July 16, 2021

Best Wig Caps for Making Wigs

best wig caps for making wigs

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This is a review of the best wig caps for making wigs in 2023.

Hey sis! Thinking of making a nice-looking wig but don’t know which wig cap to use? Not to worry, here’s a detailed breakdown of the best wig caps you can get your hands on.

You can call me Tee, the wig fairy, and I’ve got more than enough experience in the wig game to help you make informed decisions about wigs.

If you’d like a wig cap that has outstanding features, enough to make most kinds of wigs, then you should be on the lookout for the 4X4 Inch U Part Swiss Lace Wig Cap. Made from lace and elastic carbon mesh, it’s both breathable and comfortable. It’s the best overall choice. 

The cap is made with quality materials that provide durability, fit, and wearability for extended lengths of time. Besides u part wigs, this wig cap is great for lace closures and frontals. Both beginners and experts can find great benefits with this wig cap.

And don’t worry, there are other great choices as well. I’ve taken the time to carefully hand-pick them so you get the best and nothing less.

I’ll also be dishing out all you need to know about wig caps. So, stay tuned!

Quick Summary

Top 4 Wig Caps for Making Wigs

Here’s an in-depth explanation of my top choices of wig caps for making wigs. I’ll be talking about their features, and what should be on your radar before getting them.

4X4 Inch U Part Swiss Lace Wig Cap

  • Key Features: Adjustable belt, S-shaped rubber band buckle, lace, and elastic carbon mesh, support clips, U-shaped parting
  • Colors: Blonde, brown, dark-brown, black
  • Size: S-52cm, M-54cm, L-56cm, XL-58cm
  • Best For: Overall

The 4X4 Inch U Part Swiss Lace Wig Cap has 8 adjustable rubber band buckles, which adjust to the right size in several positions. This helps you hold your hair in place and gives a snug fit.

The wig cap is made with lace mesh, which is breathable, protects your skin, and makes it comfortable to wear. The sheer lace would also give your wig a very natural look.

Also, the wig cap comes in a U-part, which makes the wig easy to construct, and a great choice for beginners. It also helps to protect your hair, as you don’t need to use glue to install the wig after making it.

Although, a con of this wig cap is the sizing. The sizes may be too small or too large. Ensure you let the seller know your exact size, so you don’t end up with the wrong size.

Yami Wig Cap

  • Key Features: Lace mesh design, S-type nylon buckle, double lace wig cap, combs at the sides, and elastic straps
  • Color: Black, Brown
  • Size: S-52cm, M-54cm, L-56cm, XL-58cm
  • Best for: Grip or snug fit

This Yami wig cap comes in a lace mesh design, which keeps your scalp ventilated, and makes you feel comfortable.

There are also combs on the inside, which help to grip the wig cap firmly in place, providing a more secure hold when wearing your wig.

The double lace provides the wig with some grip, which allows it to endure constant wear, making the wig durable in the long run. The double lace provides the wig with some grip, which allows it to be able to endure constant wear, thereby making the wig durable in the long run.

However, the material used in constructing this wig cap is super thin, so it may tear easily. Ensure you don’t wear it frequently.

Alileader Lace Wig Cap

  • Key Features: Rose net, soft hexagonal muslin, and adjustable S-type buckle straps
  • Color: Black
  • Size: S-52cm, M-54cm, L-56cm, XL-58cm
  • Best For: Comfortability

The Alileader wig cap comes in double lace, which makes it strong, sturdy, stretchy, and very durable. The wig cap also has adjustable S-buckle straps, which you can adjust according to your head circumference and will provide a snug fit.

The wig cap also has a rose net for great breathability and sweat absorption, which is quite essential for making lace front wigs. Ear tabs at the side also help to protect your skin.

The soft muslin helps in providing ventilation to the scalp, which reduces itching or heating when wearing your wigs. This makes it super comfortable to wear.

However, a downside to this wig cap is that it stretches a lot, and may become worn out easily or lose shape if worn several times.

Aihopesto Wig Cap

  • Key Features: Headband wig cap, rose lace net, stretchy material, 8 adjustment buckles
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 22 to 25 inches
  • Best for: Beginners or DIY

The Aihopesto wig cap is a headband wig that makes it easy to make wigs that require no glue, no gel, and that show off your natural hairline. The headband design prevents the wig from slipping off, while still protecting the edges.

This wig cap also comes in a rose lace net material that easily absorbs sweat and allows for maximum ventilation.

The wig cap is made with stretchy material, alongside 8 adjustment buckles that help to give a comfortable and firm grip.

However, sizing is something you should look out for before getting this wig cap. If you get the wrong size, the headband or velcro will have little or no effect and will come slipping off.

This wig cap is great for beginners because it has a headband in front, and doesn’t come in a U-part or swiss lace at the front, which may be a bit technical for beginners. All you have to do is follow the tracks in sewing until you get to the headband part. Ta-da! You’re done.

Best Wig Cap for Making Wigs – What to Consider?

Here are some factors or qualities to look out for before buying a wig cap.


The material used in making a wig cap should be durable and comfortable enough. Wig cap materials often range from lace net, nylon, cotton, muslin, among others.

The material should be able to absorb sweat, provide ventilation, and should be scalp-friendly, i.e. it shouldn’t cause itching due to scalp reactions.


Check if the wig cap comes with adjustable buckles and straps to provide a customizable fit. The fit of a wig cap is very important, so your wig does not slip off after you have made it.

So even after you get your exact size initially, with constant wear, the wig cap may stretch or expand. The adjustable buckles, straps, and side combs will still help in making it fit..


Wig cap sizes are often a major thing to look out for before getting a wig cap. Although most wig caps come in sizes Small (52cm), Medium (54cm), Large (56cm), and Extra Large (58cm), they will measure differently on every head. You can find them usually represented by S, M, L, and XL respectively.

Your head circumference may not fall into any of these categories and could be inches or centimeters apart. You can contact the seller to have yours come in a customized size.

Wrapping up

Well, that brings us to the end. Now more informed, you should know what to look out for before getting a wig cap. Wig caps often come in handy if you want to practice some DIY techniques, or you just want to make yourself a great wig.

The 4X4 Inch U Part Swiss Lace Wig Cap has a firm fit, it’s comfortable, durable, and is the overall best.

Happy wigging!


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