June 28, 2022

When Will You Wear Wigs

when will you wear wigs

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There are thousands of reasons to wear wigs, from the most trivial to the most serious ones.

As a matter of fact, none wears wigs without a true and serious purpose, even though that same intention may appear trivial or ridiculous at first sight.

I am Rosalba, and due to an autoimmune disease, I experienced hair thinning and hair loss. This is the main reason which made me a passionate wig wearer.

In this article, hence, upon my same life experience, I explored the several reasons which can lead you to wear a wig.

If you are ready to plunge into a real-life topic, keep reading…

Historical Reasons about Wig Wearing

Wigs have been invented as toppings that communicate a particular authority or social status. The early wigs were made with human hair and date back to ancient Egypt (3400 BC). Egyptians also wore them to protect their head from the sun and vermin.

Through this historical detail, we see that the reasons for wearing a wig have always been the same: practical (sun protection) and medical (preventing hair follicles from being attacked by harmful pests).

But over time, people, women, and men, have worn wigs simply to enhance their charm or improve their appearance on special events or occasions. Let’s explore this side in the subsequent paragraph.

Wigs as Fashion Tools

Nowadays, wigs can be worn as beauty and fashion tools. They were put on with this aim even in the sumptuous French and British realms between the 1700 and 1800s.

However, wig-wearing has become the main fashion trend of our epoch. This is a highly positive fact, because it frees wigs from the stigma of medical usage.

Black or white young women, in fact, regularly wear wigs as important tools of their daily life.

Indeed, wigs have many perks:

  • Time-saving for styling your own hair
  • Convenience to have a new beautiful aspect every day
  • Hair damage prevention from styling tools such as air dryer, curling iron or hair straightener
  • Enjoyable opportunity to change the hairstyle to your liking and without effort.

In addition to these obvious benefits, wearing wigs has further psychological advantages.

Wigs, in fact, increase self-esteem and allow you to show yourself in different ways and colors without the need to dye your natural hair.

When you wear a wig, it is like your day has a new meaning. This positive psychological impact also keeps away sadness and depression.

Wigs on Special Occasions

Sometimes, wigs have such a gorgeous hairstyle that it is really a pity not to wear them on special occasions.

One of them could be your wedding day or one of your sons or daughters.

When you wear a wig on these occasions, it is as if you had communicated your happiness to be with your ones on that special day.

Moreover, a stylish wig makes you free from the stress of styling your natural hair in moments that are stressful by their very nature.

Wigs on Trivial Occasions

The term “Triviality” is nowadays overused. What others define as trivial can be extremely important for you.

However, the trivial-defined occasions are the ones where wig wearing is mandatory. I am discussing Carnival and Halloween.

A Carnival or Halloween party is not such if you don’t wear a wig.

Early wigs were born just as decorations for costumes. Just think of the Carnival in Venice or in Rio de Janeiro.

There is a very ancient tradition behind wigs, masks, and costumes. They serve to forget the unnerving routine, mark a change of season, and celebrate arts and a renaissance of life.

Moreover, the wigs used for Venice’s and Rio’s Carnival are worldwide regarded as phenomenal artworks.

Hence, don’t be ashamed! Wear a wig and enjoy trivial moments which help us feel really alive!

Wigs for Medical Reasons

A medical condition is the most common reason to wear wigs. I started having an interest in wigs just for my own health problem.

Autoimmune diseases and cancer, for instance, are the main causes of hair damage, such as bald head, hair thinning, breakage, and loss.

All this happens because many diseases impair the capacity of our body to produce proteins that feed our hair follicles, a process which, in turn, results in severe hair thinning and alopecia.

In this case, a wig is the best option to cover bald spots or thin disheveled hair, which is more complicated and harder to style.

A charmingly styled human hair wig can really give you more volume and an appearance that matches your true personality.

Cancer is another medical condition that affects the beauty of hair. The disease is not directly involved in hair damage. The culprit is the treatment to cure it.

Chemotherapy has hair loss among its most common and unpleasable effects.

Even though modern medications for cancer tend to have mild effects on the health of our hair, hair damage is always around the corner.

When you find yourself in this condition, a medical wig can really make the difference.

In this case, the best wig is made of human virgin hair and monofilament, which mimics the structure of natural hair.

Wigs for cancer patients have worked miracles. They give back the appearance you had before the disease, allowing you to face this stage of life better and retrieve your identity.

When you wear a wig because of cancer, you are proving your strength and will to move forward with no fear and with the mindfulness that your beauty matters. With or without cancer.

When to Wear Human and Synthetic Wigs?

Today, the market is invaded by synthetic wigs that aim to replace human wigs.

However, the decision to wear a synthetic or human wig depends only on you and your budget.

Synthetic wigs are usually more affordable than human hair ones. Fortunately, manufacturers are committed to crafting human hair wigs at reasonable prices. Actually, cheap human wigs are blended with synthetic hair, in order to get an inexpensive and quality product.

When you want to wear a wig, put aside prejudices and look for reliable information about these products.

To help you make a good decision, I remind you only that a synthetic wig can be perfect for young girls and for Carnival, for example. A human hair wig can cover all the needs of mature women affected by medical conditions.

Wrapping Up

Yes! There are always tons of reasons to wear wigs. We explored when and on which occasions to put them on.

Medical conditions? Trivial reasons?

I suggest that you wear wigs when you feel like doing that. Without fear, or prejudice, but to stay well with yourself. Because what matters is you and your happiness. With or without wigs! If you just said that this thought is excellent, let me know…


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