August 3, 2021

Best Wigs for Seniors

best wigs for senior

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This is a review of the best wigs for seniors in 2023.

My name is Lauren, and I am a hairstylist with over ten years of experience. I have helped many senior clients choose, style, and install their wigs throughout the years. Turning 60s is a passage of their life marked likewise important changes in their bodies, in their personality, and, above all, in their hair.

Wearing a wig is a great solution to enhance our charm while we get old. It’s easy, quick, and safe. Some of my clients are facing hair loss, hair thinning when they aged, and to be very honest, some of them just want to experience a new look without risking their own natural hair.

Wigs are beauty tools that can provide you with a renovated self-esteem and a greater trust in life. And I believe that GNIMEGIL Heat Resistant Wig should be considered as the best overall choice.

Yes, wigs are always wigs, but, in our case, they can work miracles. If you want to discover what these miracles are, follow this detailed review about the best wigs for seniors.

Quick Summary

Best Wigs for Seniors in 2022 – Top Picks

In this section, you find the descriptions of the three best wigs for seniors of 2021, along with a comprehensive review of each of them.

GNIMEGIL Heat Resistant Wig

  • Key features: Heat resistant, synthetic fibers, adjustable straps
  • Texture: Soft touch, natural straight
  • Sizes: Head Circumference 22.5 fitting for smaller and larger sizes

The Short Platinum Blonde Wig by Gnimegil is labeled for white women, but it is suitable for black senior women, as well. (My sister-in-law is black and loves wearing this sensual wig).

The adjustable straps make the wig suitable for several head sizes, even for a circumference of 20-23.

Only a note: to obtain a natural look, your skin must be free from deep and evident wrinkles.

Straight platinum blond hair, indeed, does not fit with a skin marked by wrinkles, especially synthetic hair, which reflects the light on every angle of our face.

This type of wig has been, in fact, developed for women who just overcame midlife.

Initially, the wig sheds and tangles, but you can easily fix the problem through a soft comb that removes or disentangles the strands of the wig.

Royalfirst Silver Gray Short Wigs

  • Key features: Human hair, breathable and comfortable internal net, high resistance
  • Texture: Soft and natural
  • Sizes: 10.9 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches; 2.08 Ounces

The Short Wigs for Women Silver Gray White Hair Wigs Heat Resistant Synthetic with Wig Cap by Royalfirst are perfect for women who have overcome 60 years of age. Grey and white sketched, these wigs are also suitable for senior women who look for an extremely natural look.

With this type of wig, you can also exhibit your wrinkles with no discomfort. Indeed, the natural texture of this product has been developed to perfectly merge with the natural (and biological) nuances of your skin.

The rose net of the wig is made with breathable and comfortable fibers that do not irritate your scalp. This is an important feature in the wigs for seniors.

The hormonal conditions of senior women (especially menopause) make the scalp more sensitive and vulnerable to contact with external substances.

The only problem is the wig color. The silver-grey you see through your pc screen may be different from the wig you receive at home.

Aimole Short Curly Synthetic Wigs

  • Key features: High quality, synthetic fibers resembling human hair
  • Texture: soft, curly and thick strands
  • Sizes: 10.16 x 8.19 x 1.57 inches; 4.41 Ounces

The short, curly, full capless synthetic wigs by Aimole are a product to use also on special occasions, such as, for example, the wedding day of your son or daughter.

The hairstyle of this wig is, in fact, modeled on a fashionable short haircut, halfway between a short-layered bob and a waved French short bob. Even though the color of the wig is grey, it is suitable both for black and white senior women.

The highly resistant fibers allow you to embellish this wig with styling products and other decorations for hair. The latter are often mandatory on particular occasions.

What to Consider When Buying a Wig for Senior?

Before buying wigs for seniors, you should consider a few important elements. Read the following paragraphs to discover them.


When you are about to buy a great senior wig, pay attention to the hairstyle of the product, in order to choose the one which better fits your natural hairstyle.

Straight and flat hair wigs are perfect for any type of woman, both senior and not. The matter gets more complicated when you pick curly wigs.

The latter are products developed to give more volume and enrich your look with beautiful floating strands. But if you are too mature, it is better to avoid wigs that are too curly. These products risk giving you a hairstyle like one of pop bands in the fantastic 1970s.

At the time, pop-rock bands showed off a frizzy and scenic afro hairstyle. No problem if you are younger and buy a black curly wig. If you are older, by contrast, a frizzy grey wig won’t have the same psychedelic nuance.

To fix the problem, pick a wig with slight and soft waves, like the one reviewed above, namely: Aimole Short Curly Wig.


The second key element you have to consider before performing the purchase is color. Avoid blond platinum wigs, if you are over 60 and have evident wrinkles on your face. The blond platinum color, in fact, has brilliant nuances which highlight our aesthetic flaws.

In this case, the best option is to pick a wig for seniors with the effect as natural as possible, like the silver-grey white wig by Royalfirst. This way, you’ll get a product that perfectly fits your natural look, without highlighting your wrinkles.


Last but not least element to consider for your purchase the texture of the wig. Pick wigs with soft texture, natural cap or capless. You are a menopausal woman and your hormonal condition makes the scalp more sensitive to irritation and itching.


Here are some commonly asked questions relating to choosing a wig for senior and their quick answers.

What kind of wig looks most natural?

Full lace HD wigs are the most natural-looking wig, and they are very breathable. If you are looking for a more affordable option, a 13 x 6 lace front wig is a great price point option because they give you a lace area to part your hair.

For hair texture, go for virgin human hair for the most natural look.

Which is better lace front or full lace wigs?

It depends on your needs. If you are looking for an affordable wig that can give you a natural look, a lace front wig is a great deal. However, if you are looking for a wig that will provide you with the ultimate natural look, go for full lace wigs.

Do I need to wear a wig cap under my wig?

Usually, we do recommend wearing a wig cap under your wig. There is a layer of glue applied at the lace of your wig to prevent the hairs from shedding.

The sweat and oil from your scalp may weaken these glues and hence cause the hair loosens up. A wig cap will also prevent allergies from a sensitive scalp.

My Final Thought

The three wigs for senior women I just reviewed are really the best wigs of 2022. I don’t have further words to add, apart from the ones I already said above.

Only a final word for the full capless grey wig by Aimole. It is a synthetic wig labeled like an everyday beauty accessory, but its style is so showy that I suggest to wear it only on special occasions.

You have two other good choices for your daily life. You’ll find them in this review!


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