July 11, 2021

Best Oil for Human Hair Wigs

Best Oil for human hair wigs

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This is a review of the best oil for human hair wigs in 2023.

My name is Lori, I had been using human hair wigs for over six years already, two years ago, I attended a hairstyling course that enriched my knowledge about how to take care of my wigs and hair extensions.

Our scalp can produce sebum (a natural oil) to keep our natural hair moisturized and healthy. When it comes to human hair wigs, we cannot rely on sebum. That’s why we need to apply oil onto our wigs from time to time to keep the hairs strong, soft, and shiny.

Throughout the years, I have tried many different oils, and I am going to share my knowledge and experience with you now. Perfect Hair Coconut Oil Hair Serum is the best overall choice if you are looking for a high-quality oil that works on almost all human hair wigs

The oil offers a very nice and natural smell, it can be absorbed quickly, and brings a shiny touch to dry hair in a blink. It also helps to restore the thickness of the hair effectively.

Of course, there are several other fine choices out there as well. And I am going to talk about them one by one in this article.

Keep reading to learn more!

Quick Summary

3 Best Oil for Human Hair Wigs – Our Top Picks

In this section, I will go over my top picks for the best oil for human hair wigs, together with a detailed review for each option.

Perfect Hair Coconut Oil Hair Serum

  • Key features: Coconut oil fatty acids, super smoothing serum, nourishing formula
  • Volume: 1.69 Oz per pack
  • Texture: Medium-lightweight
  • Best for: Overall

The Perfect Hair Coconut Oil Hair Serum comes with coconut oil fatty acids that can effectively improve the thickness and smoothness of the hair on your wigs

The product effectively solves problems like split-ends and hair breakage, making it perform really well in taming down frizzy hairs. When you want to style your wig, this oil can protect the hair against the heat from hair straighteners and curly irons.

The nourishing formula works on all types of hair, from straight to tightly coiled hair, it can smooth the hair and gives them a silky look instantly. I used this oil as a leave-in conditioner, and it turned out really well.

This is an oil suitable for almost all sorts of human hair wigs, but it is more of a maintenance option. If you need to save a wig with very dry and damaged hair, you may want to go for another oil that is thicker and heavier.

Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength 7 Blend Hair Oil

  • Key features: anti-hair breakage, Goddess strength system, animal-derived ingredients free
  • Volume: 4.66 Oz per pack
  • Texture: Rich
  • Best for: Hair strength

This product is blended with castor oil and black seed oil, making it a perfect haircare oil that can make the hairs on your wigs stronger. I love applying this oil to my natural hair too.

This oil is one out of the four products of the Goddess strength system, use this oil as a prewash, followed by the shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in cream of the series. After all, you should feel an instant boost of hair strength, it works well on your natural hair and wigs

This product has no animal-derived ingredients, making it an excellent choice for Vegans. A bonus point is it comes with a minimum amount of chemicals, there is no Petrolatum, mineral oil, and artificial color.

There is a drawback of this product: some users found the smell unpleasant, also it performs less on straight hair wigs than curly hair wigs.

Premium Nature Store Avocado Oil

  • Key features: cold-pressed oil, multifunctions, penetrating moisturizer
  • Volume: 16 Oz per pack
  • Texture: Rich
  • Best for: Budget 

This Avocado oil is almost 50% cheaper than similar products on the market, yet it performs nothing less. It is cold-pressed, which means the maximum amount of the nutrients such as antioxidants, healthy fats, and vitamins A, D, and E are retained.

This product can be used on your human hair wigs, natural hairs, and skin, as a mixing oil or massage oil. It contains collagen-supporting amino acids and proteins essential for healthy hair and skin.

Avocado is highly penetrative, and it can bring moisture and nutrients to the center of the hair, it works especially well on dry and troubled hair and skin, making them soft and shiny again.

As a budget choice, this is a top-of-the-class product. However, it would be great if this product came with a better-quality bottle.

Guide to Buying Oil for Human Hair Wigs 

Consider the following factors for screening out the best oil for human hair wigs.

Hair type of your wigs

Every hair type is different, and it is just getting more obvious when it comes to human hair wigs. Hence, you need to choose the oil that benefits your wig most. 

For example, you may want to use an Argan oil product if you want to style your wig with a curly ironer, or else, if you find the hairs on your wig are getting brittle and with split ends, go for Coconut oil.

You may find the oil works great on your curly wig may not be working so well on your straight wig. If you are unsure which oil should be used, bring your wigs to the salon and ask for your hairstylist’s professional opinion.


How well can the Oil penetrates the hairs on your wig is a very important factor because it determines how well it can restore the lost protein of the hair and keep them smooth, strong, and shiny.

Try to go for an oil that can penetrate the hairs on your wig. Coconut, Castor, Argan, and Avocado oil perform pretty well in these areas. 

Avoid mineral oil although it offers your wig a shiny touch, however, it will coat the hair and block the moisture from penetrating the hair shaft. Resulting in dehydration and hence causing dry and brittle hair.

Other than mineral oil, try not to pick oils containing alcohol, silicones, and Petrolatum because these chemicals will prevent moisture from entering your hair.

This is a great video about using hair oil to keep your wig moisturized.

Should you Oil your Human Hair Wig?

Oil is an excellent moisturizer to keep the hair strands of your human hair wig smooth and shiny, and prevent breakage.

Putting hair oils before heat styling your human hair wig is a great way to protect it, and extend its lifespan.

How to Apply Oil on Human Hair Wigs?

Applying oil on your human hair wigs is a great way to keep it moisturized. Heat, sun, seawater, air conditions, styling products, and different elements may cause our human hair wig to dry out.

To improve your wigs, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Pin your human hair wig on a foam head or wig stands
  2. Comb the hair
  3. Rub a dime size of the oil on your palm, so it’s spread evenly on your hands
  4. Starting from 3 inches away from the cap, gently run through the hairs, ensuring all the hair is moisturized. Oil will cause the hair knot to get slick and eventually loosen up, so stay away from the cap!

This is a great video showing how to apply oil on your human hair wig.


Here are some quick answers to commonly asked questions regarding the best oils for human hair wigs.

How often should I put oil on my human hair wig?

Try putting oil on your human hair wig every three days to keep the hair rich, moist, and supple.

Wash the wig every 4th or 5th wear, and make sure to use a rich conditioning mask after shampooing the human hair wig.

Does oil work on synthetic wigs too?

No, oil does not work on synthetic wigs. Instead, use synthetic hair shampoo and conditioners, you may also use fabric detergent and fabric softener for synthetic wigs.

My Verdict

Applying high-quality oil on your human hair wigs can restore the moisture of your wig and make it shine and soft again. Human hair wigs can change your life and deserve love and the finest care from you. 

I found that Perfect Hair Coconut Oil Hair Serum is the best overall oil for human hair wigs, it keeps your wig strong, shiny, and soft.


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