July 21, 2021

Best Human Hair U Part Wigs

Best Human Hair U Part Wigs

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This is a review of the Best Human Hair U Part Wigs.

My name is Lori, a wig enthusiast, I had been wearing wigs and doing hair for around 6 years now. Using and making human hair U-Part wigs for the last three years has given me many years of hair care and maintenance experience.

U-Part wigs are great for people who love the versatility of styling their hair in different ways. I’ve tried plenty of U-part human hair wigs and I will be sharing my knowledge and experiences with you on the very best.

If you want a high-quality, long-lasting versatile wig, LUVME Upart Human Hair wigs are the best choice overall. Of course, there are many other great choices out there to choose from. I will be discussing the alternate choices one by one in this article.

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Our Best Human Hair UPart Wigs

3 Best UPart Human Hair Wigs

In this section, I will be discussing my top picks for human hair U part wigs, along with a detailed review of each option.

Luvme Hair Body Wave Human Hair U Part Wig

  • Key features: 100% unprocessed virgin hair, glueless, adjustable straps
  • Hair Length: Various lengths from 16-24 inches
  • Package Included: Wig, wig cap, 1 set of highlighted clips, gifted flat iron, and wig pouch
  • Best for: Overall

Luvme U Part wigs are 100% unprocessed virgin hair and purely natural. These wigs do not shed or tangle and they are naturally soft and shiny. Therefore, this wig can be styled straight, curly, dyed, or as is; possibilities are endless.

This product comes in various hair lengths ranging from 16 inches to 24 inches. Depending on how long you want your wig to be, Luvme has lengths for most women. However, Luvme U Part wigs only come in natural hair colors but can be dyed to your desired color.

I love that this wig comes with 4 highlighted clips that make wig installation a breeze and beginner-friendly. It also has two adjustable straps along the nape of the wig on either side to loosen or tighten the wig cap, ensuring comfortability.

Glueless U-part human hair wigs are more versatile and easy to put on and take off in mere seconds. The U Part opening allows individuals to leave out a section of their hair to blend with the wig, creating a natural look and feel.

Products from this brand can last at least a year and more with the proper maintenance. Washing, conditioning, minimal heat, and little to no chemical processing can increase the lifespan of the wig for multiple years.

It is vital to maintain human hair wigs to keep them looking fresh and healthy. Luvme not only provides buyers with the wig, cap, highlighted clip, and wig pouch. They also provide buyers with a free flat iron. The flat iron helps buyers maintain the style of the wig.

Even though Luvme Hair Body Wave U Part Human Hair Wig is overall one of the best wigs on the market, it does not cater to people who wear their hair naturally without styling tools. This wig is more suited for people who use styling tools to straighten and curl their hair.

 If you are looking for a more kinky texture hair type, this product is not for you.

ALIMICE u part human hair wig 

  • Key feature: 12A grade Brazilian Remy Hair, 4 stainless steel clips, prevents hair loss
  • Hair density: 220%
  • Price range: low to medium range
  • Best for: Runner up for quality and price

Alimice U Part Brazilian Human Hair Wigs are one of the highest grades of hair on the market. 12A grade hair is the best unprocessed virgin hair that is cut directly from a young donor. 12A grade hair is very soft, smooth, shiny, and styled just as you style your own hair.

Normal hair density is between 100-120%, however, for a full head of hair, Alimice offers 220% density. A higher density is heavier and will feel like a wig instead of just your natural hair. This is great for those with a thin hairline who want to prevent hair loss while having a fuller look.

Alimice price range is great for those who want quality hair but do not want to break the bank. Their products start below $100 depending on length. Overall, I love these wigs because they are quality and affordable.

One drawback is that even with upkeep and maintenance, this wig can shed a lot, lose its wave pattern and not hold styles for long. This can be a problem, especially if the grade of hair is supposed to be 12A but is classified as 8A grade. 

When thinking of purchasing this wig, these are something to consider because the lifespan of the wig will not be longer than 6 months to a year. 

UNice Hair U Part Human Hair Wig 

  • Key Feature: 10A grade Brazilian virgin hair, 6 combs 4 with silicone, super secure
  • Hair density: 150%
  • Price range: $55+
  • Best for: affordability and versatility

Unice U Part human hair wigs are 10A grade Brazilian virgin hair which is the best quality for a reasonable price. 10A grade hair can be styled just like any other grade but does not last as long and does not hold styles as long as higher grade hair.

These wigs have a more natural density of 150% which is medium thickness and is more like natural hair density. It is a lot lighter than higher-density wigs. There are 6 combs, making this wig super secure and easy to apply and remove.

This product is one of the most cost-efficient wigs available. Prices are as low as $55 depending on length. This product is great for affordability and versatility.

These wigs, after a few days, get tangled at the nape and do shed a little while detangling. The wigs are not always true to size or style and do not hold styles well.

Guide to Buying U-Part Human Hair Wigs

Take heed of these factors when looking to purchase a U-Part human hair wig.

Hair Types and Texture

When choosing to purchase a U-part human hair wig, choosing a high-quality hair type is best. The four most common hairs used for u part wigs are virgin, Remy, non-Remy, and yaki.

The best overall is virgin hair, which is cut from a single donor that has not been processed in any way.

The next hair type is Remy, which most times is 100% human hair that has been cut from a single donor with the cuticles intact and strands all going in the same direction. Remy hair is considered to be the high-value option when it comes to purchasing a u-part wig.

Remy hair can be moderate in terms of price but high quality. Just remember some Remy hair may have slight processing done to the hair, like dyeing or heat exposure.

Non-Remy hair is hair that has cuticles intact but the strands are going in different directions and are collected differently. Instead of being cut from a donor, this hair is usually taken from multiple sources. 

Usually, non-Remy hair gets tangled and matted easily and has a short life span. 

Yaki hair is about the same hair texture which is more suited for afro-American women. Yaki hair is processed by steaming each strand to create a relaxed, wavy, kinky texture to replicate afro-American hair. 

Therefore, if you have straight hair or big natural bouncy curls, yaki hair is not for you. 


U-Part wigs are unique because they provide a u-part opening that allows you to part your natural hair and pull it through the u-shaped opening that shows your scalp and creates a natural look and feel.

U part wigs are glueless which is beneficial because the glue can create bald spots or thin out women’s edges if used in excess or not removed correctly. Glue can be messy and cause a build-up of residue around the edges of the hairline and lose its bond, especially in the heat.

U-Part wigs give you the freedom of styling your hair as you please and also being able to take it off whenever you decide. 

Wigs can thin out your hairline, especially with glues and clips. Using U-Part wigs is ideal since they do not need glue and can be put on or removed as needed. 


U-Part human hair wigs are mostly more cost-efficient versus lace front human hair wigs. U-part human hair wigs do not have lace, which is a costly material. Therefore, it is cheaper to purchase a u-part versus a lace front human hair wig. 

My Verdict

This article reviewed three human hair U part wigs. The best overall u-part wig is the LUVME UPart Human Hair Body Wave Wig

If you are looking for a u-part wig that is high quality, unprocessed, easy installation and versatile, Luvme Human Hair U Part Body Wave Wig is #1 overall.


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