August 2, 2021

How to Brush a Wig With Curls

how to brush a wig with curls

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This is a guide on how to brush a wig with curls.

I am Lori, and I have been wearing wigs for over six years. In my experience, brushing wigs, is a big part of keeping our wigs in great condition.

In this article, I will walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to brush your wigs with curls (both synthetic and human hair) perfectly, using the correct tools. 

Besides, there is information on the techniques and precautions that you can use to ensure that you brush your synthetic wigs without ruining them.

Sounds good? Keep reading!

How to Brush a Wig with Curls

Synthetic wigs with curls have elastic fibers that are not simple to brush as it may sound. Therefore, you have to be keen, or else you could end up stretching the fibers, damaging the curls, and eventually destroying your entire beautiful wig.

Steps needed or brushing a human hair wig are pretty much similar to a synthetic hair wig.

Following this simple step-to-step guide will enable you to have a perfectly brushed wig.

Tools You Will Need While Brushing a Curly Wig

For you to have a successful brushing process, you will need the following;

Step-to-Step Guide on How to Brush a Synthetic Wig With Curls

Step 1

Support your wig on a stable wig stand or mannequin head. This will help you manage the brushing process comfortably and easily.

Step 2

Damp or wet your wig using a leave-in conditioner to keep your wig hydrated and minimize the breaking risk while brushing. 

Making your wig wet before brushing is necessary because brushing your wig when dry will loosen the curls out of shape and cause frizz.

Step 3

Detangle the wig thoroughly. Ensure that your wig is knot-free by applying a perfect coating of a detangler. To have an easier glide of the brush through your wig, make sure the detangler has more slip.

Step 4

Using a wig comb, start brushing one section of the wig from the tip as you move upwards to the root. Doing this will help you to align the cuticles in one direction.

Step 5

Pin the wig sections using hair clips. This will help you avoid mixing the uncombed sections and combed sections.

Step 6

Using a wig styling brush, brush the curly wig evenly since brushing at the same area will make some parts of the wig lose its curl memory. As a result, one part of your wig hair will be left with loose spirals than the other.

Step 7

Brush the baby hairs. To do this, you need to opt for a smaller human hairbrush to slick your baby hair and the edges. However, you must use a hydrating edge gel sandwiched between the brush and your wig hair.

Step 8

Spray dry shampoo after brushing. This will help clean out hair products if you decide to use oil as a hair treatment method.

Step 9

Spray a moisturizing product onto your brushed wig. This will help keep the curls smooth, bouncy, and trendy.

Pro Tips

Human hair wigs with curls will require the same attention and can use the same steps. Just remember that you should never detangle a wig while it is dry. Wetting the hair will allow the knots to loosen as you brush them making the hair easier to get smooth without pulling or tearing.

Detangling sprays and leave-in conditioners are great products to use when brushing your human hair wigs with curls. They coat the strands allowing for protection and moisture as you brush through the hair. Remember that parting the hair in smaller sections will work best and do the job more effectively.

Once the hair is dried, you can test that you have detangled it by running your hands through the wig and finger-combing it. If you don’t have any problems with that, you should also be fine brushing the hair dry. Make sure you use a good wig brush or paddle brush to brush your human hair wigs with curls.

The Techniques on How to Brush your Synthetic Curly Wig Without Ruining it

Brushing a curly wig requires keenness, or else you can ruin the curls and the wig itself. However, these simple techniques will help you know how to best brush your curly wig without ruining it.

  • Wash your wig brush regularly. You should wash it after using it to keep it clean and remove dust. Using an unclean brush will deposit hair product residues from a previous wig into your wig. This will make it hard to style.
  • Brush your wig gently. Using great force will make hair fibers fall.
  • Avoid brushing your wig less or more than the recommended brushing frequency. Brushing it more frequently will break the strands, whereas brushing it less frequently will initiate the development of knots.
  • Oil or condition your wig before brushing. This will ensure that the brush slides through your wig hair smoothly.
  • You should always brush your wig immediately after applying your hair products. However, do not rush to complete the brushing task.
  • Use a top-quality brush that will not cause static charges to be generated between your wig hair strands and the brush.

Final Verdict

Knowing the techniques and steps of how to brush your synthetic wig with curls correctly will make your wig look more beautiful and shiny. It will also make the curls in your wig last for a long time.


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