October 8, 2021

Best Santa Beard and Wig Set

Best Santa Beard and Wig Set

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Finally! The year is gradually coming to an end, and the Christmas season is just around the corner. Soon enough, the merriments of Santa coming to town will fill the air. But then, who is Santa without his beard and wig? Well, that’s why I’m about to provide you with a detailed review of the best Santa beard and wig for Christmas.

I am Tee, a wig enthusiast, and a big lover of Santa. If you really want a close-to-perfect Santa look, then Rubie’s Santa Beard and Wig is your go-to product. It comes with a curly white synthetic beard and wig that is easy to style, and that gives your Santa the perfect finishing touch. 

This beard and wig set is a great fit for anyone who intends to play the role of Santa.

Alternatively, there are other products that offer similar nice qualities, and that may even tickle your fancy. I’ve got you covered with their assessment.

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Quick Summary

Top 4 Best Santa Beard and Wig Set

Here’s an extensive review of the best Santa beards and wigs

Rubie’s Santa Beard and Wig

  1. Key Features: Synthetic fibers, elastic ear straps, 100% polyester, curly hair, no wire.
  2. Colour: White
  3. Size: One size fits all
  4. Best For: Overall 

Rubie’s Santa beard and wig is made with synthetic fibers which can be easily styled as you wish, to meet ideal Santa Claus outings.

It also comes with elastic ear straps that keep the wig and beard firm. This is a suitable replacement for cosmetic glue. So if you’re allergic to glue, this product should be top of your list.

With 100% polyester, the beard and wig offer you convenience, coupled with high durability. The set is great for all age ranges.

However, this wig and beard set is relatively short and thin, and it’s not very voluminous.

Halco Santa Wig and Beard

  1. Key Features: Glue adhesive, no eyebrows, chin-cup, natural white color, washable
  2. Colour: Off white
  3. Size: One size for all
  4. Best For: Comfort

This Santa wig and beard is of medium length and it comes in a  natural white color and natural waves. It has no elastic straps, which means you will have to use cosmetic glue for a proper fit and hold.

If you’re not interested in eyebrows, here’s a product you would appreciate, as it comes with no eyebrows.

It also has a chin cup, which helps to support the beards. This keeps it in the right position and makes it comfortable to use. You can move around with the beards on, without fear of removal.

The product can be easily cleaned with cool water and mild shampoo. It doesn’t shrink or shred after cleaning. Make sure you air dry at room temperature or make use of direct sunlight. However, do not use bleach, so you don’t damage the fibers.

However, this product is a bit expensive. Well, relative to the other wigs listed in this article. Also, the color isn’t a bright white but an off-white.

Boo Inc. Santa Beard and Wig

  1. Key Features: Synthetic fiber, comes with bobby pins, thick long beard
  2. Weight: 10.40 ounces
  3. Dimension: 5×5×0.7 inches
  4. Best For: Budget

This is another product made of synthetic fibers, so you can confidently use this set for a lot of Christmas festivals. This Santa beard is long and comes with curly white hair. It has a lightweight and highly breathable design. This makes it super comfortable to use.

If you’re not comfortable using adhesives and elastic straps, here is another product you should consider. It comes with Bobby pins, which firmly keep the beard in position while in use.

Also, the product offers you a full, thick, and voluminous wig. This is perfect if you want a robust and well-rounded look.

However, the bobby pins usually rust over time, especially when exposed to water or sweat for a long period of time. Eventually, this affects the color of the beard and wig.

 Forum Deluxe Santa Beard and Wig Set

  1. Key Features: 100% polyester, matching eyebrows, no elastic straps, easily washable
  2. Size: One for all
  3. Color: White
  4. Best For: Longevity

The Forum deluxe Santa beard and wig set is made of 100% polyester, and this makes it a very strong, durable, and reusable product.

It’s also equipped with matching eyebrows, for those who admire them. This gives you that perfect Santa demeanor. The beard and wig have no elastic straps, but you can use wig tape to keep it secured while in use.

In case of dirt or stains, you can easily clean with cool water and mild shampoo.

However, this product has a small mouth hole, and this makes the beard difficult to move while you’re talking. Also, the mustache completely covers the mouth, and this may be a bit uncomfortable.

Guide to Buying the Product

For your total satisfaction, here are a few guides to help you decide on which Santa beard and wig set to buy.


The first thing to consider when purchasing a Santa beard and wig is, will I be able to breathe well if I have this product on? The beard and wig should not be too clumsy, neither should it stop the free flow of air. A well-designed product will provide the Santa look and still give you the room to breathe perfectly.


The durability of a Santa beard and wig is important.  For longevity, you should get a product with high polyester, that offers long-term use, so you don’t have to buy the product every Christmas.


The beard and wig set is often worn for a long period of time, and trust me, you don’t want to have a weighty beard hanging on your jaw. Therefore, it’s important that you get a very lightweight product that won’t cause you any inconvenience.

Final Thoughts

So that brings us to a wrap on the best Santa beard and wig you can employ for your Santa role this Christmas. Do let us know whichever product meets your needs, in the comment section below! As for me, Rubie’s Santa Beard and Wig remain a great choice.


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