October 7, 2021

Best Cruella Deville Wig

Best Cruella Deville Wig

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This is a review of the best Cruella Deville wigs in 2022.

Cruella Deville is a sassy Disney character who you might know from 101 Dalmations or from her own spinoff movie, Cruella. Cruella is known for her chic and glamorous style, and knows how to make a fashion statement from head to toe. While her personality is cruel, stingy, and many times violent, she makes for an incredible character to dress up as.

My name is Lauren, and I have worked in the hair and cosmetics industry for a very long time and have transformed myself into many characters, not just during Halloween. Once I’ve narrowed down my character, picked out a look, then finding the wig to match is the icing on the cake. That’s why I have chosen the Ruina Short Wavy Bob Hair Wig as the best overall choice when it comes to a Cruella Deville wig.

This wig is made in contemporary Cruella Deville fashion with the classic half black and half white color that Cruella Deville wears in a bob length style. It even includes some fun accessories that will give you that pop of Cruella Deville style.

And yes, there are more entertaining and gorgeous wigs that will leave you feeling excited about your costume as you read through this article. I will go into detail about each wig so that you can make the best choice. So keep reading to learn more.

Our Best Cruella Deville Wigs

3 Best Cruella Deville Wigs Reviewed

In this section, check out my top choices for the best Cruella Deville wigs with a detailed review of each option below.

Ruina Short Wavy Bob Hair Wig

  • Key features: Top quality heat resistant synthetic fibers, 1920s gloves, long cigarette holder
  • Density: 130%
  • Hair Length: 14 inches
  • Best for: Overall

This bob wig is sure to be a head-turner and will complement any and every skin tone. It comes loosely styled with wavy hair that stops along the neckline. It is made with top-quality heat-resistant synthetic fibers that can be used with heat styling tools of your choice.

You will get a naturally full look at 130% density. This wig is styled with a side part, but you can shift it to the middle of your head if you prefer.

Not only does this wig have excellent quality, but it comes with two accessories that will complement your look. You will receive red 1920s arm-length gloves and a long cigarette holder to make your Cruella Deville character come to life, saving you a lot of effort for your Halloween costume!

While this wig will fit most head sizes as is, you want to be careful with using the adjustable straps as they can break. This will make the wig hard to put on for people with smaller heads. For this reason, I would recommend another wig that would be better suited for you.

Zuoou Black and White Costume Wig

  • Key features: High temperature silk artificial wool, rose net cap, pre-styled
  • Volume: 9.59 oz
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Best for: Bangs

Maybe you want to try out a Cruella Deville look with bangs and aren’t sure which wig is for you. Well, you can stop searching, because this wig comes packed to perfection. It is styled with beautiful bangs that will frame your face with gorgeous wavy curls that make this wig pop.

It’s high temperature silk, artificial wool is great for styling this wig with heat styling tools up to 356F if you want to switch the style. It fits most head sizes with its medium cap size but can be adjusted if necessary.

You don’t have to break a sweat when wearing this wig because of its rose net cap. This allows for breathable wear that will help to keep your head cool while wearing it.

The only downside to this wig is that it will come a bit messy and will need to be styled before wearing it. You can use rollers to put back in any curls that were damaged and use hairspray to hold the style. If you are looking for a wig that you can wear straight out of the package, then this isn’t the wig for you.

Topcosplay Short Cruella Devil Curly Wig

  • Key features: 100% High quality high temperature synthetic fibers, curly, double machine weft
  • Volume: 5.61oz
  • Hair Style: Natural
  • Best for: Short

This wig embodies one of the original classic Cruella Deville looks. It comes pre-styled with curly hair that doesn’t need much but a quick shake to spring the curls back into shape. The double machine weft allows this wig to have thickness and fullness at every angle.

You may wish to style this hair with heat styling tools, and if so, you can. This wig is frizz free and will have you looking amazing.

Unfortunately this wig will shed and may only be good for short-term use. If you plan on getting a wig with extended wear, then this isn’t the wig for you.

Guide to Buying Cruella Deville Wigs

Take the following factors into consideration when you are screening out the best Cruella Deville wigs.

Wig Style

There are a number of looks that you can pull off when wearing a Cruella Deville costume, and there is certainly a wig to match. While some wigs pair with certain looks, you can still make every wig style your own.

Some complaints that I’ve seen on the different Cruella Deville wigs purchased are that they don’t look the same in the picture. Because of packaging and shipping and handling, many wigs won’t look the same straight out of the box and will need some tender loving care to get them to their proper shape.

If you have a look in mind that you are going for and you find the wig to match, just know that you will need to consider that you may have to do additional styling when the wig arrives. Hairspray and other styling tools will come in handy to help make each wig style your own.


We all know that Cruella Deville wigs are half black and half white. However, there are some wigs that will use platinum blonde instead of the classic cream white.

When ordering your wig, make sure that the color is the true color that you want for your wig. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the color, but some looks may go better with one over the other.

You can always check with the vendor to make sure that the wig on the screen is the wig you will get. Some colors do look different when they arrive in person, but it shouldn’t be a drastic difference. When in doubt, always check the reviews.

My Verdict

Cruella Deville makes an awesome character to dress up for cosplay or Halloween. Being able to recreate the different looks she wears is not only fun but very intriguing to see how creative you can get.

That is why I chose the Ruina Short Wavy Bob Hair Wig as my top choice because of its exceptional quality and very convincing look. This wig looks great on every skin tone and is just the right shade and length to pull off a Cruella Deville look.


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