September 1, 2021

Best Halloween Wigs

best halloween wigs

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This is a review of the best Halloween wigs in 2023.

My name is Jolene and I’m an enthusiast of wigs and extensions. I own a store where I distribute different wigs and extensions at both retail and wholesale.

If you are dressing up for Halloween, the look will be complete once you don a Halloween wig. To identify the right wig, it would be helpful first to choose the costume and the Cosplay character you wish to display.

I believe the best overall Halloween wig is MapofBeauty Costume Cosplay Wig as you can curl and straighten under moderate temperature while keeping the strands intact.

This wig is full-volume but at the same time lightweight. It is quite vivid, making it look natural just like real hair. It is a good choice if you want to display a Jean Grey Cosplay.

Well, several other family-friendly Halloween wigs can make a perfect costume for the occasion. I’m going to review them one by one below.

Read on for deeper insight.

Quick Summary

4 Best Halloween Wigs Reviewed

In the following section, I’m going to give a detailed review of our best picks of Halloween wigs.

MapofBeauty Costume Cosplay Wig

  • Key features: heat resistant synthetic material, Adjustable Cap, 4 separate wig caps
  • Color: Silver Gray
  • Volume: Full/7.2 Ounces
  • Best for: Overall

This wig is ideal for the Jean Grey Cosplay character. It is made of Kanekalon fiber, a synthetic material that is high-temperature resistant. You can straighten it using an electronic hair stick at 120 degrees Celsius or at medium heat 70-90 degrees Celsius.

Its capsize has a maximum circumference of around 20 to 21 inches with adjustable straps. This means that while it can fit those with bigger head circumferences, it can also be adjusted to fit smaller heads. Everyone is covered for Halloween if you choose this.

I also love that this package comes with four separate washable brown stretchy wig caps. It enhances the lifespan of the products! 

Unfortunately, this Halloween wig is somehow heat-sensitive, and you must be careful with the amount of heat used. Use moderate heat, preferably 70-90 degrees Celcius.

AGPTEK Rainbow Hair Wig

  • Key features: Made of high-temperature synthetic fiber, Multi-colors, wig breathable and adjustable
  • Length: 27.5 Inches
  • Weight: Full volume 10.4 Ounces
  • Best for: Versatility

This is a wig made with premium synthetic fiber that is high-temperature tolerant. This material not only makes it durable but also natural and vivid just like real hair. Its texture is also soft like natural hair.

This is a multi/rainbow-colored wig, making it very versatile; you can wear it for various occasions such as musical festivities, themed parties, Halloween, or a date. Some Cosplay characters for this include Barbie Dolls, Nicki Minaj, and Disney Princess.

The wig has adjustable straps, just fix the hook to fit your head so that it doesn’t fall loose in case of rigorous activities at the Halloween event. The wig cap is made of a breathable soft net, quite comfortable to the scalp.

The only downside is that sometimes it may not cover/disguise the hairline properly, but with extra skill in styling, you will pull through this easily.

ColorGround Cosplay Wig

  • Key features: Made of synthetic heat-resistant material, fits-all rose net cap and adjustable straps on the inner cap net, detachable ponytails
  • Weight: full volume 530-570g/21 Ounces
  • Length: base 25.6 inches, ponytail 19.7 inches
  • Best for: Curls

Being made of a high-quality synthetic fiber that is heat-resistant, you can do a lot with this wig like perming for the mermaid look, dyeing and straightening for a Nicki Minaj look, or trimming and styling minus the ponytails to look Like Rihanna.

The inner cap net has adjustable straps that can be adjusted to fit the average American female head. This comes in handy for Halloween, a one-time festival in which you do not have to worry about a permanent fit. Just strap it tight and you are good for the day.

The ponytails are detachable, so if you want a Rihanna look rather than the Barbie doll or Nicki Minaj look, you can easily remove them and fix them back later.

The downside of this wig is that it can be a little heavy especially on smaller heads, but for this you can simply detach the ponytails to feel lighter.

QNPRT Old Lady Cosplay Set

  • Key features: Made of 100% synthetic fiber, a fits-all wig cap, Madea grandma glasses with an eyeglass chain strap and beads necklace
  • Volume: Full
  • Length: Curly short cap
  • Best for: Durability

This wig is made of 100% synthetic premium fiber, making it our most durable pick. It is easy to maintain, and thus ideal for several Halloween Madea looks. 

The cap is a stretchable one size fits all, it stretches to fit any given head size. Thus, any person regardless of the head size can pull out the Madea look without any straps.

To complete the grandma look, the wig comes with additional items such as the Madea grandma glasses with strap chain, and a faux pearl bead necklace. You want that granny look for Halloween, there you have it.

The downside of this wig is that sometimes the cap may be a bit smaller and not able to cover all the hair for a perfect disguise, but for this, you can purchase a separate wig cap right?

Guide to Buying Halloween Wigs

The following factors will guide you in purchasing a perfect Halloween wig.

What Look do You Want?

Always think about the look you want before purchasing the wigs.

Do you want to portray the look of an old grandma, a young schoolgirl, a crazy party girl, a Barbie doll Look, a Kardashian/Jenner look, a mermaid look, a Justin Bieber look, etc. Once you figure out the end look, picking out the wig is easy.

To look like a crazy party girl, a multi-colored or bright-colored wig would do the magic. Similarly, for a granny, a short curly wig will pull off the look.


In terms of style, we are mostly looking at your dressing. Your Halloween wig should match your costume. If you are wearing some tattered and rugged jeans, then your Halloween wig should match that. You will probably wear a short Rihanna wig as opposed to a Madea-style wig.

You may want to read these guides talking about how to style and tame your Halloween wig.

The Price Factor

If you are going to get a Halloween wig from a costume shop, it is going to be costly compared to buying from a regular wig shop. Thus, depending on your budget, you can simply buy one from a wig shop, and customize it to your desired Halloween look by dyeing or trimming.

Additional Information and Tips

To widen your choice, we have also published several in-depth reviews and how-to tips regarding different costume wigs that would be great for Halloween.

Also, try to wash your wigs before using them, if possible, try to wear them for an hour to check if you have any allergies to the wigs. You may only be wearing a wig once a year and playing safe is a wise idea.

Wrapping Up

Halloween wigs are not as difficult to find because most of the time what we are looking for is something to disguise our appearance. This is easy because whatever hair you wear that is different from what you are used to will still work.While there are numerous Halloween wigs to choose from, our best overall remains the MapoBeauty Costume Cosplay Wig. It is durable and appears like real hair, not to mention its affordability.


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