October 13, 2021

Best Wig Clips

best wig clips

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This is a review of the best wig clips.

My name is Jolene, and I’m an expert in matters of wigs, extensions, and other hair accessories. I operate a boutique, where I give hair accessory consultancy services in addition to selling hair products.

When wearing a wig, especially the long ones, sometimes you may feel the need to keep it short so that you can run your errands comfortably without hair falling on your face. A wig clip will come in handy in keeping your hair/wig/extension intact.

I have used various clips and have different types in store. I would like to share my experience here. If you want a multipurpose clip that can be used on all hair types, Jmkcoz Snap-Comb Wig Clips works the best.

These clips fit seamlessly in your wigs, making them perfect for holding, shaping, or styling any hairpiece. They will ensure that your hairpiece does not fall out, and you can style it as per your preference.

There are other equally good wig clips out there, and I’m going to review them below.

Keep reading to learn more.

Quick Summary

3 Best Wig Clips Reviewed

In the following section, I will give a detailed review of our top picks for wig clips.

Jmkcoz Snap-Comb Wig Clips

  • Key features: Stainless steel, anti-slip properties
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 1.5 * 0.7 inch (L*W), 20pcs
  • Best for: Overall

This wig clip is made of stainless steel, which is beneficial for the durability of the clip.

It features an anti-slip design, which ensures it does not slip off your wig/extension as you run errands throughout the day.

The Jmkcoz Wig Clips are perfect for keeping your hair in place, and they will leave no scars as they dig into your scalp. They can be used to shape any hair by curling or blow-drying, and they are safe for fine/thick/curly/straight hair.

The downside of this clip is that it does not have a grip to adjust its size, so you may have to use pliers to open it.

Dreamlover Wig Clips

  • Key features: Stainless steel, adjustable grip design, rubber design
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 1.3 x 0.6 inches (L x W), 30pcs
  • Best for: Fine hair

This clip is made of stainless steel and can be adjusted to fit your scalp/wig comfortably.

The grip is the best feature, as it allows you to customize its size easily. It comes in 10 sizes, which ensures a perfect fit for any type of hair or wig.

The rubber design makes it non-slippery while styling your hair and you can leave it until the next washday. It does not damage your wig or extension as it fits securely without hurting/scratching the hair strands.

The downside of these wigs is that they are smaller, thus less effective for thick hair.

Smilco Wig Clips

  • Key features: Sleek arc design end, metallic, anti-slip, 6-teeth
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 1.6″ x Length 1.2″, 32pcs
  • Best for: Thick hair

This clip has a sleek arc design end, which ensures it sits comfortably on your scalp without causing any pain or damage to the skin.

It is made of metal, which makes them stronger than plastic clips, and less likely to break after a few uses, like most other standard clips.

The Smilco Wig Clips will not slip off your wig because they hold tightly thanks to their metallic end.

They are designed with six teeth on each end, which ensures they grip firmly to your hair extensions, making them highly effective for thick hair.

The downside of these wig clips is that they are smaller compared to others I have used before. Even though they are not slippery, you may need two or more clips per strand depending on the thickness of your hair.

Best Wig Clips – What to Consider?

Consider the below factors before purchasing your wig clips.


Since they help keep your hair intact, you want them to be durable enough not to break after a few uses. Stainless steel is an ideal material for wig clips as it improves their resistance to rust and corrosion; however, they are more expensive than plastic clips.

A good wig clip should function as a hair styling tool for both short and long hair types.


If you like your hairpieces to hold in place all day long, then you need extra strong wig clips that will grip tightly and not slip off throughout the day. Metallic clips with teeth work best for this purpose, and they are pricier too. 

On the contrary, plastic wig clips are not as efficient at keeping your hair in place, but they are usually more affordable than metallic ones.


It is important to choose a clip whose size fits your hair/wig perfectly to avoid damage caused by pulling or ripping. You can choose from several sizes, and you should buy more than one to make sure you have enough options to choose from depending on your mood.


For the best possible fit, you need wig clips with adjustable grips. Wardrobe changes are the best time to use them, as they leave no lasting marks on your hair or scalp. 

They also save you from styling hassles when wearing different types of wigs or extensions, which vary in size and shape.


You can buy wig clips for $5 to $30 depending on the brand and design. Plastic clips are usually cheaper than metallic ones, which offer better quality.

My Verdict

As wig clips keep your hair in place all day long, they should be able to grip firmly and not slip off your scalp or extension if possible.

This is why you need good-quality clips with adjustable grips and teeth (metallic ones). They should be able to function as a styling tool for all hair types, and you should not have to buy a separate product for both short and long hair needs.

Our best overall is the Jmkcoz Snap-Comb Wig Clips because it contains both high-quality metallic clips and plastic ones with adjustable grips and can be used on all hair types.


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