October 11, 2022

Best Wigs for Bald Head

Best Wig for Bald Head

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This is a review of the best wigs for bald head in 2023.

Hair greatly affects one’s self-confidence, so wearing wigs becomes necessary for people with hair loss problems. This article will look at the ten best wigs for bald heads. 

I know that finding the right wig can be a bit difficult, especially for newbies. As a wig wearer with over 7 years of experience, I can help you with your wig needs as we’ll go over the factors to consider when buying a wig. 

If you want the best of the best, I recommend Voloria’s clip-on bald spot wig for men and UNice’s hair wig for women. These wigs are high-quality, so you can trim or style them however you like. You can even perm, dye, or bleach the UNice hair wig, while Voloria’s clip-on wig has various color options.

But if you’re looking for a different style, we have more wig options you can choose from. Read on to learn more. 

Quick Summary

For men:

For women:

5 Best Wigs for Bald Head (Men’s) – Our Top Picks

Here are our most recommended wigs for men with bald heads.

Voloria clip-on bald spot wig

  • Key features: Made of real Brazilian hair, 5-6 inches of straight hair with less than 100% density, and versatile color choices
  • Accepts hairstyle customization. 
  • Single knots on front hairline and double knots in the rest of the head. 
  • Best for: Overall (men)

If you’re looking for a thick, high-quality hair wig that you can trim and style to your heart’s content, then Voloria’s clip-on bald spot wig is the real deal. 

Made of 100% Brazilian hair, it’s smooth, manageable, and durable. It also has just the right hair density and hair length for styling. You can even choose from a wide variety of colors. And if you don’t find the color you want, Voloria also accepts customized color requests.

However, the disadvantage of this wig is that it is not entirely made of human hair but blended with synthetic hair.

Lordhair Toupee

  • Key features: Made of real human hair with 0.06-millimeter ultra-thin lace, 3.0 cm wave, 5-6 inches hair length, and 8 by 10 standard cap size. 
  • Has a wide variety of color shades. 
  • Accepts customization of hair colors and styles.
  • Best for: Versatile Options

Lordhair’s Toupee is made of 100% real human hair. These types of wigs have a longer life span than those made of synthetic hair, so rest assured you’re buying a high-quality wig. It also uses 0.06-millimeter ultra-thin lace, making the wig feel snug and comfy against your scalp. 

With a slight 3.0 cm wave and 5-6 inches of hair, Lordhair’s toupee allows you to manage and style your hair without tangles or shedding. You can also cut and adjust its 8 x 10 inches cap size to your preference.

LLwear Men’s Toupee

  • Key features: Made of European virgin human hair, french lace base cap, 6 inches hair length
  • Manageable and easy to style.
  • Safe to bleach and dye with proper care. 
  • Best for: Wavy hair for men

LLwear’s men’s toupee boasts durable 100% virgin European human hair. It has a French lace base cap for added comfort and an invisible hairline, making your wig look natural. French lace is also thicker and more durable than Swiss lace.

Additionally, the wig’s waves are just right, neither too curly nor too straight. The toupee has 6 inches of hair length, making it perfect for styling.

NLW European

  • Key features: 10A grade European hair, fine french lace base,10 by 8 inches standard cap size, 6-inch length shed-free straight hair
  • Lace front feature.
  • N.L.W is a known wig manufacturer with over 10 years of experience
  • Best for: Straight hair for men

For men who want youthful, natural-looking hair, NLW’s toupee is a good choice. Its made of pure European hair, which is known for being smooth and manageable. 

Its fine french lace base gives additional comfort to your scalp. NLW is known for quality wig products, so rest assured their wigs won’t deteriorate when handled properly and are long-lasting. 

The only downside of this product is its limited styling options as it has thinner hair density than other wigs.

Yanahair Toupee

  • Key features: European human hair, 6 inches wavy-type hair, 110% density, customizable cap size. 
  • Has a wide variety of hair colors and is suitable for bleaching.
  • Customizable hair length, color, and cap size options are available. 
  • Best for: Styling 

If you like styling your wig in different ways, Yanahair’s toupee is an excellent choice. It’s made of natural, durable, smooth human hair. So even if you dye, bleach, curl, or straighten it, it’ll still remain in good condition, so long as it’s well maintained. You can even cut and trim its ultra-thin Swiss lace to adjust the wig size. 

With proper care and usage, your Yanahair toupee will last long. The only downside of this product is that it may be a little pricey for some.

5 Best Wigs for Bald Head (Women’s) – Our Top Picks

Here are our most recommended wigs for women with bald heads.

UNice Hair U Part Human Hair Wig

  • Key features: Made of unprocessed natural hair, has adjustable straps, versatile styling.. 
  • Perfect for women who want hair extension.
  • You don’t have to use glue to wear it. 
  • Best for: Overall (women)

This UNice hair wig is a heavy-duty wig specially made for women who want thicker and fuller hair. It is made of pure human hair for a smooth and tangle-free texture. Its adjustable straps and glueless accessories will keep the wig secure and make it easier to wear. 

Additionally, since it’s made of durable human hair, it’s safe to dye, perm, bleach, or iron. Its only disadvantage is that it may be too big for people with small head sizes.

Pixie Cut Wig Human Hair

  • Key features: Pixie hair-cut style, breathable lace cap, adjustable straps, and two inner combs. 
  • You can choose from four different pixies cut hairstyles. 
  • You can style and trim the wig to your desired look.
  • Best for: Short hair length

Are you interested in trying out a pixie cut but don’t want to give up your long straight locks? Ruwiss’s pixie cut wig has got you covered. 

It is made of natural human hair attached to a breathable lace cap. The wig also has an adjustable strap and two inner combs to ensure it fits securely. 

However, since it is made of human hair, it must be restyled after washing.

Quinlux Wigs

  • Key features: 100% Brazilian human hair made, 150% hair density, top swiss lace, four inner combs, elastic cap, and adjustable straps. 
  • Highly recommended for its durability and quality.
  • You can contact the seller for any color, length, and sizing request. 
  • Best for: Bob hairstyles

In for a bob cut? This style from Quinlux wigs is a great choice. It is made of pure Brazilian human hair, making it durable and ideal for styling. It utilizes Swiss lace for a more natural-looking hairline and scalp. 

The elastic cap feature also makes this wig fit any head size. Along with four inner combs and adjustable straps, Quinlux ensures your wig will stay intact all day long. You just have to take good care of the wig since it is prone to shedding.

Lydell Women’s wig 

  • Key features: Made of heat-resistant synthetic hair, 28 inches length of full curly hair with elastic straps. 
  • You can style this wig without any complications.
  • It is best to wear this wig for occasions like Halloween or cosplay events. 
  • Best for: Costume party

The Lydell wig for women is perfect for cosplaying and costume parties as it has a thicker look than most standard wigs.

It’s also made of synthetic hair, so it comes at a lower price than other human hair wigs. With this, you can have nice curly locks without spending too much. 

It also has elastic straps for additional security. The only disadvantage is that it is unsuitable for daily use and formal events.


  • Key features: Smooth synthetic hair, breathable net cap, adjustable straps, inner front combs, 26 inches hair length, middle part.
  • Smooth and stylish long straight hair at a low price.
  • Natural-looking lace front feature.
  • Best for: budget-friendly straight hair

Are you looking for a reasonable price for long, smooth, straight hair? AISI HAIR’s full straight wig is the best option. It is made of durable synthetic hair, making it more affordable than human hair wigs. 

It also features a breathable net cap, so your head stays cool even in hot weather. The adjustable straps and inner combs ensure your wig doesn’t fall off. 

With its lace front and middle hair parting, it’ll blend seamlessly as if you’re not wearing a wig. However, expect some minimal shedding, especially when it’s occasionally used.

Best Wig For Bald Head – What to Consider?

Below are the most important factors you should consider before buying a wig:


One of the crucial factors to consider is comfort when wearing a wig. Bald heads are more sensitive to irritation and itching from wigs, especially if the cap type is low quality. 

If you want maximum comfort from wigs, you should look for lace wigs with larger lace area made with HD lace, lace is definitely more breathable than other materials, while HD lace is very fine, it will prevent allergies effectively.


Wearing a wig on a bald head, especially in hot weather, will make perspiration inevitable. This will cause further discomfort and irritation on your scalp. That’s why it’s crucial to find a wig with enough ventilation. 

Women with bald heads should choose wig caps made of smooth, thin lace, preferably full lace, or lace closure wigs to ensure enough ventilation on your scalp.

In case your baldness is caused by a medical reason (such as you are suffering alopecia or hair loss caused by medical treatment), you may want to pick up a medical wig. Check this article, “Everything You Need To Know About Hair Loss, Alopecia, and Medical Wigs” for a better idea.

Cap size

The size of the cap will affect how the wig will appear on your head. 

Wigs that are too small for you might not fit on your head perfectly or cause irritation. On the other hand, wigs that are too big for you may appear disproportionate to your head size. 

Below are the ideal measurement of cap sizes based on different categories:

  • Child – 19 inches
  • Petite – 21 inches
  • Average – 22 inches
  • Large – 23 inches

Once you know your cap size, finding the right wig size for your head will be easier.

Wrapping Up

Different types of wigs are made for different people, and choosing the right one for those who are balding or have hair loss can be especially challenging. If you find a wig that catches your attention, make sure that it offers comfort, ventilation, and accurate cap size. Hopefully, this article helped you choose the best wig for your hair needs.


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