August 10, 2021

Best Short Wigs for Black Women

best short wigs for black women

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This is a review of the best short wigs for black women.

Short wigs are always in season, but when it’s the summer months, it’s always nice to have a short wig on hand to beat the heat.

My name is Lauren, and as a black woman, I love wearing wigs in every shape, length, and texture. When it’s come to short wigs for black women, Cheetahbeauty Short Bob Wigs is my top pick.

This Brazilian virgin wig comes on a 4×4 lace closure pre-plucked with baby hairs. This hair is soft to the touch and blends so effortlessly that it looks like your own hair.

I also have other options for short wigs that will keep you smiling, so stay close. I will give a detailed review of each option so that you can find the perfect short wig.

Four Best Short Wigs For Black Women

Best Short Wigs For Black Women Reviewed

Here, I will give an in-depth explanation of the best short wigs for black women. After reading through the features, you should have a better idea of which short wigs are best for you.

Cheetahbeauty Short Bob Wigs

  • Key features: 100% virgin hair, pre-plucked hairline, lace closure
  • Hair Color: Natural black
  • Hair Length: 8, 10, 12, 14 inches
  • Best for: Overall

This bob wig is a head-turner that will give just the right amount of length for a natural look. The 100% virgin hair allows you to dye, straighten, or curl the wig any way you want. It lasts longer and is more durable for styling with heat and products without the worry of shedding or tangling.

You can skip customization because this bob wig has a pre-plucked hairline with baby hairs to offer you a realistic look.

At 130% density, you will get a super natural and full look that will look like your own hair. It is soft and smooth and shiny to the touch.

I would recommend 10 inches with this wig, which will stop right at your jawline. However, if you want longer than that, you can go up to 14 inches, but this wig is best for bob options.


  • Key features: Heat resistant fiber, bangs, wavy
  • Hair Color: Natural black, natural brown, dark brown, highlights, light gold, wine red
  • Hair Length: 10 inches
  • Best for: Synthetic

Bangs look great on long wigs and short wigs, but especially short and wavy wigs. You get just that with this beautifully styled wig from Entranced Styles.

This wig is made from heat-resistant fiber that looks very similar to human hair and is made of the finest quality.

You can order this wig in the color of your choice or get one with highlights. The adjustable straps and breathable wig cap make this wig so comfortable to wear.

Even though this wig is made with heat-resistant fibers, I wouldn’t recommend using any heat on this product. If you prefer styling your wigs, then this wig will not suit you.

Fine Plus Short Curly Human Hair Wigs

  • Key features: 10A Grade Brazilian hair, glueless, 150% density
  • Hair Color: Natural black
  • Hair Length: 10, 12, 14 inches
  • Best for: Curly

Curly hair wigs are always a conversation piece, and now you can rock a short one that will be sure to have people talking and gawking. This wig is 10A grade Brazilian hair that can be dyed, bleached, and restyled like your own hair.

This wig comes in 150% density that will give you fullness and volume no matter which way you style it. It comes with a deep middle part to give you a natural and realistic hairline on a comfortable and breathable wig cap.

These juicy curls are bouncy, soft, and the perfect style for everyday wear. Even after straightening it, you can be sure it will return to its natural state.

Curly hair wigs will require more maintenance and more moisturizing products. If you are not the best at maintaining hair, this wig is not for you.

Yviann Short Wavy Synthetic Pixie Cut Wigs

  • Key features: 100% heat resistant synthetic wig, hair, pixie cut, wavy
  • Hair Color: Natural black, wine red
  • Hair Length: Pixie
  • Best for: Pixie Cut

If you’ve ever wanted to do a big chop but weren’t that daring, this pixie cut wig will save you from wishing you did. This wig comes beautifully styled with a wavy cut that can be styled to your liking.

Its heat-resistant fibers are very soft and natural-looking, making it a great wig to wear at any time or place.

You can brush this wig and add styling products to style the hair as you see fit.

This wig can’t be worn out of the box and will need some shaping, cutting, and styling to fit your desired look. Don’t buy this wig if you want something that is customized for you.

Guide to Buying Short Wigs for Black Women

Now that you have several options of short wigs to choose from, consider the following factors.


Short wigs are great, but they look different on every head shape and size. That is why you need to find one that frames your face.

Having dimension will give your face length and depth. Getting the wig in the right length, volume, and height will help to make the difference.

Study your face shape and go for wigs that are suitable to enhance your look. You want to buy a wig that flatters you.

Hair Quality

Quality hair is important whether you’re buying human hair or synthetic hair. You want to make sure that the hair you buy doesn’t get matted, shed, or tangle easily.

Look for quality hair when shopping for your short wigs because they will last longer and give a more realistic appearance.

Quality hair such as virgin hair or high-quality remy hair might be more expensive, but it will cost you more if you don’t invest properly in your wigs.

My Verdict

Wearing short wigs for black women can be a great way to change your look and add another element of beauty to your hairstyles. That is why Cheetahbeauty Short Bob Wigs is my best overall choice.

This wig is made with quality hair, gives you a natural appearance, and can be styled in so many ways. You can enjoy this short bob wig and feel confident any time of year.


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