December 15, 2021

Best Party Wigs

best party wigs

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This article is about the best party wigs available in 2022.

One of the best things about 2022 is that it isn’t 2020 and 2022. And that means we can get out of our house, out of our sweatpants, and into our party clothes again! But one thing I personally learned about going through an extended lockdown is that getting ready to go out can be, well, LONG.

So how do you decrease the time investment of getting ready to party? Well, invest in a party wig, of course!

What’s up, party people? My name is Bianca, and I curated some of the hottest shows on London’s party scenes for many a year. So I know a thing or two about parties, nightlife, and getting glammed up in a minute. 

The best thing about getting party-ready with a party wig is that you can experiment with different styles, looks, lengths, and colors without bleaching your natural hair!

From my many hours of research, this Lovestory Ombré Grey Wig is by far the most gorgeous and practical option! Keeping your hair gray is a chore, and with this wig, one you don’t have to do!

Looking for something cheap, colorful, shorter? I have a few more options to show you, so let’s keep going! 

Quick Summary

3 Best Princess Party Wigs Reviewed

This section will go over my top picks for the best party wigs, together with a detailed review for each option.

Lovestory Ombré Grey Wig

  • Key features: High heat-resistant synthetic fiber hair
  • Color: 21 options
  • Best for: Overall

This Lovestory wig is beautiful, thick, and extra glam. I am in love with the gray ombré style with the dark roots, but there are 21 different styles to choose from.

The length comes in at 24 inches, and it is styled with a natural wave to it.

Lovestory has made this wig with two adjustable straps for better comfort and adjustment without any lumps or bumps.

There are three combs on the inside of this wig, which makes it quite secure, but I would still invest in wig glue and some hairpins to help secure this wig so that you can whip your hair back and forth!

Remember, synthetic wigs tend to tangle, so make sure to make up a little spray bottle of fabric conditioner mixed with water to spray on the ends.

Netgo Bob Wig

  • Key features: Heat-resistant, synthetic fiber hair
  • Color: 10 fashion colors
  • Best for: Value

Some people party by sitting in the VIP, sipping champagne, and taking selfies all night. Which is cool. 

Some other people party by dancing all night wildly, end up at the DJs flat for an after-party and somehow stumble home as the sun comes up and hope they have their phone on them.

If you are the latter, this party wig is for you!

Gorgeous, bright colors, bob length, and super cheap.

The bob wigs come in 10 different bright colors, ranging from lilac through to bright orange. Some of the bobs have bangs, and some don’t. All are very chic and frame your face beautifully.

The short wig is very comfortable to wear and, with a few well-placed hairpins, will stick to your head no matter how much you gyrate to the latest beats.

The wig isn’t as dense as you would like, so it is advisable to color the wig cap to match the wig hair color to disguise any patches. However, at this price, you can wear it, lose it and get a new one the next day without feeling guilty.

AISI Long Wavy Wig

  • Key features: Heat-resistant, synthetic fiber hair
  • Color: 20 colors
  • Best for: Long & Wavy

This long and wavy wonder from AISI hair is beautiful. It comes in 20 different colors, the most striking of which are purple, pink, gray, and white ombré.

The wig needs minimal styling, and the hairline is natural. This is a wig that you can wear a few times and use to WOW on several occasions. I quite like it with blunt ends, so I styled mine like that, but if you like the tapered look, you can leave it as is.

The wig cap is adjustable and fits a range of head sizes. The cap is also made of rose net and elastic netting, so it is breathable and fits comfortably. The wig hair is thick, and the dark roots help to minimize that “synthetic shine”.

Even though the wig is advertised as a very long 26-inches, it definitely isn’t. I would say it’s about 18 inches with the wave. So if you are after a super-long wig, this might not be the best option for you.

Guide to Buying the Best Party Wigs

Here are a few things to take into consideration when looking for the best party wig.

We Like To Party

What type of party-goer are you and what type of party do you want to wear this to?

Going to spray champagne on each other in the VIP in Da Club is a far cry from partying away at a Full Moon Party on the beach in Thailand.

So what type of party do you want to wear this to and how often?

Once you have an idea of this, it will help guide your decisions on how much you want to invest and how long you want your wig.

Remember, a chin-length wig is very chic and easy to manage, whereas a waist-length wig is very glamorous but more challenging to manage.

Your Natural Hair

How long is your hair

You can do a pretty good wrap and get a seamless, smooth finish to your wig if it’s around shoulder length. If, however, your hair is longer, you may want to get a wig with more volume to help hide how big your natural hair bump is underneath all of that.

Similarly, if you have very little natural hair, you may also need to look at different attachment methods, namely wig grips, wig tapes, and more. Remember, the more “architecture” you need to construct under your wig to keep it on securely, the hotter it will be on your head.

So if you need to wear a wig grip or similar, then maybe look at the different netting used in wig caps to make sure it remains breathable. Otherwise, you may feel claustrophobic in your wig and get an uncomfortably sweaty head when you’re trying to look glam on the dance floor!

My Verdict

As a professional party-goer myself, I like Lovestory Ombré Grey Wig as it is SUCH a high-maintenance hairstyle if you have it on your natural hair, but so effortless if you have it on a wig.

It’s genius.

Do you have a favorite? Did you try any of these in a party outfit?

Don’t be shy! Serve your LEWKS in the comments below!


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