About WigReports

Wig Reports was created by wig and hair extensions lovers who want to help you out by providing fact-based, in-depth information. From step-by-step guides, insider tips, and knowledge to unbiased reviews of different hairpieces.

I am Lori, the founder of WigReports, also a big fan of wigs and hair extensions.

Several years ago, I visited a hair salon with a friend who is an actress and witnessed the hairstylist turned her from a sweet but plain little girl into a sexy, wild queen with a curly wig. Since then, I was hooked on this art, so creative, so impressive, so convenient!

Why WigReports.com?

Last year, my bestie was suffering from hair loss and thinning because of stress from work and a nasty divorce. Getting her some lovely hairpieces was one of the things I could support her. However, because of the global pandemic, I have to dig everything online.

Then I got a bit frustrated because most of the information online was very general, or else, they were just an advertisement to promote a specific product. At the end of the day, we had to order a champagne delivery to my beloved hairstylist and skyped for his valuable opinion.

WigReports About

And that’s why I decided to start this project, an independent site sharing fact-based, in-depth information, and useful tips and how-to guides written by actual users or professional hairstylists and cosmetologists.

If you love hair extensions and wigs like me, you are at the right place. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced user of hair products, you will benefit from our honest reviews and well-researched information.

How We Create The Content?

We create most of our content base on our own experience. If we haven’t used the hairs by ourselves? We ask those who have used it for their feedbacks and opinions.

And here comes my favorite part of WigReports! To provide you with the most trustworthy information, we collected opinions from professionals hairstylists and cosmetologists. Then we set up standards to test different products out!

No advertisement, only honest, real-life experience, tips, and knowledge.

Our Team

Allow me to introduce you to our amazing team members.

Alexis Ann

Alexis Ann - WigReports

Alexis a freelance beauty writer and a licensed cosmetologist. 


While running the beauty column in beauty school she became an expert in the world of hair, writing about my experience and tips. She learned styling wigs and hair extensions alongside top hair professionals. 


Rosalba Mancuso

Rosalba Mancuso

Rosalba is an established freelance writer and the daughter of a professional hair stylist who worked with the most popular hairdressers of Europe.


Thanks to her family roots, she is a true expert who knows all the pros and cons of the most common hair replacement tools, such as wigs and extensions.

Lauren Udoh

Lauren Udoh

Hi there, I’m Lauren is a former hair stylist of many years with a love for all things beauty! She has worked in a salon for many years, before owning her own hair business, and really enjoy the art of doing hair.

As a wig maker and wig wearer, for over 15 years, Lauren know what it takes to have quality, gorgeous hair. She loves staying up to date with hair trends in the industry and always finding ways to perfect her craft!


Bianca Ross

Bianca Ross
Theatre girl turned content creator, Bianca started creating immersive theatre sets in London back in the early 2000’s.
Her love of creating fully immersive worlds where people could lose themselves for a few hours brought out many passions and a talent for styling hair, wigs and much more.
An avid traveller and long-time extension wearer, Bianca learned to style and maintain her various types of extensions herself while on the road, then started to help others with their extensions.
She now runs a full stack Digital Marketing Studio and offers advice to wig-wearing, extension-loving people all around the world via the wonderful platform called Wig Reports.


If you have any inquiries about wigs, hair extensions, or related accessories, just feel free to contact me here.

I hope you enjoy WigReports as I do! It’s another great day for some beautiful hairs!

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