October 8, 2021

Best Wigs for White Women

Best Wigs for White Women

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This is a review of the best wigs for white women in 2022.

I am Rosalba. a white woman and I have over 10 years of wigs experience. In this article, I will share with you my top choices of wigs for white women and some tips to help you choose the one that suits your needs the most.

My top pick when it comes to choosing wigs for white women is Esmee Natural/synthetic Long Blonde Wig, it is comfortable, affordable, and comes with a soft and breathable cap.

Fortunately, I managed to find stunning, soft wigs for white women that allowed me to have a natural look with no hassle. Read the complete review to discover more about these fantastic wigs!

Quick Summary

Who Should Get These?

If you are white and looking for a fashionable and comfortable wig to enhance your look, you’ve come to the right place! However, the products labeled for white women are suitable for black women, as well, and vice versa. There is no quality difference.

The only difference regards the choice that white women must make to find a wig that is compatible not only with the different nuances of their skin but also with the particular issues that the white skin usually entails.

Unlike black skin, which contains more melanin, white skin is, in fact, more sensitive to sun rays and irritation. It is, hence, very important to find soft and silky wigs which don’t irritate the scalp. If you have very sensitive skin, you will love the wigs recommended here as well!

Best Wigs for White Women – Our Top Picks

In this section, you’ll find the descriptions of the five best wigs for white women I have just picked for you. Read the complete reviews about each of them, also.

Esmee Natural/Synthetic Long Blonde Wig

  • Key features: High-quality synthetic hair wig designed like human hair. Breathable rose net
  • Texture: Light and Soft.
  • Brand: Esmee
  • Head Size: 21 – 23 inches.

The natural/synthetic long blonde wig by Esmee is made with 100% Japanese Kanekalon fibers. These fibers were developed in 1957 from a synthetic fabric called Modacrylic. 

Kanekalon is a light and soft material on the skin that does not irritate the scalp and does not scratch the fingers while you braid the wig.

The appearance of this wig is absolutely natural and looks rich in personality and charm. Even though the hairstyle of this model is long, you can ask your hairstylist to cut it with the hairdo you want. 

The different colors of this wig (you find over 10 available nuances) are suitable both for white and black women.

That is why the product is considered the best overall.

VCKOVCKO Colorful Wavy Bob Wig

  • Key features: High-quality synthetic pastel wig with bangs, Tangle-free
  • Texture: Silky and soft
  • Brand: Vckovcko
  • Head Size: It fits several sizes

This wavy colorful bob wig is available in a wide range of pastel colors, not only pink. You can choose up to 28 different colors, from the showy pink-purple to the formal brown and black. The product is easy to install and you can use it daily.

The adjustable straps fit every head size, while the different nuances of colors allow you to choose the one which better matches your skin.

The pastel models are suitable for young white women, the ones with natural colors, instead, are a good fit for more adult white women.

FORCUTEU Long Wavy Wig with Bangs

  • Key features: High quality fibers materials, heat resistant, natural hairline, realistic hairstyle
  • Texture: Soft and comfortable
  • Brand: Forcuteu
  • Head Size: 24 inches, but the adjustable straps fit any sizes

Even though this is a long wavy wig, its texture is really soft and light, and very comfortable. The wig is enriched by fashionable bangs to give you a gorgeous and sexy hairstyle. The material mimics human hair and has a soft touch on your skin.

The wig has 14 available colors, from showy nuances to more normal shades of red and blond.

The product is labeled for adults, but the showy colors are suitable for young white women.

That is a versatile product, anyway. You can cut and style it to your liking to get a short or medium hairdo that better fits your age.

EMMOR Soft Short Grey Human Hair Wig

  • Key features: High quality Remy human hair, breathable high elastic cap
  • Texture: Soft, natural and comfortable
  • Hairstyle: Straight
  • Brand: Emmor
  • Head Sizes: 21-23 inches with adjustable straps

This short wig is a small jewel of elegance. The Remy human hair is blended with synthetic fibers to increase the resistance and duration of the wig.

The double mix of human and synthetic fibers donates the wig light and soft texture that does not irritate the scalp.

Furthermore, the breathable cap has an open ventilated weft that gives you a comfortable and cool sensation.

The crown of the wig also stimulates the scalp and makes this product extremely realistic and natural.

The available colors are five. Grey is suitable for 45+ white women, while red and brown well suit younger white women who love short and straight hairstyles.

Due to the fact this wig is mainly made of human hair, it needs more care to last for a long time.

EMMOR Soft Long Wig With Air Bang

  • Key features: Human hair blended with synthetic fibers, natural curls, breathable rose net
  • Texture: Soft and Cool
  • Hairstyle: curly with fringe
  • Brand: Emmor
  • Head Size: Adjustable straps fitting any head sizes

This long wavy wig is labeled as a human hair wig, in reality, it is made with high-quality synthetic fibers blended with human hair.

The result is a wig that looks absolutely natural and realistic. Even the hair strands have the same structure and fineness as the human hair.

The available colors are six, but the most beautiful one is the pink-purple. This nuance is not so showy and the light and dark shades give the wig a fashionable style.

This color is suitable for young and adult white women, even for 40+ women.

Since the wig is partially synthetic, it cannot be dyed and bleached. Occasionally, with this wig, you can also experience minimal shedding and tangles.

Best Wigs for White Women – What to Consider?

As said in the introduction of this round-up review, white women have sensitive skin that poses their particular needs of care and attention.

Moreover, the different nuances of the white skin prevent white women from choosing any colors or textures of the wig.

Yes, not only the skin is different, but also the structure of the hair is fully different from black women.

I discovered this detail talking to Michele, my personal hairdresser. The best wig for a white woman, hence, must meet the needs of the skin and one of the hairs, in this particular case.

Take a look at a few key elements before buying a wig for white women.

Wig Hair Color

To buy a wig for white women, the first detail to consider is the color of the hair of the wig. You can choose any color, the problem is not that, but you must look at the intensity of the color.

A black hair wig, for example, mustn’t be too intense, because it would create an unpleasant and unnatural contrast with the nuance of your skin.

If you choose a vivid and brilliant (especially synthetic) black hair wig, for example, you risk obtaining the effect of a porcelain dolly. And believe me, it is not enjoyable at all to look like Annabelle, the dolly of a popular horror movie!

With a too intense color, you also risk looking like a Brazilian girl dancing on the chariot for the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Of course, you can also buy a wig for Carnival, but if you need a wig for daily use, you must look beyond. 

That is why I reviewed 5 wigs that offer you several available colors with different intensities. Look at them separately, in the above sections, and choose the color in accordance with the things I explained here.

Wig Hair Texture

The second key element is that the texture of the hair of the wig must coincide with the texture of your hair. If your hair is thin and soft, even the wig hair texture must be the same.

In this case, it would be better if you could touch the hair of the wig. A different wig hair texture would create a sharp contrast with your skin, making your look unnatural.

Overall, human hair wigs have a natural human texture, even the ones mixed with synthetic fibers. In this case, I suggest that you look at the soft short grey human hair wig.

This product has five available colors, with human hairs blended with synthetic fibers. The texture of these hairs is highly natural and thin like the hair of white women.

Breathable and Soft Net

As always said in the introduction of this review, white skin is very sensitive and the scalp is often subject to irritation and itching. The best wigs for white women must, hence, have a gentle and soft net with ventilated and breathable structure.

Breathable and ventilated nets make wigs cool and comfortable on your head, avoiding the annoyance of scalp irritation and itching.

If the skin breathes, the risk of skin irritation lessens. Most of the wigs I reviewed have breathable and soft net, such as, for example, the soft long wig with air bang.

Wig Cap

Before buying a wig for white women, another detail to consider is the type of cap of the wig. This detail serves to hide your hair and the seams of the wig, in order to have a natural look and match the color of the wig with your skin.

Usually, to wear a wig for white skin, you must use an invisible or transparent cap. In reality, the invisible wig cap does not exist. We find invisible knots on the market, namely the knots to tie the cap of the lace wig. These knots have a transparent color and are named “invisible knots”.

The wig cap called invisible is, instead, the so-called HD (high definition) cap. That is a royal fabric (lace) wig cap developed in Switzerland and really undetectable when you wear it.

The transparent cap, instead, has no color and is the first neuter color of the wig caps. These colors, in fact, are transparent, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown. Make sure that the construction cap of your wig has the same nuances as your natural skin.

If your skin is too pale, choose a transparent wig cap. If your skin is slightly tanned, choose the light or medium brown wig caps, but exclude the dark brown cap. The latter, indeed, is designed for black women. To avoid problems, choose HD or transparent wig caps.

They can naturally merge with the natural color of your skin, being really invisible.

You must also consider the cap you must wear to tie and hide your natural hair. This second type of cap is necessary if you have long hair.

For short or medium hair, you can only use the construction cap of the wig. In this case, a good option is a wig with a soft mesh cap or breathable rose net, as the soft long wig with air bang. 

With this wig, your scalp will remain always cool and you’ll have the pleasure to have a long and fashionable hairstyle for the entire day.

My Verdict

I believe the best overall wig for white women is Esmee Natural/synthetic Long Blonde Wig, It comes with a soft, comfortable, and breathable cap and is very affordable. Of course, other wigs are of great quality too.

Don’t worry if you’ll find colored wigs, as well. As explained in the review, every wig I reviewed offers you different color options.

However, if your skin is too pale, you can leverage this feature to wear a pink-purple wig, like the soft long wig with air bang. It is my favorite wig, suitable for any age, not so showy and I look forward to wearing it.

If you have already tried it, let me know. I am eager to hear about your experience!


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