July 3, 2022

Best Brush for Synthetic Wigs

best brush for synthetic wigs

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This is a review of the best brush for synthetic wigs in 2023. 

All wigs are prone to tangles and knots. Synthetic wigs especially can easily get tangled and messy. Knots and tangles depreciate your wig’s look and quality, and trying to brush them out with the wrong brush will give you a tough time.

I’m Alexis, a cosmetologist, and I have been wearing synthetic wigs for over six years. I used to struggle with knots, tangles, and excessive shedding of my wigs due to not using brushes designed to treat synthetic hair gently. 

My favorite brush is the Dreamlover Wig Brush. This brush is ideal for synthetic wigs and very gentle on lace front wigs. It’s great at separating and removing tangles without grabbing or breaking wig fibers.

There are other great brush options, and I will review a couple below. 

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Quick Summary 

3 Best Brushes for Synthetic Wigs – Top Picks

Here is a summary of my top choices of brushes for synthetic wigs. We will cover key features and what to look for when choosing a brush.

Dreamlover Wig Brush

  • Key Features: 4 brush kit, curved bristles, cushion base, soft rounded teeth brushes
  • Best for: Overall

This brush kit from Dreamlover includes four items that are great for synthetic wigs. You will get a hairbrush, a wig comb, and two edge brushes. All the products in this kit are made from durable plastic so you can use them repeatedly without damage.

The hairbrush and the wig comb are a powerful combination for synthetic hair specifically and effortlessly work together to detangle knotted hair. 

The hairbrush especially has delicate edges that prevent hair from breaking and shedding excessively. The protective rubber cushion base with soft rounded teeth brushes the hair out without snagging or pulling.

One drawback about this product is that the brush works best with fine synthetic fibers but not quite for coily or kinky curly wigs. It is most convenient for use on straighter wigs or hair extensions.

Spornette Large Super Looper Wig Brush

  • Key Features: Looped Nylon Bristles
  • Best for: Detangling 

The next product on the list is an excellent brush for detangling. The larger size of the brush helps to cover more parts of the wig. This surely helps to speed up your brushing time. The satin handle also provides a comfortable grip that won’t slip.

The looped nylon bristles of this brush easily detangle all tangles and knots without pulling or breaking the hair strands. This type of bristle also has durable ball tips that detangle even the thickest and knottiest hair.

This brush is pretty large, and that may be a drawback to some. It is a full-size brush, so it is not the most convenient for use on the go.

TimeTinkle Wig Brush

  • Key Features: Wide Tooth, U-shaped bristles
  • Best for: Smoothing

The TimeTinkle wig brush is pretty versatile as it can be used on synthetic, human hair and extensions. Its loop design and u-shaped bristles are soft, and the ball tips help tame static for a smooth head of hair. 

This wig brush can also be used on thick or curly hair since it ideally removes frizz during brushing. The wide spacing between the teeth also helps to manage long, curly, and thick wigs, detangling them well without pulling the hair.

One disadvantage to this brush is that if your main purpose is to detangle, the soft bristles are great for smoothing but could be too flexible for detangling. 

Best Brush for Synthetic Wig – What to Look For?

Here are some essential things to remember when looking for a wig brush. 

Bristle Type

A paddle brush is one of the best choices for detangling hair, adding shine, and removing frizziness. When working with thick hair, it’s usually lightweight with a comfortable handle and a non-slip grip.

A looped bristle brush is ideal for achieving a sleek and smooth appearance, specifically for lace front wigs. This one could similarly be used to protect hair from breakage or damage because there is no risk of snagging.

Metal bristles are very gentle on the tresses, you can also try various hairstyles with this brush as it glides through both synthetic and human hair smoothly to hair comb wig hair.

The wide gaps on a wide-toothed wig brush allow synthetic hair to avoid pulling or snagging easily. To untangle knots without tugging at the wig hair fibers is an ideal option. It’s a small and personal size, it fits easily in your purse and can be used for quick fixes.

Additional Information and Tips

Here are some valuable tips and information for brushing and maintaining your wigs.


Luckily, synthetic wigs do not need as many styling products as human hair, but conditioner is one product that could be very helpful in maintaining your wig. 

Conditioning your synthetic wig can revive its bounce and shine. It can also soften the hair fibers to make for very easy detangling. 

Companies make conditioners specifically designed for synthetic wigs with purposely formulated to hydrate and smooth out the hair. Never use human hair shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, or gels on your wig as they will cause build-up, shortening its life span and dulling the hair fibers.

Detangling spray

One of the best ways to keep your wig in top condition is to use a wig detangling spray. If too much of the wig is tangled, you might need to use a detangling spray. 

Make sure to use a spray specifically for synthetic hair and spray only a small amount onto the fibers. The best detangling spray for your wig will aid in detangling, prevent dryness, and promotes silkiness, shine, and volume.

How to Brush Your Wig

Always be gentle when brushing your wig, and try not to pull too hard or rip the strands. I recommend brushing through the hair before and after wearing it to keep knots to a minimum.

Start at the ends of the hair and gently work your way up. If you find a lot of knots or tangles, you can spray some leave-in conditioner, so that brushing them out is easy. You can simply work through the tangles with a wide-toothed comb if the tangles are just a few.

My Verdict

My favorite brush for my wigs is the Dreamlover Wig Brush. It is gentle, sturdy, and lightweight. It glides through strands smoothly while detangling any knots

Comment below your favorite brush.


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