August 24, 2021

Best Rapunzel Wigs

Best Rapunzel Wigs

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This is a review of the best rapunzel wigs in 2023.

My name is Lori and I love wigs. I had been wearing wigs for over 6 years, my niece used to be a big fan of Rapunzel and after the first time installing the rapunzel wig for her, I had helped many friends to pick and styling their look during Halloweens or theme parties.

Rapunzel wigs are shiny, smooth, long, and perfect for costumes and cosplay.

I believe the best overall rapunzel wig is MapofBeauty Spiral Curly Costume Wig. It’s a heat-resistant wig that can be straightened and curled, long, and can be trimmed to your desired length.

There are other great options in the current market too and I will provide you with their detailed reviews in this article too.

Sounds good? Keep reading.

Quick Summary

Top 4 Best Rapunzel Wigs Reviewed

Here are the detailed reviews of my top four picks for the best rapunzel wigs.

MapofBeauty Spiral Curly Costume Wig

  • Key features: Kanekalon fiber, In-built wig cap, Adjustable size
  • Hair length: 80 cm (around 31.4 inches)
  • Best for: Overall

This rapunzel wig is silky soft, long, the blonde color is beautiful. Made from high-quality kanekalon fiber, it’s 100% high-temperature resistant. As such, it can be curled and straightened up to 120 degrees.

Comes with a built-in wig cap with size 20-21 inches, it fits snuggly on most head size and you don’t need to spend too much time on installation.

This wig is 80cm long and it gives you an option to style it in different ways, if you think it’s too long, trimming down is also easy and effortless.

This is a perfect wig for cosplay or costume. However, you may need to cut the pre-styled bangs for a more natural look.

Angelaicos Rapunzel Wig

  • Key features: Heat resistant fiber material, Korean rose breathable mesh, Adjustable straps
  • Hair length: 43 inches (around 109 cm)
  • Best for: Quality

Angelaicos Womens Long Braids Blonde Costume Rapunzel Wig is made of high-quality synthetic fiber. It is also durable and has high heat resistance. As such, it can be styled by a hair straightener or hair curling iron.

It is also made of soft Korean rose breathable mesh. As such it does not harm your natural hair or scalp whenever your wear it. Besides, it gives you a soft touch and a natural look.

This wig also has adjustable straps and a layered stretchable hairnet. For instance, its maximum head size is approximately 22 inches and you can easily adjust it to fit your head size.

The only downside is that the wig is pre-styled. If you are not an experienced wig user, it may be difficult for you to restyle it.

Cosela Golden Wig

  • Key features: Heat resistant fiber, lightweight cap, adjustable size
  • Hair Length: 12 inches (around 30.5 cm)
  • Best for: Curly

Cosela Golden Princess Costume Halloween Wig is a heat-and-tangle-resistant synthetic wig. It is soft, smooth and can be styled with blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons.

This rapunzel wig also has a lightweight and breathable cap. It has spaces between the wefts. This allows for free aeration and ventilation thus keeping your scalp fresh and cool.

It also has adjustable straps with hooks. This enables you to tighten or loosen the cap easily. Therefore, you should not be worried about its cap circumference of around 22.5 inches because you can adjust it to perfectly fit your head size.

A noticeable downside of this rapunzel wig is the absence of wig clips or firm combs. This should not worry you since you can easily and comfortably sew them on. Besides, you can secure the wig comfortably using pins.

Yuehong Blonde Wig

  • Key features: Heat resistant synthetic fiber, Adjustable hooks, Breathable rose net
  • Hair Length: 115 cm (around 45 inches)
  • Best for: Length and Volume

Yuehong Blonde Anime Wig is made from good quality high-temperature heat-resistant synthetic fiber. The color, appearance, and texture of this wig are as natural as your natural hair. Besides, you can curl or straighten this wig with heat tools.

Comes with adjustable hooks and a head circumference of approximately 56cm, it fits on most head sizes. It is pre-braided and will save you a lot of effort in styling.

This wig also has a breathable rose net within it. It feels comfortable whenever you wear it. Besides, it does not harm your hair or scalp.

All these features make this the best option if your consideration is hair length and volume.

Because of the curly texture and pre-braided hairstyle, this wig tends to tangle easier than other options mentioned.

Best Rapunzel Wig – What to Consider?

There are several factors that you should consider while screening out for the best rapunzel wig. Here are my top pick factors.


Rapunzel wigs are different from other typical wigs because most of the wigs are mostly designed for kids.

Whenever you screening for the best rapunzel wig, be sure that the wig comes with adjustable straps.

Besides, be sure to measure the size or circumference of your head to be certain of your head size. This will help you buy a wig that perfectly fits your head.

Suppose you are not sure about sizing, consult with your vendor or hairstylist.


Think about how you want to style your wig. When it comes to Rapunzel wigs, it is quite often we will style them with flowers and accessories, in such case, do make sure you get a wig that is thick and long enough to carry everything.


Rapunzel wigs are great for costumes, which means you will not be wearing it for everyday use. So it is pretty important for you to make sure you are not allergic to it. Try to wash the wig before you put it on, or tape some of the hairs on your hand and see if any allergic reaction happens.

Final Thought

There are many top rapunzel wigs that you should consider buying or wearing. My best pick is MapofBeauty Spiral Curly Costume Wig. It is shiny, smooth, long, can be curled, trimmed, and straightened. This makes it the best option for costumes and cosplay.

What is your top rapunzel pick? Comment below.


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