December 20, 2021

Best Human Hair Wigs for Cancer Patients

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This article is about the best human hair wigs for cancer patients available in 2022.


Six little letters can evoke such a range of emotions from fear, panic, sadness, loss, overcoming, immense pride, and courage. We all know someone who has gotten cancer, but few have really been able to understand the private battle a cancer fighter goes through when dealing with hair loss.

I’m Bianca, and I’m a wig-wearing, wig-styling, and wig-loving human here to help you support your nearest and dearest in their hair journey! 

When purchasing a wig for someone going through cancer treatment, it is essential to consider a sensitive scalp, overheating, and manageability. For this reason, the Wignee Natural Wave Human Hair Wig is my top pick. It comes at a manageable length with a comfortable wig cap and has a slight wave to it, so styling is a cinch!

I have a few other options for those who want longer or cheaper alternatives.

So read on, and let’s see which wig will work for you or your loved one!

Quick Summary

3 Best Human Hair Wigs for Cancer Patients Reviewed

In this section, I will go over my top picks for the best human hair wigs for cancer patients, together with a detailed review for each option.

Wignee Natural Wave Human Hair Wig

  • Key features: 100% Brazilian Human Hair
  • Wig Length: 12-18 inches
  • Best for: Overall

This Wignee wig is a lovely and soft wig made with 100% Brazilian hair. It comes in dark colors, so it has gone through minimal processing. This means that this wig will still look good after up to 2 years of use with proper care.

The wig lengths range between 12 and 18 inches, which is very manageable and won’t take too much time to wash and style. If stored correctly on a wig stand, you could probably only need to wash it every 7-10 days. This is important as chemotherapy can sap any excess energy, so the easier the wig is to manage – the better.

This wig can shed a little, so be careful when brushing it and using an appropriate brush like a Tangle TEEZER. Always make sure to brush from the ends first and brush the tangles further up the hair shaft systematically, supporting the join to the wig.

Haircube Shoulder Length Wig

  • Key features: Remy Hair and Synthetic Hair Blend
  • Wig Length: 16 inches
  • Best for: Value

Fighting cancer can be an expensive endeavor. If funds are a little tighter, but you know you want a human hair wig, this might be a solution.

This 16-inch shoulder-length wig is a mix of high-quality synthetic hair and high-quality human hair. The result is a beautiful wig that is manageable, comfortable to wear and, easy on the wallet.

The wig cap is comfortable and comes with velvet ear tabs for extra comfort. The capsize is adjustable between 21 – 23 inches.

This cap has a mix of synthetic hair, and you have to adjust your heat styling routine. Allows to air-dry whenever possible, and don’t use hair tongs or straighteners if you can at all avoid it.

YSDID Wigs Headband Wigs

  • Key features: Remy Hair and Synthetic Hair Blend
  • Wig Length: 12 inches
  • Best for: Sensitive Scalps

If you or your loved ones are going through chemotherapy and are suffering from a sensitive scalp, putting a wig on may seem like an unattainable goal. How do you get hair on your head when you can’t use adhesive or pins to secure it?

YSDID has created a headband wig that acts as an all-in-one solution. The wig grips your head by the headband, which is soft and breathable. And the hair flows down your shoulders.

This wig is tailored to African American women and has the finest quality virgin human hair.

This wig does require you to have a little hair at the front to blend, so if you have lost the hair right at the front, this may not be the wig for you.

Guide to Buying Human Hair Wigs for Cancer Patients

Here are a few things to consider when looking at different human hair wigs for cancer patients.

Honor Them Where They Are

People who have gone through the cancer journey are called fighters and survivors because it is literally a battle.

If you are reading this blog post to help support a loved one in their battle, honor them where they are by first talking to them about what they want.

What wig or hairpiece will best support them in their journey? Are they feeling sick and tired all the time? Then perhaps a headband-style wig that is quick and easy to put on is the best option for them.

If the wig is for yourself, honor yourself by being honest about your energy levels. Are you generally feeling ok? Nauseous? Tired?

Just want to regain control of your self-image?

The answers to these questions will help you define what length to go for and whether to get a pre-styled wig or a wig that you can customize for yourself.

Sensitive Scalps

A sensitive scalp is one of the side effects of cancer treatments. Look for breathable wigs, easy to wear and have various options for attaching.

There are many ways to securely fit a wig to your head, but depending on your scalp sensitivity and how hot you tend to get, some methods will be more comfortable than others.

Try a few methods out to see which is most comfortable for you from wig bands, caps, and wig glue.

My Verdict

The easiest wig to wear straight out the box is by far the Wignee Natural Wave Human Hair Wig

The wavy style with natural-looking bangs makes this an easy to manage wig, too.

The price is very affordable considering it is virgin hair, and, overall, I think it is by far the best option when you consider practicality, affordability, and ease of use.

Are you or anyone you know going through cancer treatment and having some wise advice to share with the other readers?

Let your voice be heard in the comments below, and share your knowledge with the world.


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