September 28, 2021

Best Donald Trump Wigs

best donald trump wigs

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This is a review of the best Donald Trump wigs in 2023.

With Halloween quickly approaching, you can guarantee that Donald Trump costumes will be in high demand. If you’re stuck wondering which wig will match your perfectly tailored Donald Trump suit, then you’re in luck.

My name is Lauren, and Halloween is by far one of my most favorite holidays to take part in, not only for the candy, but of course, the dressing up. As a hairstylist and wig enthusiast, I am going to help you find the best Donald Trump wigs for this Halloween season.

If you are looking for the creme de la creme of Donald Trump wigs, then the ALLAURA Donald Trump Wig For Adults is the best overall choice. You don’t have to be a Democrat or Republican to vote that wearing this wig not only makes you look like Trump, but feel like him too!

This wig is made up of matte silk fibers that offer a realistic appearance and looks like your real hair.

Yes, there are several other options that I will cover throughout this article. We will go through the pros and cons of each one so that you can make the best purchase.

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My Top Picks for Best Donald Trump Wigs

Four Best Donald Trump Wigs Reviewed

In this section, check out my top choices for the best Donald Trump wigs with a detailed review of each option below.

ALLAURA Donald Trump Wig For Adults

  • Key features: pre-styled, matte silk fibers, adjustable wig cap
  • Volume: 3.2 oz
  • Hair Color: Golden & Platinum Blonde mix
  • Best for: Overall

This wig couldn’t make you feel more presidential. It comes pre-styled with a part on one side and sideburns to give you a natural look. It is made with matte silk fibers to resemble thick and naturally full hair while offering a softer feel.

You don’t need to worry about the size because this wig fits all head sizes and comes with adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. The hair is made with a mix of gold and platinum blonde strands to give an authentic color.

This wig offers quality for the price and is of great value all around. Just comb and style this wig to fit your face and you are ready to go. It is also 100% heat resistant if you wish to use heat styling tools.

The only downside to this wig is that even though it comes pre-styled, you will need to tailor the wig to frame it around your face. If you have an issue with styling, then this wig is not for you.

Rubie’s Adult Character Costume Wig

  • Key features: full hair, 100% synthetic fibers, one size
  • Length: Jaw
  • Hair Color: Golden Blonde
  • Best for: Blonde Hair

If you are looking for a Donald Trump wig that is very full and one solid color, then this wig is for you. It’s one size fits most, but it’s too big for kids.

It’s made with 100% synthetic fibers and comes in a beautiful golden blonde color. This wig is parted on one side and comes styled with very light and loose curls.

This wig will stop around your jawline but can be trimmed if you find it to be too long. You can use styling products if you are worried about cutting it incorrectly.

While this wig does come pre-styled for you, it will be difficult to try and restyle it another way because of the hair quality. For this reason, I don’t recommend this wig if you wish to restyle it.

Donald Trump Hat with Hair 2020 Wig Visor

  • Key features: 100% high quality cotton, lightweight, adjustable buckle
  • Volume: 3.21 oz
  • Hair Color: Red Blonde
  • Best for: Visor

This Donald Trump wig comes attached to a red Trump 2020 visor with 100% high-quality cotton hair. This wig is one size fits most and has an adjustable buckle for a secure and comfortable fit.

Perfectly designed with a venting hole to give you a breathable and ventilated wear while wearing it, this wig is practical. The hair is a red blonde color and offers a natural look.

The visor comes with a 3-inch brim and is lightweight. Pull off this Make America Great Again costume with this Donald Trump Wig.

Although this wig is one size, it really fits a small adult head or a child. I would recommend measuring your head before purchasing this wig. If you have a larger head size, then this wig is not for you.

MAGA Hat with Wig

  • Key features: pre-styled, synthetic fibers, MAGA hat
  • Volume: 5.61 oz
  • Hair Color: Golden Blonde
  • Best for: MAGA

If you’re going for the campaign Donald Trump style wig, then this Make America Great Again hat and wig combo is for you. This wig is pre-styled and fits perfectly under the cap.

It’s made with synthetic fibers and comes in a golden blonde color. The MAGA Hat comes with an American flag on it and will fit most head sizes.

You can wear the wig alone by itself or together with the hat for the full Donald Trump look. This wig is fine for children to wear.

This wig and hat combo is a great set, but it might be too small for some head shapes. I would recommend buying the hat and wig separately if you have a larger head size.

Guide to Buying Donald Trump Wigs

Take the following factors into consideration when you are screening out the best Donald Trump wigs.


You can get lucky and purchase a Donald Trump wig that is already styled for you, but you may need to tailor it to fit your face perfectly.

Having styling products like mousse and gel on hand can make all the difference in how the wig sits on your head. You should also consider trimming the hair if it’s too long for you.

Most Donald Trump wigs come parted for you and may be difficult to change the parting style. If you prefer to part the wig yourself, make sure to get one with no parts.


Donald Trump wigs tend to typically be a golden blonde color. You will see some that are reddish blonde and even a platinum blonde shade.

The color choices are up to you, but for a more natural looking wig, I would recommend a golden blonde wig color for a Donald Trump wig.

Reddish blonde would be the best second choice because it resembles a more natural color than the platinum blonde. The wig colors will really be dependent on the costume choice, but opt for golden blonde option if you can.

My Verdict

Donald Trump wigs may appear to look relatively the same, but they are all unique and have certain aspects about them that will suit different costumes. My top pick would have to be ALLAURA Donald Trump Wig For Adults because of its realistic appearance to natural hair and great styling quality.


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