July 18, 2021

Best Wigs for Alopecia Patients

best wig for alopecia patients

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This is a review of the best wigs for patients affected by alopecia in 2023.

My name is Rosalba,due to a thyroid disorder, I was always struggled with thinning and hair loss. 2 years ago, I finally found an established hairstylist who helped her discover the right solutions to fix these aesthetic problems.

Today, I want to share with you all we have learned thanks to him.

Women’s hair loss is usually caused by several types of alopecia. They are all painful to accept. But, nowadays, we have effective weapons to successfully cope with hair loss. I am going to discuss wigs for alopecia sufferers.

These wigs are often made with human hair and aim to give you an absolutely natural look. Among them, the best overall wig for alopecia is LUFFYWIG 8A Virgin Human Hair Wavy Bob Wig.

This wig is suitable for every woman with severe or total hair loss. The texture of this wig is soft and silky, with a curly hairstyle that enhances your feminine charm. Obviously, you can choose amid several types of wigs. I just reviewed the best ones!

Read more to discover their features!

Quick Summary

Who Should Get These?

If you or your beloved ones are suffering from alopecia, hair loss or any type of hair thinning, the wigs suggested in this article would be great.

However, you will be happy with these wigs if you have a sensitive scalp and want a soft and comfortable wig.

Best Wigs for Alopecia Patients in 2023: Top Picks

In this section, I highlighted the main features of my top picks, along with a detailed review about each of them.

LUFFYWIG 8A Virgin Human Hair Wavy Bob Wig

  • Key features: 100% human virgin hair, full lace wig, natural color
  • Circumference: 22-22.5″
  • Texture: Soft and silky
  • Best for: Overall

LUFFYWIG 8A Virgin Human Hair Wavy Bob Wig is the perfect solution to hide a severe or total hair loss. This wig has been initially developed for black women, but, in reality, it is suitable for all women.

The full lace cap is adjustable and ensures that the wig stays in place with no risk. The silky and natural texture, together with a medium and curly hairstyle, will give you a sensual and charming look!

It comes with a prelucked hairline so will save you a lot of time for making a natural look.

The only downside is the color. If your skin is too pale, this wig could give you a gloomy appearance. If so, it is better to look further.

Christy’s Wig

  • Key features: Package of 4 items, monofilament wig, synthetic hair
  • Length: 12”
  • Texture: Full and volumizing
  • Best for: Severe hair loss and thinning

Christy’s Wig is an unconventional product, for me, but just because of that I included it in my top list of the best wigs for women with alopecia. This is a synthetic wig, but it has a texture and a style which seems more beautiful than a human hair wig.

This product is sold in a package of 4 items: easiPart HD XL 12″ Hairpiece by Jon Renau, Christy’s Wigs Q & A Booklet, Synthetic Shampoo, and a wide tooth comb.

The full and volumizing texture is perfectly suitable to hide severe hair loss or early thinning that might occur. The monofilament base of the wig is hand-knotted to create a natural appearance. Moreover, this feature allows you to change the hairline as you want.

However, if your scalp is very sensitive, there could be a remote risk of allergy. Let’s go, hence, to another natural option.

Ombre Color 4/27 Lace Front Wigs Human Hair

  • Key features: Front lace wig, human hair, high durability
  • Sizes: Wig Cap Size: 13″x 6″, Lace Front Wigs, 22.5”
  • Texture: Soft and natural
  • Best for: Hair loss with sensitive scalp

Ombre Color 4/27 Lace Front Wigs Human Hair for Women is made with Brazilian Virgin Remy human hair, a high-density hair with high durability and no risk of allergy. This is a front lace wig which is perfectly suitable to hide bald spots on the forehead.

The texture of human hair is entirely unprocessed and is considered one of the best wigs with the most natural appearance.

The wig can be bleached, dyed, styled and washed with no risk of shedding. It is the ideal product to discover the pleasure in customizing your hairstyle and forgetting your alopecia.

The only downside of this wig may be in the price. Sometimes, the shipping costs reach the price of the product!

Wigs for Alopecia Patients – What to Consider?

Often, alopecia causes severe discomfort. To hide it, consider these three factors before choosing the wig. 

Type of Hair Loss

Alopecia can be mild, severe, temporary or permanent. Ensure that you, your trichologist or your hairstylist have correctly defined (or diagnosed) your type of alopecia.

If you suffer from irreversible hair loss, the best solution is a monofilament wig. This kind of wig is made with a soft structure giving you the appearance of a natural scalp.

Anything from genetics to hair care practices or anything that triggers the immune system to attack hair follicles can be caused by Alopecia. Figuring out the cause and starting treatment sooner than later is best while you find an aesthetic solution.

Texture of the Wig

The second factor you must consider is the texture of wigs. Even though they are categorized for alopecia sufferers, they may not be really suitable for this purpose.

I think about the so-called “chemo wigs”, they are the wigs that hide hair loss due to chemotherapy. These wigs are frequently sold for any type of alopecia.

I have had the opportunity to carefully examine the features of these products. I don’t like their texture, neither for chemo hair loss and not even for every type of alopecia we may experience.

The texture of the perfect wig for people with alopecia must be soft and natural, with the base that imitates the true scalp and the possibility of parting the line of hair.

If the appearance of the wig is like the hair of a doll, move on: you are not a doll, but a living creature who deserves the best of the best ones!

Quality of the Product

The quality of the wig is the last (but not least) factor to be considered. Quality depends on the type of hair used. The best are often made by virgin hair (a type of human hair wigs), Remy hair is also a great choice if you are looking for an more affordable option.

People often rate human hair wigs over synthetic hair wigs, however, there are also great-quality synthetic hair wigs that look more natural than poor-quality human hair wigs made with non-remy hair.

A poor-quality wig often has the downside of shedding hair after washing it. It also tends to be low resistant to high temperatures, sun rays or mechanical traction, forcing you to experience the loss of the wig hair in addition to your own alopecia.

In this case, product reviews are very helpful to avoid an unlucky purchase.

Additional Tips for Choosing a Wig for Alopecia Patients

Take a look at this video by Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation about how to choose a wig:


Here are some commonly asked questions and their quick answers about buying a wig for Alopecia patient.

Can you wear a wig if you have alopecia?

Yes, you can wear a wig if you have alopecia. There are many wigs designed for people suffering from hair loss caused by medical conditions to enhance their look and self-confidence.

Usually, these wigs are softer and more comfortable than other fashionable wigs, and you don’t need to apply glues to secure them on your hand.

Does wearing a wig make alopecia worse?

Wearing a wig that is appropriately applied will not make alopecia worse. However, when your wig is too tight, it may cause traction alopecia. Also the improper application of glues or adhesives will also worsen alopecia.

If you have a sensitive scalp, the materials of the wig caps will also cause allergies and hence lead to alopecia.

My Ultimate Opinion

Hair loss is much more than a health disorder. It is the loss of a big piece of our identity.

That is why it is important you choose a good product like LUFFYWIG 8A Virgin Human Hair Wavy Bob Wig. It has a very natural appearance, because it is entirely made of human hair.

With this wig, you’ll retrieve your usual beauty along with an exciting new look!


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