September 28, 2021

Best Wigs For Small Heads

Best Wigs For Small Heads

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This is a review of the best wigs for small heads in 2023.

Finding the perfect wig can be a challenge for those of us with smaller head sizes, but it’s not an impossible thing. If you struggle with finding wigs to fit your smaller head size, then this article is for you.

My name is Lauren, and I have worked as a hairstylist for many years. I’ve also worn wigs for many of those years and have found some of the best ones for smaller head sizes.

The XSY Headband Human Hair Wig is the best overall choice when it comes to wigs for small heads because of the velcro design that makes it suitable for adjusting to all head sizes. This wig also comes with four combs inside to provide a sturdier hold.

There are other great wig options besides this choice, and we will look into those in great detail throughout this article. So, keep reading to find out more.

Quick Summary

3 Best Wigs For Small Heads – Our Top Picks

I will now give a detailed review of my top choices for the best wigs for small heads in the section below.

XSY Headband Human Hair Wig

  • Key features: 10A grade Brazilian virgin hair, velcro design, 4 combs
  • Density: 150%
  • Length: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 inches
  • Best for: Overall

Headband wigs are great for smaller head sizes, and this wig offers premium quality all around. You get 10A grade Brazilian virgin hair that is great for styling, curling, straightening, and coloring this wig as you like.

At 150% density, you will have full and natural tresses that will give you a realistic look. This wig is made with a velcro design that allows you to adjust the wig to your head size, with the addition of 4 combs to provide a comfortable fit.

The lengths vary from short to long so that you can find a length that is suitable for you. You can also wear this hair up in a bun or standard ponytails without a problem.

While this wig is a great option for smaller head sizes, it can only be worn with the headband. If you prefer to style this wig with parts and other style options, then I would recommend trying another wig.

AISI HAIR Synthetic Curly Bob Wig with Bangs

  • Key features: Heat resistant synthetic hair, water waves, bangs
  • Volume: 8.15 oz
  • Hair Color: Various
  • Best for: Bob

This bob wig will give you some flair and style with its beautiful water waves and great color options. It’s made with heat-resistant synthetic hair that can be straightened or curled with heating tools up to a certain temperature.

It is styled with bangs that you can wear as is or nicely swept to either side. This wig falls right at the shoulder and frames your face perfectly.

There are two combs attached at the front, and adjustable straps included to give you a secure hold. There is also small padding on the sides to keep the wig in place so it doesn’t shift. You will find comfort wearing this wig as it comes on a breathable net cap.

Although this hair comes in beautiful colors, you can’t dye it if you want to change the color you chose. If you prefer to have a wig that you can dye, this wig will not suit you.

Human Hair Straight Lace 4×4 Closure Wig

  • Key features: 100% Brazilian virgin hair, pre-plucked, baby hair
  • Density: 150%
  • Length: 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32 inches
  • Best for: Lace Closure

This wig is made with quality unprocessed Brazilian virgin hair that has no smell and offers minimal shedding and tangling. It has a 4×4 swiss lace that comes pre-plucked with baby hairs for a realistic and natural hairline.

With 150% density, this wig offers length, texture, and thickness, giving you a full and natural look throughout. The shortest length is 18, and the longest is 32, giving you the option of mid-back to hip length.

You get four combs, and two adjustable straps attached to give you a comfortable and secure hold. It comes on a medium size cap that is breathable and durable.

The only downside to this wig is that it can seem a little thin for some people. If you prefer a fuller wig, then I suggest going with a wig of a higher density.

Best Wigs for Small Heads – What to Consider?

Take the following factors into consideration when you are screening out the best wigs for small heads.

Wig Grips

Wig grips are a great solution for adhering a wig to your head, but they can also be great to wear under wigs for small heads.

Wig Grips can offer the same feel as headband wigs but can be used with all wig types, making it a great option for wearing wigs that may be a bit bigger.

You can purchase them in flesh-tone colors for a realistic look if you are wearing lace wigs. They make a great addition to have for adhering wigs to your head.

Combs and Adjustable Straps

When you are looking for a wig for a smaller head size, it is best to look for ones that come with either combs or adjustable straps. This will make adhering the wig to your head size so much easier.

Adjustable straps are easier to maneuver and provide the most secure fit. Combs help the wig attach to your head but work well with the straps as opposed to on its own.

If you find a wig that you love that doesn’t come with one or the two options, then message the vendor to see if they can attach it for you. Another alternative would be to purchase the combs and an elastic band and do it yourself. See what options work for you.


Here are some quick answers to the most commonly asked questions about choosing a wig for small head.

What size is a petite wig?

Petite Size Wigs size from the range of 51cm to 54cm (around 20 to 21.5 inches)

They are usually around 1 to 1.5 inches smaller than average size wigs.

Most wigs with adjustable straps will allow you to tighten it for around 1″ for a secure fit.

How do I know if a wig will fit my head?

If you have never purchased a wig from a specific brand before, check if that brand launches any video teaching you how to measure your head size.

Follow the instructions, measure your head, and then purchase the wig accordingly.

If there is none, we have published an article about measuring your head for the right wig size. You can take a look at the detailed steps here.

My Verdict

Finding a wig that fits a small head can be surprisingly very easy when you know what to look for. That is why the XSY Headband Human Hair Wig is the best overall choice when it comes to wigs for small heads because of its ability to adjust and secure design. This wig will not only look like your real hair, but it will give you comfort while wearing it.

Trying to fix a wig that’s too large for you? We have published an article about how to make a wig smaller, just go and check it out for some great tips!


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