August 4, 2021

Best Human Hair Bob Wigs

Best Human Hair Bob Wigs

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This is a review of the best human hair bob wigs in 2023.

My name is Jolene, and I am a hair enthusiast. I started to fall for wigs and hair extensions since I was a college student, and eventually, I opened a hair shop. Human hair bob wigs are one of my all-time favorites.

I believe the Superlook Straight Lace Front Human Hair Bob Wigs to be the best overall option because it is made with 100% unprocessed virgin hair and comes with a glueless lace. 

The no-reason-return policy offered by the seller is a bonus too.

The hairs on this wig are very natural, soft, and bouncy, and you can dye, style, and curl them, just like your hair. It comes with a glueless lace, so it’s effortless to install as well. It is very easy to carry, and you can wear them on numerous occasions.

Though the Another Superlook is an excellent human bob wig, there are several other exceptional options. I will talk about them in detail in the sections below. Sound’s good? Keep reading!

Quick Summary

4 Best Human Hair Bob Wigs Reviewed

Here are our most recommended human hair bob wigs.

Superlook Straight Lace Front Human Hair Bob Wigs

  • Key features: 100% Brazilin virgin human hair, lace front wig, medium cap size with adjustable straps
  • Volume: 180% density
  • Height: 12 inches
  • Best for: Overall

These wigs are made with 100% Brazilian virgin human hair, and I love them because the hairs are very soft, bouncy, natural, and healthy. Because all the hair is collected from the same donor, you can dye, curl, and restyle them easily, just like your own hair.

Other than that, if you take good care of the wig, the high-quality hair also brings you the minimum amount of tangling and shedding; it can last for pretty long too (over 12 months).

The lace front is doing a great job to give you a natural hairline, and you can make Baby hairs on it. You can part and style freely over the lace, and it’s close to your skin color. Another benefit of the lace part is the comfort and breathability.

The wig comes with a medium-sized cap with a firm grip to fit the majority of head sizes. Adjustable straps are added for a tighter fit. Additionally, having a density of 180%, it appears thick, and you do not have to worry about having empty spaces on your head.

This wig is perfect if you want an uneven look. The front is shorter than the back. But it’s better to find another option if you want an even length all around.

BHL Blonde Short Virgin Human Hair Bob Wig

  • Key Features: China virgin human hair, Adjustable wig cap, 180% Density, Pre-plucked lace frontal with 5-inch front hairline
  • Hair Type: Straight
  • Height:10 inches
  • Best for: Budget

The hair is an extract from the head of a healthy woman, meaning its virgin hair complete with its cuticles. You can actually wash, dye, and even curl it normally and still maintain its full elasticity. Being virgin hair, it does not tangle or shed.

The BHL Short Virgin Human Hair Bob Wig has an adjustable strap at the wig cap to give the right fit to your head. It also has a breathable premium quality medium-size cap net that will fit on most heads.

The hair has a pre-plucked lace front to complement the wearer’s natural skin so that it blends in naturally. It also has a divide of 5 inches so that once styled, the hair falls uniformly on both sides of the head.

This bob wig tends to have a not-so-soft texture when dry, and, therefore, it may feel a bit uncomfortable to the skin, especially around the neck.

Ali Pearl 10-Inch Straight Short Bob Wig

  • Key features: Unprocessed Brazilian virgin hair, 2 adjustable straps and 3 combs, medium size cap, Swiss Lace
  • Hair type: Wavy
  • Volume: 150% density
  • Best for: Durability

This human hair bob wig is made using premium quality unprocessed Brazilian virgin, thus it has a healthy texture, which does not shed. Being real human hair, it is soft, and does not tangle. You can wash it and dry it naturally and the strands will remain intact; no falling off.

The wig has a medium-size cap, a feature that ensures that the wig actually fits most head sizes. But if you want a small or large cap, you can order and it will be custom-made for you.

With the two adjustable straps, you can adjust the wig cap to fit the circumference of your head well, while giving it a firm grip. With the combs, you can style the hair to your preferred style easily.

The Swiss Lace blends well with your skin/scalp, and safeguards your hairline, spawning an appearance of innate hair growth with your present hairline.

Although the bottom part is relatively thick, it is less dense at the ends, making it shed a little bit.

Ombre Blonde 10-Inch Straight Human Hair Bob Wigs

  • Features: Brazilian virgin hair, Swiss Lace, Dark roots and colored lace front, medium size cap with adjustable straps
  • Hair type: Straight
  • Volume: 150% density
  • Best for: Versatility

This wig is made with 100% Brazilian virgin hair all collected from one head. Thus, you are assured of healthy and full hair that has no dryness or splits. It takes color well, and so, you can dye it if you wish to experiment with other colors.

The texture holds very well, with the 150% density making it neither too heavy nor too light-just the right weight as you would expect with your natural hair. Similarly, you can wash it and dry it without the worry of having it tangled as other artificial human hairs do.

The dark roots and colored lace front make it look like it’s sprouting right from your scalp, thus appearing natural on the head. The Swiss lace complements the scalp well, such that you can’t tell the difference between the lace and scalp.

Additionally, it comes with a medium-cap size suitable for a 22.5-inch head circumference and two adjustable straps to fit diverse head sizes.

We only wish that it would be thicker at the ends because it tends to tangle and shed at this part.

Guide to Buying the Best Human Hair Bob Wigs

Take into account the following factors before purchase the human hair bob wigs.

Hair Quality

When looking for the ideal human hair bob wig to purchase, hair quality should be at the top of your list. You want a wig with hair that will last long while giving you maximum versatility for styling.

A wig made from virgin hair is superior to Remy human hair because it is natural and has not gone through chemical modifications.

Remy hair wigs are also good with the cuticles still intact, but the chemical processing makes them not to last as long and looks less natural.

Then we have low-grade human hair wigs. They were heavily treated with chemicals to remove the cuticles. They will tangle and shed a lot once the protective layer is washed out.

Wig Density

Density is the thickness and fullness of the wig. Densities may range from as low as 80% to as high as 250%. The densities come in handy for the styling you wish to have. Look for wigs with at least 150% wig density if you want a full-volume look.

Choose a Hair Color that Corresponds to your Innate Skin Tone

When it comes to selecting the suitable color for your wig, take into account your natural skin tone; is it warm, chilly, or neutral?

Also, if you would like to experiment with colors, try a virgin hair wig; it’s even better if it will absorb color well so you can dye it to your preferred colors.

Select a Suitable Cap Type Fit for you

There are diverse wig caps to consider when buying a wig. The major ones include the lace front wig cap, full lace wig cap and the 360-lace wig.

The lace front wig comes with a lace at the front, which will be trimmed to fit the hairline. The 360-lace has a lace extending from the front all around to the back. The full lace wig base is all lace.

The laces also come in two major categories – the HD/Swiss Lace and the Normal Lace. The HD or Swiss Lace is thinner and more transparent, disguising the hairline and making it look naturally blended.

The normal/ regular lace comes in various colors to fit different skin tones, such as medium brown, light brown, dark brown, and transparent.

Bottom Line

Irrespective of whether you would like to show off a curled bob without chopping your lengthy locks/hair, human hair bob wigs are the best bet. They come in various densities and colors.

When it comes to human hair bob wigs, our top pick is the SUPERLOOK Lace Front Human Hair Bob Wigs. These wigs fit numerous head sizes, and you can wear them on many occasions.


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