July 12, 2021

Best Lace Front Wigs with Baby Hair

Best Lace Front Wigs with Baby Hair

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This is a review of the best lace front wigs with baby hair in 2023.

Hey beautiful! Have you been looking for lace front wigs with baby hair? Or you’ve seen a myriad of them but don’t know which to choose? Well, here’s a detailed analysis and review of the best lace front wigs with baby hair.

You can call me Tee the wig fairy, and I’ve got more than enough experience in the wig game to help you make informed decisions about buying wigs.

If you’re looking for a lace front wig with baby hair that has almost all of what you may look for in a wig, you should consider adding the Subella Lace Front Wig with Baby Hair to the top of your list. It’s the best overall choice.

This is because the hair is durable, has outstanding quality and volume, and is a great match for most skin tones. You can also style or color it as you wish.

Not to worry, there are other great choices as well. I’ve taken time to carefully hand-pick them so you get the best and nothing less.

I’ll be dishing out all you need to know for this kind of wig. So, keep reading!

Quick Summary

Who Should Get These?

If you are looking for a wig that you can wear straight out of the box, lace front wigs with baby hairs are great options. 

The existence of baby hairs is critical for a natural look.

A lace front wig with baby hair saves you from the risk of damaging the lace or the wig from a DIY job.

Top 4 Best Lace Front Wigs with Baby Hair

Here’s a detailed explanation of these lace front wigs with baby hair. I’ll be talking about the features of these wigs and what you should be on the lookout for.

Subella Lace Front Wig with Baby Hair

  • Key Features: Grade 9A 100% Brazilian Remy human hair, straight lace front wig, HD transparent swiss lace, pre-plucked bleached knots with a natural hairline, natural hair color
  • Density: 180% density human hair
  • Hair Length & Weight: 10-24inch, 150-250g
  • Best For: Overall

The Subella Lace Front Wig is a grade 9A Brazilian Remy human hair, which is a great choice if you’re looking for unprocessed virgin hair free of any chemical treatment. Asides from that, 9A is considered to be very high quality and can be straightened, curled, and colored to color 613.

The wig also comes in an HD transparent swiss lace, which is just like a real scalp, and excellent for most skin tones. The lace is very thin and difficult to detect, and the knots aren’t obvious or enlarged, giving a completely natural and seamless look.

The hair also comes pre-plucked with the knots bleached. Hence, there’s no need to go through the stress of plucking or bleaching the knots. There’s already that natural look and feel.

Although, a potential downside to this hair is that it’s quite thin. If you’re the type that prefers very full and thick hair, this is not the wig for you.

QTHAIR Short Straight Bob Wigs with Baby Hair

  • Key Features: 100% unprocessed Brazilian human hair, glueless lace front wig, 4 x 4  swiss lace closures, pre-plucked natural hairline
  • Hair Color: Natural brownish black
  • Hair Weight: 200g
  • Best For: Slaying on a tight budget

The QTHAIR bob wig is a glueless lace closure wig, so it doesn’t need glue or adhesive to install, thereby protecting your edges from harsh adhesives. It’s also super easy to wear and you don’t necessarily need a stylist before you rock it.

The wig is 100% unprocessed Brazilian hair, which means that it can be dyed into any color of choice, curled, or straightened. This feature also allows it to last longer and be more durable.

The wig also comes in a 4 x 4 swiss lace closure, which gives a very natural look and allows for versatility, as you can part the hair anyhow you like. It’s a great feature if you’ve got thinning edges and want a more even look.

However, this hair sheds a bit and has very thin strands. If you prefer fuller and thick hair, this wig is not an option for you.

Overall, this wig is great for slaying on a budget because you get all the amazing features at a low price point. Amazing, isn’t it?

Megalook Lace Front Wig with Baby Hair

  • Key Features: Transparent lace with 4 inch part space in front, 100% unprocessed virgin human hair, lace frontal, pre-plucked hairline
  • Hair Density: 150% density
  • Wig Size: Average size cap
  • Best For: Beginners

The Megalook lace front wig has a transparent lace that blends with most skin tones and is quite difficult to detect, thereby giving a completely natural and seamless look. It also has a 4-inch part space which gives some room to part and style in various ways.

The wig comes in a 4×4 lace closure, which gives a very natural hairline and makes it seem like the wig is growing from your scalp. The closure also helps to conceal the weaving tracks, which allows you the freedom to wear the hair in any style you want, either as a ponytail or otherwise.

Also, the hairline of the wig comes pre-plucked, so you don’t have to go through the stress of plucking by yourself. The plucked hairline also gives a very natural look and imitates a free-fall of your hair from the roots.

Overall, this wig is great for beginners because it comes with most of the features that make a wig easy to wear. For example, it comes pre-plucked, so beginners don’t have to rack their heads on how to pluck. It also comes in a 4 x 4 lace closure, which makes it easy to part, or not to even part at all.

However, as a curly hair wig, it needs more maintenance than others, you may expect to spend more time deep conditioning it, or you need to spend more on hair care products such as leave-in conditioner and hair oil. Overall wise, this is a great price point product for beginners.

Releek Deep Wave lace Front Wigs with Baby Hair

  • Key Features: Grade 8A 100% Brazilian Virgin human hair, 360 lace front, lightly bleached hairline, medium brown swiss lace, glueless lace front
  • Hair Density: 150%
  • Hair Length: 16 to 26 inches.
  • Best For: Durability

This Releek deep wave wig is grade 8A, which is a great choice if you’re looking for high quality at a reasonable price. This grade of hair offers a very natural hair texture, and also a great amount of hair volume.

The hair is also 100% unprocessed Brazilian hair, which doesn’t allow it to tangle, and also makes it very durable in the long run. This feature also enables the hair to be styled in several ways, and retain those styles as well.

The hairline of this wig comes bleached, and this feature enables the wig to look like your real scalp edges and hair. The lace front is 360, so you can wear your hair in a high ponytail.

Although because of its curls, the wig doesn’t stay true to length. Hence, the length may seem shorter than usual. Add inches to the length you have in mind. For example, if you wish to get an 18 inch, get a 20 instead, so it falls into the range you’re aiming for.

Best Lace Front Wigs with Baby Hair: Buying Guide

Now if you’ve found a lace front wig with baby hair that piques your interest, the following should be on your radar.

Hair Knots

Ensure you check out the knots of the wig before buying it. This is because the knots help to complement the baby’s hair and give it a flawless look. Knots are created when hair stands are tied to the lace, which is the process of creating a lace front.

Check if the knots are single or double. Single knots mean that there’s only one strand on each knot, while double knot means that the knots have 2 or more hair strands on them. Single knots give a more natural appearance and they’re the kinds you should go far.

Also, you can decide to bleach your knots if you prefer a more natural-looking appearance. Knot-bleaching gives the illusion that the hair grows directly from the scalp.

Natural or Pre-plucked Hairline

Another thing to note is if the hairline of the wig comes natural or pre-plucked. A pre-plucked hairline makes it easier to lay the baby’s hair, as the hairline is dense and thin already. Real hair is naturally thin in the front and grows denser towards the back.

A natural or unplucked hairline would be thick at the edges and would seem artificial. You may want to watch out for that.

Wig Cap/Size

The wig cap is also something that should be on your radar if you want to get a lace front wig with baby hair. The baby hair has to stay firm on your edges, and that wouldn’t be possible if the wig cap is not your size.

Ensure the wig cap is your size and not bigger than. Measure your head size before getting the wig.


Here are some commonly asked questions about lace front wigs with baby hairs.

What is the best lace front wig brand? 

The best lace front wig brans are: 

  • Indique hair
  • Raquel Welch
  • Keswigs
  • Beautyforever
  • Mayvenn
  • TaBeWay (Synthetic Hair)

How long do fake edges last?

Usually, every time you style them, you will need to redo the baby hairs with gel and a comb to get the best out of them.

This way, they will look more natural and blend into your wig and hairline beautifully.

How do you pick up good lace front wigs?

Go for virgin hair wigs with at least 13 x 6 HD lace frontal if you are after a natural look. If you want thick hair, go for a 180% density wig and make sure it’s true to length (All the hair is at the same length). 

Wrapping up

Oh well, that brings us to the end. Now the wig fairy will leave you to decide whichever wig rocks your boat. Baby hairs on wigs are amazing, and they give the most natural look. Personally, the Subella Lace Front Wig with Baby Hair is still the overall best.

Happy wigging!


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