Best HD Lace Wigs

This is a review of the best HD lace wigs in 2021.

The best way to go about having your lace melt into your skin is to go with HD lace wigs. HD lace wigs offer the most natural looking appearance and blend in with various hairlines because of its premium lace quality.

My name is Lauren, and I have been wearing lace wigs for a very long time. During a training course, I discovered HD lace wigs and was astonished by how natural they looked in comparison to traditional lace wigs.

If you’re looking for an undetectable HD lace wig, then the Crissel HD Transparent Lace Front Wigs are for you. This wig offers a natural and realistic hairline that comes pre-plucked with baby hairs to lay the perfect edges.

Don’t worry, if this wig hasn’t blown you away, there are others that certainly will. We will go through my top picks for the best HD lace wigs and narrow down the best choices for you.

Quick Summary

4 Best HD Lace Wigs Reviewed

In this section, check out my top choices for the best HD full lace wigs with a detailed review for each option below.

Crissel HD Transparent Lace Front Wigs

  • Key features: 100% unprocessed Brazilian Remy human hair, pre-plucked, baby hair
  • Density: 150%
  • Length: 16, 18,  20, 22, 24, 26 inches
  • Best for: Overall

The Crissel wig is made with high-quality Brazilian Remy human hair that allows you to restyle it freely. It can be dyed, bleached, curled, straightened, and restyled as you wish. It comes on a 13×4 lace front for ultimate parting and styling purposes.

It comes with a natural hairline that is pre-plucked and customized with baby hairs. It comes on a medium brown lace for a seamless blend, making it look like it is your own natural hair.

This wig is full and thick at 150% density that offers a fullness comparable to a natural look. It’s made on a breathable net cap that comes with adjustable straps and three combs all around.

The only downside to this wig is that it does come layered and doesn’t have the same length all around. This can be a problem for some people who want an even length for the whole wig. For this reason, I would suggest another wig.

Beaudiva 5×5 HD Lace Front Wigs

  • Key features: 9A Grade Brazilian virgin hair, deep parting space, bleached knots
  • Density: 150%
  • Length: 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 inches
  • Best for: Closure

The look and feel of this 5×5 HD lace wig will leave you speechless. It’s styled with 9A grade Brazilian body wave hair that was cut from one donor. This wig can be curled, straightened, dyed, or bleach, to make it your own.

It comes on a pre-plucked hairline with slightly bleached knots for a realistic and natural look. The 5×5 lace closure offers deep parting space to achieve more middle and side parting than a traditional 4×4 lace closure.

You will get a natural and full look with at 150% density that this wig offers. This wig will fit most head sizes, as it comes on a medium cap with adjustable straps and three combs to give the most secure fit.

This wig is a great buy. However, if you are looking to color or bleach this wig with a high developer, there may be breakage. I recommend buying another wig if you wish to color or bleach it with a high developer.

Wingirl HD Transparent Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

  • Key features: Brazilian virgin hair, pre-plucked, elastic cap
  • Density: 180%
  • Length: 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 inches
  • Best for: Body Wave

The Wingirl lace front wig gives length with mega volume than most other wigs. The 100% virgin hair allows you to dye, straighten, or curl the wig. It lasts longer and is more durable than non-virgin hair.

This wig comes in a 13×4 in swiss lace with a pre-plucked hairline that allows for a natural and realistic blend and saves you time from customizing the hairline yourself. It is made with a delicate and high elasticity lace that will give you a firm and comfortable hold.  

At 180% density, this hair is full of body and doesn’t skimp on the volume. And the longer the better with this wig. The lengths represent the stretched lengths, so make sure you get a length that is practical for you when wearing it in body waves.

There is a downside to this wig because it has a chemical smell that is like perm. However, with the proper wash and condition before you wear this wig, you can eliminate the smell.

Alipop HD Transparent Lace Front Wigs

  • Key features: 10A Brazilian virgin hair, pre-plucked, baby hair
  • Density: 150%
  • Length: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 inches
  • Best for: Water Wave

This wig is 10A grade Brazilian hair that can be dyed, bleached, and restyled like your own hair. It comes in various lengths to give you a very natural looking length.

This wig comes in 150% density that will give you fullness and volume no matter which way you style it. It comes with a deep middle T part to give you a natural and realistic hairline on a comfortable and breathable wig cap.

These curls are bouncy, soft, and the perfect style for everyday wear. Even after straightening it, you can be sure it will return to its natural state.

Because this is a T part lace front wig, you can only wear a middle part with this wig. If you prefer to style the wig in another way, I suggest buying a different wig.

Guide to Buying HD Lace Wigs

Consider the following factors when you are screening out the best HD lace wigs.

Lace Color

HD lace wigs come in light to medium brown colors or they can be transparent. If you are unsure, you can always ask the vendor before you purchase.

If you find that the lace is too light in color for your skin, then I would recommend tinting the lace with a lace tint or using your foundation to help blend the lace to your skin color.

This can be done by watching various youtube tutorials or you can always hire a professional hair stylist to help you achieve this.

While HD lace wigs offer a very realistic look, they still need to be customized a bit to the person wearing it.


Because HD laces are thinner and clearer, some might be made with a bit of elastic to give a better and secure fit.

This might be useful for those interested in wearing their wigs for a longer period of time. However, this is a great addition to have even for those that wear it for shorter time periods.

You can always check with the vendor if you are unsure if the HD lace has elastic or not.

My Verdict

HD lace wigs provide the most natural look when it comes to wearing wigs. You can part them anywhere you want and also have the convenience of having the lace melt into your skin for longer wear.

That is why the Crissel HD Transparent Lace Front Wigs are my top pick. This wig is beautifully crafted and offers the most realistic appearance for an hd lace wig.

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