July 12, 2021

4 Best Wig Glues

Best Wig Glue

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This is a review of the best wig glue in 2023.

My name is Lauren, and I have been using lace fronts and lace wigs for over ten years. A year ago, I experimented with wig glues for temporary to more permanent bonding for my different lace wig styles.

If you are in the market for wig glue for your frontals, closures, and lace wigs, Ghost Bond XL is the best overall choice.

This glue is waterproof and oil-resistant (i.e. suitable for oily skin too), making it great for high humidity and heavy perspiration. You can be as active as you like and not have to worry about your wig or frontal moving out of place.

Yes, there are other choices that will work just fine and that are also worth noting. I will give my recommendations below with some highlights and takeaways so that you can pick the best wig glue for you!

Read on to learn more!

Quick Summary

Top 4 Best Wig Glues Reviewed

In this section, check out my top choices for the best wig glues for lace wigs and frontals, with a detailed review for each option below.

Ghost Bond XL

  • Key features: invisible bonding, non-toxic, and great for oily scalps
  • Price: Average 
  • Volume: 1.3 oz
  • Best for: Overall

If you’re looking for a wig glue that will melt your lace onto your scalp really well, Ghost Bond XL is the glue for you. Made with non-toxic ingredients, it is the best glue designed for sensitive skin and scalps along with long-term applications.

Its price is comparable, on average, to most wig glues on the market. Depending on how often you wear lace wigs and frontals, this glue won’t break the bank!

A little goes a long way when using this wig glue and is best to achieve the invisible bonding results. The glue goes on white but dries clear, giving the appearance that the hair is growing from your scalp.

An oily scalp is this glue’s best friend! The oil-resistant formula is great for heavy perspiration, high humidity, and oily skin, enabling your hair to remain in place.

With so many significant benefits, there is a con. If you use too much glue, the hair will not stay secured. It is best to try with less first and add more glue if needed. Too much glue will not give optimal results.

Bold Hold Active

  • Key features: long lasting, safe ingredients, used by celebrity stylists
  • Price: Higher than average
  • Volume: 1.6 oz
  • Best for: Long Lasting

Looking for a wig glue you can sleep in without having to reapply? Then Bold Hold Active is a brilliant choice.

Whether you swim, go to the gym, or are prone to sweating, you can rest easy knowing that your wig won’t come off when exposed to sweat or water. You can wear your lace wigs or frontals for days without having to reapply the glue.

While this glue uses safe ingredients and is 100% latex-free, they recommend it for normal skin types. If you have sensitive skin, just do a patch test along a portion of the hairline first, before applying it to the entire hairline.

Many celebrity stylists, like Alonzo Arnold, use this glue on themselves and their clients. As a high-performance lace glue it’s great for long wear and a flawless application.

If you wear your wigs days or weeks at a time, then you will appreciate this glue. This glue provides a strong invisible bond that will last from 2 to 3 weeks, even in the hottest climates.

The only problem with this glue is that you will need a lace glue remover. You can remove some lace wigs and frontals with oils or alcohol but it can damage the lace if there is excess rubbing. Having a proper lace remover will allow for the wig or frontal to detach easily from the hairline.

Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Hairspray

  • Key features: firm hold, gentle on hairline, spray formula
  • Price: Low 
  • Volume: 12 oz
  • Best for: Short-term Wear

Got2b glued is not your typical wig glue, it’s actually a mega hold styling gel as a hairspray. Youtubers have raved about this product and have found it to be just as effective in laying lace wigs and frontals.

Because this is more of a styling product, it gives a secure hold but is also gentle enough on the hairline. This glue is ideal for those with thin hair or hair loss across the hairline who may not wear wigs for an extended period.

Since this is a spray, you can spray it on the hairline or apply it to a cotton ball and dab it across the hairline instead. The glue will dry clear and will securely hold the lace in place when you lay it down.

Unlike other wig glues, the hold will not be as strong, making this a drawback to this product. However, the glue is suitable for short-term wear and those that don’t frequently wear lace wigs and frontal.

Esha Absolute Lace Wig Adhesive Glue

  • Key features: good for swimming, sweat resistant, gentle hold 
  • Price: Average
  • Volume: 1.44 oz
  • Best for: water-resistant and sensitive skin

If you love the water as much as you love your lace wigs and frontals, then you will love Esha Absolute Lace Wig glue! Made with a water-resistant formula, this glue will not shift underwater or in water.

Humid climates and heavy perspiration can be a huge determining factors for picking the best wig glue for your lace wigs and frontals. This product is great for you if you sweat a lot and does not become tacky or sticky like other glues when you do.

This glue can still get the job done without that gripping feeling like other water-resistant glues. You can still enjoy the benefits of a firm hold without the stress of the glue ripping your hair out. This product is gentle for all skin types without compromising a secure hold.

The only drawback to this product is that when you sweat, the product turns white. After it dries, it will go back to clear but this can be an issue for some. Consider these pros and cons before you purchase this product.

Best Wig Glues – Buying Guides

Take the following factors into consideration when you are screening out the best wig glues.

Long-term Wear vs. Short-term Wear

You can wear lace wigs and frontals for any amount of time. How long you decide to wear your lace wigs and frontals are entirely up to you.

Once you have decided on how long you will wear your lace wig or frontal, the glue buying process will be much easier. Keep in mind that long-term wear will be about 1-2 weeks, while short-term wear is only 1-2 days.

There is always the option to buy both, especially if you don’t wear wigs frequently. The choice comes down to how often you want to reapply the glue.

If you are getting your lace wig or frontal professionally installed, talk to your hairstylist about which glue makes the most sense to you for the time you want to wear your lace wig or frontal. It is also good to read comments and reviews about approximate wear time to get a better understanding of each glue.


Having a sensitive scalp and hair is something that needs to be taken into consideration before purchasing any product you intend to use. With the number of skin sensitivities growing, many manufacturers are looking for better ways to develop safer ingredients in their products.

If you suffer from sensitive scalp and hair, look for glue that does not have harsh or toxic chemicals. Many of the glues now offer latex-free, odorless, and non-harsh ingredients.

It is important to perform a patch test before using any glue along the hairline. Just take a small amount of glue and test it on a portion of the hairline and wait to see if there is any reaction. 

Also, make sure that the lace remover is non-toxic and latex-free. Do not scrub or rub the skin abrasively because this can also cause scalp irritation. I recommend you do a patch test too with the lace remover.


Depending on your lifestyle and how active you are, choose a glue-based on just that. Some glues perform better against sweat and water and can make all the difference in wearing your lace wigs and frontals.

Water-resistant and sweat-proof glues are great for you if you enjoy going to the gym, swimming, and just being active. These glues perform better for those who have an active lifestyle against glues that aren’t.

Living in a cooler climate may not bring on the same issues someone living in a warmer climate might have with wearing lace wigs and frontals. This can also be a determining factor in considering which glues perform better in different climates.

Pay attention to where comments and reviews are coming from when it is regarding lifestyle/climate. It could be possible that this will not be an issue for you.

How to Apply and Remove Wig Glues – Additional Tips

Here are some tips if you are new to using wig glue:

  • Go for short-term glue instead of long-term glue if you are starting out
  • Make sure your natural hair is completely dry before wearing your hair system
  • Always start with a thin layer of glue
  • If you have sensitive skin, make sure you perform a patch test first
  • Be patient and gentle in removing the wig glue. Take your time to make sure all the glue is removed
  • In the case of lace wigs, always remove from the back to the front
  • Always clean your skin once you remove all the glues!
  • Wahs your wigs and make sure there are no glues left

Check this video out for great tips for applying and remove wig glue.


Here are some commonly asked questions relating to choosing the best wig glues and their quick answers.

How long should you keep a wig glued on?

It depends on the wig glue you use. Some glues are designed for short-term use, and some can last for over a month.

As a hairstylist, I suggest you take a break every four weeks. And make sure you follow the suggested time length.

Does wig glue damage your hair?

If you apply and remove wig glue properly, it will not damage your hair.

However, applying wig glue directly on your hair may pull your hair out and damage your hairline.

Also, to avoid causing allergies, you can perform a patch test to check if your skin will react to the glue.

My Verdict

Using wig glues to secure your lace wigs and frontal will make it look even more natural. Whether you wear lace wigs and frontals short-term or long-term, having it stay in place will have you looking your best.

I found that Ghost Bond XL is the best overall wig glue. It’s waterproof, non-toxic, and great for an active lifestyle.


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