Best Lace Front Bob Wigs

This is a review of the best lace front bob wigs in 2021.

Bob hairstyles are cute, professional, and fun, they can change your look in an instant. My name is Lauren, and I love rocking wigs. I have been wearing wigs for over ten years and love the versatility they offer.

Lace front bob wigs are the perfect hairstyle if you want to wear a professional look or switch up to an elegant style for a special occasion. That is why Geeta Short Bob Wigs is the best overall choice.

This wig is true to length, soft, and far from stiff. It comes with a natural hairline full of baby hairs for a realistic appearance. Color, cut, bleach, and style this hair as much as you like.

Yes, there are plenty more choices that we will go through. I will give you the pros and cons of each one in detail so that you can find the best choice. Keep reading to find your best lace front bob wig!

Our Best Lace Front Bob Wigs

Three Best Lace Front Bob Wigs Reviewed

In this section, check out my top choices for the best lace front bob wigs with a detailed review for each option below.

Geeta Short Bob Wigs

  • Key features: 100% Brazilian virgin hair, baby hair, swiss lace
  • Density: 130%
  • Hair length: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 inches
  • Best for: Overall

This wig is soft, bouncy, and made with quality virgin hair that can be styled as much as you want. You will receive so many compliments with this wig because of its realistic hairline that is customized with baby hairs for a natural appearance.

The swiss lace will melt into your scalp once you cut and shape it to your hairline for a perfect and fabulous blend that will look like your own hair.

You will get a naturally full look at 130% that is comparable to the fullness of natural hair. Just straighten, curl, or dye this wig the way you want to make it your own.

As fabulous as this wig is, it can be a little on the thin side. If you are used to higher density hair, then you may prefer a wig with more volume.

Jessica Hair 13×6 Lace Front Bob Wigs

  • Key features: 100% virgin hair hair, 13×6 lace front, baby hair
  • Density: 150%
  • Hair length: 8, 10, 12, 14 inches
  • Best for: Curly

Part this curly hair bob anyway you like with its deep parting on this 13×6 strong and invisible swiss lace. This wig is made to last with its 100% virgin hair quality that will not shed or tangle when styling or wearing it. There is no chemical processing with this hair and you can wear it for any occasion.

You will get a realistic hairline as this hair comes with baby hairs that will blend in for a natural look. At 150% density, you will have incredible voluminous curls that will stay full even if you decide to straighten the hair.

This wig can be colored, dyed, bleached, and heat styled without the worry of losing the natural state of the hair. This wig comes in a medium capsize that is ideal for average to normal head shapes and sizes.

This wig looks great when maintained and kept hydrated to keep the curls intact. If you have issues with using additional products to maintain the wig, then this wig will not suit you.

Megalook Lace Front Bob Wigs

  • Key features: 12A virgin human hair, double machine weft, pre-plucked
  • Density: 150%
  • Hair length: 8, 10, 12, 14 inches
  • Best for: Thickness

This double machine weft bob wig provides adequate thickness that will make you fall in love with this wig. Its pre-plucked hairline comes ready for you to wear so that you can have a natural appearance. The 12A grade texture makes this wig smooth and soft, making it hard to not run your hands through your hair.

This wig is 150% density and feels a lot fuller than that, but luckily not on the lace, in case you want to customize your hairline more. You can choose your desired bob length from chin to shoulder, depending on the bob style you want to have.

Your wig will have a smooth and shiny bounce that you don’t need to worry about tangling or shedding when you style it.

This wig is very thick, and some of the knots are doubled on the lace. If you prefer a thinner to more natural density of hair, I recommend trying another wig with less density.

Guide to Buying the Best Lace Front Bob Wigs

Take the following factors into consideration when you are screening out the best lace front bob wigs.

Hair Quality

Having excellent hair quality will keep your lace front bob wigs lasting for many years. If you can go for human hair, I always suggest 100% unprocessed human hair.

Unprocessed hair means that it hasn’t been processed with chemicals and that the hair usually comes from a single donor. This results in all the cuticles intact and avoids shedding and tangling.

Quality hair will give you a smoother and softer texture that will resemble your own natural hair. This will allow you to style, cut, color, and bleach your wig without damaging it. Go for 100% unprocessed human hair if you can.


Lace front bob wigs are great in their natural color but if you would like the option to dye it, that is also something you should consider. Some vendors do offer other colors but will not advertise it.

I recommend getting a colored wig from the seller if possible to save yourself time in doing it yourself. Obviously, custom colors are not always offered, but if you wanted to get a loud color like pink or purple, then you could order a blonde wig to save you a step in the process.

Color is great and very unique to each person. Have fun with your hairstyles by adding color to it if you choose.

My Verdict

Wearing lace front bob wigs can be great when you can find one that compliments you and makes you feel beautiful. It’s even better when it gives you a natural look that enhances your beauty.

My top pick would have to be Geeta Short Bob Wigs because of its excellent quality and durability, and its ability to blend well for an elegant lace front bob wig.

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