October 8, 2021

Best Wig Grips

Best Wig Grips

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This is a review of the best wig grips in 2023.

Hello wig lover! If you’ve been thinking of how to hold your wig in place without it slipping off, or you’re often scared of wearing a wig because you think it will slip off, well, I’ve come bearing gifts. Here’s a review of the best wig grips in town.

I’m Tee, and I love, love, love wigs. Over the years, I’ve tried several accessories that make my wigs firm and comfortable. This has provided me with the experience of knowing great accessories. One of such is the wig grip, and I’m quite knowledgeable about the best ones you can get. I’ll share this with you in this article.

If you’d like a wig grip that is made of quality material, comfortable, durable, and that has the features you should watch out for in a good lace grip, then you should consider the Milano Collection No-Slip Wig Grip Band. It’s the best overall.

Not to be bothered, there are other amazing wig grips too, and I’ll talk about the features of the others I’ve selected. Carry on, information awaits you!

Quick Summary

Top 4 Best Wig Grips

Here are the great features of these wig grips. Let’s dive in.

Milano Collection No-Slip Wig Grip Band

  • Key Features: Nylon hook and loop fastener, velvet material, interior soft thin material, one size fits all, velcro to adjust band size
  • Color Available: Tan, black, brown, chocolate brown, nude, and beige
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 22 x 2.75 x 0.2 inches
  • Best for: Overall

The Milano wig grip is made of velvet material, which has a soft, thin texture that is smooth, elastic, and comfortable to wear. This makes the wig grip have good air permeability, absorb sweat easily, wear-resistant, durable, and long-lasting.

This wig grip also has an interior soft thin material, which acts as a barrier between your head and the wig’s interior, which helps to protect your edges.

The wig grip comes with a nylon hook and loop fastener, which is a lightweight material and is easy to fasten. Also, this makes it very durable and requires low maintenance.

However, since there’s only a ‘one size fits all,’ a downside of this wig grip is that it would be too tight for those that have a larger head circumference.

GEX Adjustable Wig Grip Band

  • Key Features: Breathable thin quality velour material on the inside, adjustable velcro design, longer velvet fur design on the outside, widened frontal band & narrowed backside, adjustable hoop & loop fastener
  • Colors Available: Tan, black, brown
  • Dimension: 23 x 2.3 inches
  • Best For: Comfort

The GEX wig grip is made with thin velour material on the inside, which provides great breathability and makes you feel at ease when wearing your wig. It also has a longer velvet fur design, which increases the friction between your hair and wig, and makes you feel comfortable.

It also has a widened frontal band and narrowed backside that covers the slipping area and reinforces friction. This ensures that there isn’t any slippage, and there is firmness when you’re wearing your wig, and you also have a great sense of security when wearing wigs.

There’s a long adjustable hoop and loop fastener design that allows you to adjust the tightness according to your head size, and to the extent to which you’re comfortable. This is a great choice for those who have a larger head circumference.

However, a downside of this wig grip is that the Velcro has a tendency to snag the lace on the wig. This could be dangerous for your wig if the grip is not well placed, or it’s too tight.

MainBasics Adjustable Velvet Wig Grip Band

  • Key Features: 92% polyester and 8% spandex, very stretchy velvet, capless, adjustable velcro fastener, rhombus stitching
  • Colors Available: Beige and brown
  • Dimension: 219.1 x 2.52 x 0.064 inches
  • Best for: Snug fit

This MainBasics wig grip is made with 92% polyester and 8% spandex, which provides a tight-fitted compression that allows for good lateral movement. The polyester also stretches naturally to ensure comfort and easily snaps back into shape after a long duration of wear.

The grip band also has an adjustable velcro fastener in the back that provides a snug fit for most head sizes.

The MainBasics wig grip is sewn in a rhombus stitching style, which provides a smooth surface for the wearer, and a precise finish for long-lasting durability.

However, keep in mind that the velcro is bulky and very thick, and raises your wig to give it a “wiggie” effect. Your wig may not be as flat as it should with this wig grip.

Dreamlover Wig Grip Headband

  • Key Features: Porous ventilating material, lengthened hook and loop fastener, precisely stitched rows, widened frontal band, made with velour
  • Colors Available: Tan, nude, black, and brown
  • Dimension: 22.610.51 x 23.15 inches
  • Best For: Breathability

The Dreamlover wig grip is made of porous ventilating material that ensures breathability. The visible pores help your scalp breathe underneath the wig, so you don’t feel stuffy or itchy. The soft velour fabric also makes it super breathable, especially in summer.

It also has a lengthened hook and loop fastener of about 6.2 inches at the end of the wig grip, which enables you to adjust to the most comfortable tightness above your hairline, and according to your head size.

There’s a widened frontal band with a narrowed backside of the wig grip hand, to cover the most-slipping area and reinforce friction. The precise rhombus stitches on top also make it more durable.

However, this is not a great choice for lace front wigs, because it tends to show off a bit unless you get a matching color.

Best Wig Grips – What to Consider?

Before you decide to get a wig grip, you should watch out for these factors.

Material Used

The kind of material used in making a wig grip often determines its quality, comfort, and durability. This ranges from velvet, velour, silk, and various others. Velour is very soft and quite similar to velvet.

Velour is a knit fabric with a slightly duller finish, and it’s usually made from cotton, and can also be made from synthetics such as polyester. Velvet is a woven material with a distinct sheen and quality. Velvet or velour material are often great choices that allow for great comfort and breathability.


Also, check if the wig grip is made of any stretch fabric that has the ability to stretch. Stretch fabrics are often made of elastic fibers like lycra, spandex, or polyester.

Spandex often increases the wear resistance of the product, while the stretch cotton cloth has features like breathability, water-absorbance, and hypoallergenicity. A mixture of polyester and spandex also combines these features.


Although most wig grips often come in a ‘one size fits all,’ it’s important to still check if there’s a larger or smaller size than average. A ‘one size fits all’ may be smaller or larger for you, depending on the circumference of your head.

Wrapping Up

Great job if you’ve got to this part of the article! You’re now aware of the best grip wigs to secure your wigs. Share your thoughts and let us know how it goes in the comment section below.

Happy gripping!


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