May 10, 2022

Best Short Lace Front Wigs

Best Short Lace Front Wigs

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This is a review of the best short lace front wigs in 2023.

Short hairstyles are a fun look to wear and a switch from long, everyday hair. While short wigs may be popular in the summer season, they are a great hairstyle to wear all year long.

My name is Lauren, and as a hairstylist and wig wearer, I have fancied wearing short lace front wigs for quite some time. They are a great way to change your look in the warmer seasons and give you cute style options.

When it comes to wearing short lace front wigs, the West Kiss Short Straight Bob Pixie Cut Wig is the best overall choice. This wig offers very short options and is designed to give you depth while wearing it.

Of course, there are other short lace front wigs that I will cover in this article and give a detailed description of each. Keep reading to learn more!

Quick Summary

Who Should Get This?

Short lace front wigs are great if you are looking for an energetic look, and want to wear your wigs on a hot summer day or in the gym.

If you have an oval face shape, you will probably look great in all sorts of short lace front wigs. If you have a round face shape, go for a pixie cut wig.

Best Short Lace Front Wigs Reviewed

Here, I will give an in-depth explanation of the best short lace front wigs. After reading through the features, you should better understand which short lace front wigs are best for you.

West Kiss Short Straight Bob Pixie Cut Wig

  • Key features: 100% Brazilian virgin hair, pre-plucked hairline, swiss lace closure
  • Hair Color: Natural black
  • Hair Length: 8-12 inches
  • Best for: Overall

Shorter lengths above the ear line are hard to come by, but you don’t have to worry about that with this wig. This short wig provides the most versatility when looking for a short wig that will give you options because of its length.

This wig comes on a 13×4 swiss lace closure that is great for blending into your scalp and thin enough to give you a realistic hairline. It is fully customized and comes pre-plucked for a natural look.

You get quality Brazilian virgin hair that is ideal for coloring, styling, and bleaching this wig. It comes in natural black color to fit most skin tones. 

This wig is ideal for shorter lengths, even those considering pixie-cut hairstyles. If you prefer a longer bob hairstyle, this is not the wig for you.

Geeta Human Hair Lace Front 13×4 Bob Wigs

  • Key features: 100% straight virgin human hair, pre-plucked hairline, baby hair
  • Density: 150% 
  • Hair Length: 8-16 inches
  • Best for: Bob

Bob wigs are usually the go-to summer look but can be worn all year round. This wig comes with a customized hairline and can save time plucking and bleaching the knots because it is already done for you. This is also one of our most recommended celebrity lace front wig.

Lay your edges with the baby hairs to give you a realistic hairline. It is made on a medium brown color swiss lace that will melt into your scalp. You can get a chin-to-shoulder-length bob with this wig as it goes up to 16 inches for those who like a longer bob look.

At 150% density, you will have a gorgeous naturally full look that will resemble a fullness comparable to your own hair.

This wig is super soft, but there have been complaints that it is too thin. If you prefer a wig with a higher density, then this is not the wig for you.

Aligegous Short Curly Pixie Cut Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

  • Key features: Brazilian human hair, pixie cut, glueless
  • Hair Color: 1b, 99j, 30
  • Density: 150% 
  • Best for: Curly

This pixie-cut wig is so pretty and fabulous to wear. It is glueless, making it perfect to wear every day and easy to take off. You don’t have to worry about styling this wig because it comes with juicy curls to give you a nice curly and short look.

It’s Brazilian human hair and can be cut, colored, bleached, or straightened to style as you please without the fear of tangling and shedding. You will have a full look with this wig because of its 150% density.

With this wig, you don’t have to stick to a natural black color. It also comes in a burgundy red and a copper brown color to fit other shades. Wear this wig straight out of the package and voila.

The only downside to this wig is that you will need to style it to frame your face. It would be best if you also considered styling products to get the look you desire.

Vipbeauty Ombre Highlight Short Bob Wig

  • Key features: 100% unprocessed Brazilian human hair, 13x6x1 T part lace, glueless
  • Hair Color: 4/27
  • Hair Length: 10-12 inches
  • Best for: Highlights

Color is fabulous if you know how to wear it, and with this wig you will be able to do just that. You get a beautiful highlighted wig in color 4/27 that has golden blonde hues throughout this bob wig. You have 100% unprocessed Brazilian human hair that won’t tangle and has minimal shedding.

This wig is pre-styled with a middle part to give you a natural-looking hairline. It has a 13x6x1 T part lace that will fit most head sizes on its medium size breathable cap. You can curl, straighten, and style this hair to your liking with its lasting quality and durability.

It comes in two lengths, with the longest length stopping around your neckline. You can wear the longer length in a low ponytail if you want to wear the hair pulled back.

Unfortunately, this wig only comes in one color of mixed highlights and may not suit every skin tone. You can double-check with the seller to see if modifications can be made with the color.

Best Short Lace Front Wigs – What to Consider?

Now that you have several options of short lace front wigs to choose from consider the following factors.


While a short wig may not have much length, it is still essential to know which lengths will work best for you. Short lace front wigs look great, but finding the right length is key.

Some bob wigs will come in 8 to 16 inches to fit different people based on their head sizes and length of their neckline. It is important to look at the measurement charts to see where the wig will fall.

You might want a wig to stop right at your shoulders, but instead, get one that stops at your chin. Knowing the proper length that works for you will save you the headache of having to return your wig. You can always reach out to the seller if you are unsure.


Dimension is important when wearing short lace front wigs because you want to find a wig that will frame your face for the better.

If you have a round or plumper face, you want to wear a short wig that will give you depth and define the angles of your face more in order to complement your features. If you have a narrow or long face, you want to wear a wig that has more volume and texture.

Short wigs are elegant and beautiful if you know how to wear them. Make sure that the one you choose will add to your features and not take anything away.

This is a great video to give you an idea of what types of wigs will match your face shape the best.


Here are some commonly asked questions relating to short lace front wigs and their quick answers.

Are lace front wigs better?

Compared with a regular wig, a lace front wig is better in giving you a natural look, and more creativity. Compared with a full lace wig, it is easier to apply, and you don’t need to wear a wig cap, and of course, lace front wigs are cheaper as well!

If you are looking for high-value-of-money wigs for a natural look, you will be happy with lace front wigs.

How do you pick a good quality wig?

The good quality wig should be made with human hair, better to be virgin hair or Remy hair, with a large lace front size (like at least 13×4, better to be 13×6), of course, a 360 or even full lace wig is even better, and the hair should be hand-tied to a strong, thin, and soft HD lace for the ultimate natural look.

Choosing the correct wig size is also very important! And great after-sale service is super important as well!

My Verdict

Short lace front wigs can give you a natural look and be a great way to add some fun looks to your hairstyles. That is why West Kiss Short Straight Bob Pixie Cut Wig is my best overall choice.

You can pull off a true short look with this wig and have premium quality human hair to style it as you like. Share your comments about this article below.


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