August 10, 2021

4 Best Curly Synthetic Wigs

best curly synthetic wig

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This is a review of the best curly synthetic wigs in 2023.

My name is Lori and I love wigs, I had been wearing different kinds of wigs for over 6 years. A curly synthetic wig is one of my favorite options when I want something exciting and spicy.

If you are looking for a curly synthetic lace front wig, Giannay Loose Curly Lace Front Wig is the best overall choice. This wig is heat resistant, and it even has a cap replacement.

Of course, there are other awesome curly synthetic wigs that I shall cover in the following sections.

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Quick Summary

Top 4 Best Curly Synthetic Wigs – Our Top Picks

In the sections below, I will review my top picks for curly synthetic hair and review each.

Giannay Loose Curly Lace Front Wig

  • Key features: Synthetic heat-resistant hair, lace front with adjustable cap straps, natural color cap replacement, a pair of eyelashes
  • Length: 20 inches
  • Weight: 190g/6.7oz
  • Hair Type: Curly, Long
  • Best for: Overall

The Giannay Loose Curly Lace Front Wig is made of a heat-resistant material, allowing you to dry an style with up to 320 F without the fear of damaging it.

It has a lace front that disguises the unnatural boundary between the wig and the face. The cap is of medium size to fit the majority of the head sizes, but with the adjustable cap straps, you can adjust further to your fit.

If the cap wears out, a cap replacement comes together with this wig, which you can easily replace.

There are many different color options available, so you can simply choose the color and style you like. To enhance your look, you get a pair of eyelashes you can choose to wear with the wig.

However, if not properly stored on a mannequin, the curls tend to tangle and become disorganized.

HELENE Hair Curly Synthetic Wig

  • Key features: Handmade using high-temperature synthetic wire fiber, Glueless lace front, medium cap size with adjustable straps, after-sale guarantee/free returns
  • Length: 24 inches
  • Volume: High Density
  • Hair Type: Curly, Long
  • Best for: Durability of curls

This wig is carefully crafted by hand using quality fiber that is easily washable in cold water and shampoo. The material is skin-friendly, with no irritation. The curls last longer as they are made with 100% high-temperature wire fiber.

It has a lace front, a Swiss Lace to be precise, which blends in naturally with the hairline, disguising the unnatural divide between the natural hair and the wig. The lace being glueless, is easy to wear, as you do not need to battle it out with sticky glue.

The capsize is medium (21 to 23.5 inches), thus it can fit most head sizes. In cases that it does not fit properly, one can achieve a tight fit, given the adjustable straps.

In case you do not want it, the wig has free return policies, as long as you do not tamper with it.

The downside of this wig is that it tends to shed over time, but this is normal, with most synthetic wigs.


  • Key features: High-quality heat resistant hair, 30 inches long, stretching cap, natural black
  • Volume: High Density
  • Hair Type: Curly, Long
  • Best for: Budget

This wig is manufactured using high-quality heat resistant synthetic hair, the transparent lace front will bring you a natural hairline.

Consider the price and 30 inches long hair, this is a super high value of money option. The cap adjusts by stretching, thus fitting many head sizes without the need for tape or pins.

It comes in natural black, a color that suits all face complexions. Black is a universal yet fashionable color agreeable with most wig users.

Though the cap stretches to fit, it would be better if it could have adjustable straps for a tighter fit just in case it overstretches with time.

MUSWANNA Short Curly Synthetic Wig

  • Key features: Quality synthetic fiber, Breathable medium cap size with adjustable straps
  • Length: 14 inches
  • Weight: 290g
  • Volume: Full
  • Best for: Premium pick for short wig

This curly wig is manufactured using natural high-quality synthetic fiber, which is soft to touch full hair and guarantees long-term use.

It comes with a breathable rose-net breathable cap wig that can fit the majority of head sizes. Additionally, you can adjust to a preferable fit using the adjustable straps that it comes with.

Given its fullness, it takes a bit of time to dry properly once washed. Just give it sufficient time to dry to avoid misfortune, such as a foul smell from the inside.

Best Curly Synthetic Wigs – Buying Guide

If you are in the market in search of a curly synthetic wig, here are some factors to look at to make the right purchase.

Nature of Curls

Once you have decided that you need a curly synthetic wig, the search does not end there. There are different types of curls that you can find on different curly waves. Curls could range from deep curls, basic blowout curls, wavy curls, etc.

If you are a fan of something exotic and outstanding, then deep curls could be ideal for your case. For a more official look, wavy curls will do the magic. Depending on your preference, choose your curl type and you will have done half your assignment.

Curl Thickness

Curl thickness ranges from thin, medium, to thick. Thin is where small portions/strands are curled whereas thick involves curling large hair portions to yield thicker curls. Thinner curls are great for a casual outstanding look while thicker ones suit a rather laid-back look.

Length of The Wig

Curly wigs range from short, medium, to full length. This is not a difficult part of choosing a wig because everyone already knows whether they like it long or short.


Your curly synthetic wig should give you an easy time washing; additionally, you want something durable, soft to touch, shiny, and easy to wear. All these depend on the material. 

Choose a wig made of high-quality synthetic fiber, a breathable cap preferably with adjustable straps, and a quality lace front such as the Swiss Lace.

Who Should Get These?

Synthetic wigs are cheaper and require less maintenance than human hair wigs.

If you are thinking of changing your look and wanna experience a lovely curly hairstyle, or if you are not planning to wear your wigs frequently, getting a curly synthetic wig is a great option.


Here are some commonly asked questions relating to choosing curly synthetic wigs and their quick answers.

How do you make synthetic hair look real?

To make a synthetic wig look real, you want to make it look less shiny. Spraying dry shampoo over the hair is an excellent way to make your wigs more matt. Also, creating some baby hairs out will create a realistic hairline which is essential for a natural look.

Can synthetic wigs be curled?

Yes, you can curl synthetic wigs if that’s heat-resistant. Just try to use a heat protectant and low heat mode so it won’t shorten the lifespan quickly.

For a non-heat-resistant wig, you should avoid using heat tools like flat irons. Just try to use foam rollers, leave them on the hairpieces overnight and see how it goes.

Why do synthetic wigs get frizzy?

Synthetic wigs will get frizzy when dried up, and the hair fibers start producing static electricity, just like natural hair flyaways.

A proper wig care routine can improve this situation: wash your wig regularly with specially designed wig shampoo and conditioners, and spray synthetic hair oil on it can keep your wig moist and frizz-free.

We have written an article about how to defrizz a synthetic wig, do check it out!

Wrapping Up

Curly synthetic wigs are easy to wear and are low-cost maintenance. You can easily slip it on and comb it through using just fingers if you are in a hurry. 

All the wigs mentioned a Giannay Loose Curly Lace Front Wig given its high resistance to heat and perfect fit. Nevertheless, you can still choose the rest depending on your taste and you will still look fabulous.


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