donors for all restyling needs. The wefts are double drawn to provide optimal fullness. The strands are thick and glossy because of its 150% density to give you a natural volume.

The lengths are 8 to 14 inches with this wig and give you options for various bob styles. You can feel comfortable wearing this wig with the adjustable straps and four combs that are attached. Enjoy minimal shedding and tangle-free hair with this wig.

The only downside to this wig is that you can only wear it styled with the middle part because of the T part lace. This will limit style options for those who are interested in changing their look with this bob. For this reason, I would not recommend this wig.

Jessica Hair 13×6 Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Short Bob

  • Key features: 13×6 lace, deep parting space, high-quality Brazilian Remy human hair
  • Density: 150%
  • Length: 8-16 inches
  • Best for: Curly

This wig puts a spin on the classic bob look by coming in a curly hair texture. It is designed on a beautiful 13×6 swiss lace that will give you deep parting space for various looks. You can style your luxurious strands of Brazilian Remy hair by coloring, bleaching, and straightening this wig.

You have different length options, from chin to a bit past the shoulder. This curly bob wig is perfect for anyone and gives you more styling options than most bob wigs. At 150% density, you will have springy thick strands of radiant curls.

This wig comes in natural black color to fit most natural hair colors. Feel free to wear this wig without adhesives, as it comes with adjustable straps and wig combs for a breathable and secure fit.

Unfortunately, this wig does shed a bit more compared with the other mentioned options and will need to be detangled after every wash. So prepare to get some moisturizing shampoos, leave-in conditions, and hair oil for it.

You will also need styling products to give you the best look while wearing this wig. If this is a problem for you, please consider another wig.

Guide to Buying Bob Wigs

Take the following factors into consideration when you are screening out the best bob wigs.


Bob wigs can still be very flexible, even for a shorter hairstyle. With the different texture options, you are not limited to the look of a standard bob.

Curly, body waves, and straight hair textures make bob wigs even more fun to wear. You can choose an option you would prefer to wear the most and change it if the hair allows it. 

If you have a curly hair bob and want to straighten it, make sure that the hair is unprocessed human hair before you straighten it. This will ensure that the hair will return to its natural state.

Even if you decide to go for a classic straight look, you do have options of curling your hair using rollers or heat styling tools. Make your bob your own no matter what texture you choose.


The great thing about bob wigs is that they do give us options even though they are short hairstyles. You have the options to choose between the ear line and shoulder for various bob looks that are all worth trying.

It is good to note that with length and fullness, your face shape and size should be considered. The longer your face, the more volume or body your wig should have. The rounder your face, the longer lengths are the ones more suitable for you.

Different bob lengths will give you depth and dimension to your styles. They can offer different looks and change your styles subtly without being too drastic.

If you are unsure of where the bob will end on you, ask the seller for a measurement chart if they don’t have one. You can also check the reviews and see the pictures that are posted by other buyers as well.


Here are some quick answers for frequently asked questions relating to best bob wigs.

What is the best length for a bob wig?

It depends on what you want, if you want one that is easy to manage and you can wear on daily basis, then go for one with around 12 – 14 inches, it’s good enough to offer you a short, energetic cool look.
And yet it’s long enough to cover your years, allow room for creativity. It’s pretty perfect for you to style it.

What type of wigs do celebrities wear?

Most of the celebrities do prefer wearing full lace wigs made with virgin hair and HD lace, with at least 150% density, some will go for 180% or even 200% density for a full body and natural look.

Some celebrities like Sia and Lady GaGa created stunning looks with beautiful bob wigs in different colors and styles.

How long does a bob wig last?

Most human hair bob wigs in the current market can last for around 4 months. For synthetic bob wigs, you are looking for around 2-3 months.

However, if you have great virgin hair bob wigs created with high-quality HD lace, it can last for over 2 years. Do note that Remy hair bob wigs tend to have a shorter lifespan than virgin hair wigs.

My Verdict

It’s great to know that wearing bob wigs can offer flexibility, length, comfort, and style for shorter hairstyles. They can make you feel beautiful, radiant, and give you confidence with every style or texture you wear. It’s even better that it looks natural because of the hair quality and parting styles.

That is why the Geeta Human Hair Lace Front 13×4 Bob Wig is the best overall option. It has dark and velvety smooth hair to give your bob the flair, and look for a classic bob wig. Share your experience with bob wigs in the comments section below.


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