September 28, 2021

Best Lolita Wigs

Best Lolita Wigs

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This is a review of the best lolita wigs in 2023.

Japanese street fashion is constantly evolving. From doll fashion, Harajuku, and now lolita fashion, the Japanese subculture continues to take the fashion world by storm.

Lolita wigs are an important staple to have with your outfit, and can make all the difference when you are creating the perfect lolita look. My name is Lauren, and I have been inspired by Japanese culture ever since I was a child. After a good friend of mine introduced me to lolita fashion, I have been on a mission to find the best lolita style looks to wear.

That is why my top pick for the best lolita wig is the MapofBeauty Curly Lolita Wig because of its beautiful doll-like style and an assortment of colors. This wig comes with two detachable ponytails that can be worn with or without the wig. It comes styled with beautiful curls that will give you a classic lolita look.

There are many other options that we will go through as well so that you can make an informed decision before you buy. So grab a pen and paper as I go in-depth on the best lolita wigs.

Quick Summary

4 Best Lolita Wigs – Top Picks

In this section, I will go over my top choices for the best lolita wigs with a detailed review of each option below.

MapofBeauty Curly Lolita Wig

  • Key features: 100% high temperature synthetic fibers, two ponytails, pre-styled
  • Volume: 1.23 lbs
  • Hair Color: Periwinkle, Assorted colors
  • Best for: Overall

This curly lolita wig comes pre-styled with two detachable ponytails and a cascade of long bangs that can be worn to either side or straight ahead. Its 100% high-temperature synthetic fibers can be used with heat styling tools up to 120C.

Unlike other lolita wigs, this one isn’t too shiny and is very soft to the touch. It comes in assorted colors so that you can choose the best option for your lolita look.

This wig should fit small to normal head sizes and is easy to adjust for a secure fit. The only downside to this wig is that it will tangle and will need to be detangled often if you decide to purchase it.

Aiyaya Lolita Wig with Bangs

  • Key features: heat resistant, 100% breathable rose net, pre-styled
  • Volume: 1.3 lbs
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Best for: Doll

If you’re looking for a classic doll-like wig, then this is the perfect lolita wig for you. This brown-colored wig stops at the shoulder with eye-skimming bangs that make it pop.

Not only can you style this wig with heating tools up to 80C, but it comes on a 100% breathable rose net that provides airflow under the wig while wearing it.

This lolita wig comes pre-styled but feels free to make it your own by trimming and styling it. You can achieve a doll-like look or use it for another lolita style.

The ends may flip outward from time to time and this can be annoying if you don’t have styling products to help you. For this reason, I don’t recommend this wig.

Swiking Long Straight Brown Lolita Wig with Bangs

  • Key features: heat resistant fibers, high-grade wig cap, long
  • Volume: 10.5 oz
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Best for: Long

The great thing about this wig is that it is the most realistic synthetic hair wig. Made with heat-resistant fibers, this wig can be curled with heat styling tools up to 160C.

This wig comes on a high-grade wig cap that is made on a breathable rose net that won’t make you feel stuffy while wearing it.

The hair is soft, smooth, and long, it comes styled with bangs and is beautifully thick and full. There are blunt longer bangs that stop around your cheek, that can be layered and cut if you prefer to do so.

Unfortunately, as thick and full as this wig is, it does shed. If shedding is an issue, then I recommend getting a human hair wig.

Straight Pink Blue Color Lolita Wig

  • Key features: heat resistant synthetic fibers, loose waves, adjustable size
  • Volume: 12.1 oz
  • Hair Color: Pink Blue
  • Best for: Mixed Color

Short hair wigs that frame the face are a great option for lolita wigs. This loose wave bob wig comes in an adjustable size that is perfect for any lolita style.

It is colored in a pastel pink and blue shade that has two small buns that can be easily removed. The heat resistant fibers can be used with heat styling tools that can go up to 150C.

The adjustable straps make this wig easy to secure. You don’t need any pins, tape, or glue to adhere it to your head.

While this wig is stunning, the buns are not easy to attach and can be a problem for some people. I don’t recommend this wig for this reason.

Best Lolita Wigs – What to Consider?

Take the following factors into consideration when you are screening out the best lolita wigs.


The color options are endless when it comes to lolita wigs that you may feel overwhelmed when choosing a color. Many synthetic hair options will have unique and vibrant color choices.

If you want a custom color, you may have to reach out to the vendor for a specialty wig or consider getting a human hair option.

Remember that you can seek professional help if you are unsure of coloring the wig yourself. Don’t be afraid to try semi-permanent colors or hair paints that are more of a temporary solution.


Look at the details of the wigs, which will save you a lot of work! For example, would the bangs be too long for you, so you need to trim them by yourself? What’s the size of the wig cap? Can you easily adjust the size of the wig?

Quite some costume wigs are on the larger side. If your wigs have no accessories like adjustable straps or combs, they may not be able to lay flat on your head and look odd. You may also need to use a lot of accessories to secure it on your head.

Useful Information and Tips

Here are some useful tips about Lolita wigs.

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Because lolita wigs are so intricately designed, you need to have a proper maintenance routine in place to keep it in optimal condition.

Using a gentle shampoo and soaking the wig in soapy water for 5-10 minutes is the best way to clean and care for your lolita wigs. Gently combine the ends and removing any knots while it is wet is the best way to keep it from tangling.

Let the wig air dry after washing and it should revert back to its original style if it is made with synthetic hair. Consider using styling products and, of course, conditioner if necessary.

Wrapping Up

Lolita wigs are becoming even more popular in western culture and can be recognized more and more in mainstream media in today’s times.

That is why the MapofBeauty Curly Lolita Wig is the best overall choice because of its genuine aesthetics of color and dimension as a typical lolita wig, and its versatility of styling options that you can make your own.


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