July 27, 2022

Best Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

Best Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

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This is a review of the best synthetic lace front wigs in 2023.

Hello wig lover! If you’re looking to dive into synthetic lace front wigs, here’s an in-depth review of the best synthetic lace front wigs. 

My name is Tee, and I have a soft spot for lace front wigs. They usually give that natural and seamless look. For me, synthetic lace front wigs often come in handy when I don’t want anything overly expensive. I’ve used many of them in the past, and I can confidently recommend the great ones for you.

If you’d like a synthetic lace front wig with all of the great qualities you could ever want in a synthetic wig, then the Joedir Synthetic Wavy Lace Front Wig should top your list. It’s the overall best.

Although, there are other great ones too, and I’ve carefully selected them for you. I’ll talk about their pros and cons in this article and what you should watch out for before you even get any of them. 

Well, let’s get into it!

Quick Summary

4 Best Synthetic Lace Front Wig – Our Top Picks

Here’s a breakdown of these synthetic lace front wigs.

Joedir Synthetic Wavy Lace Front Wig

  • Key Features: HD transparent lace, pre-plucked baby hairs, thick and voluminous, high-temperature silk fiber, 21.25-23.00″ cap circumference, 4-inch deep part, 3 combs for a secured fit.
  • Color: Natural black
  • Length & Density: 30 inches and 130% density
  • Best For: Overall

This Joedir wig comes in HD transparent lace frontal, which makes it a great feature for most skin types. It perfectly blends with the scalp and mimics a natural hairline, making it look realistic. This is a great wig for African Americans.

Also, it is made with high-temperature silk fiber that can withstand heat up to 180 ℃ ( 356℉ ).

The pre-plucked baby hairs give you a very naturalistic and seamless look, and also save you the stress of plucking.

However, this hair tangles in the lower sections, and you’ll need to work through it when in use carefully. This makes it unsuitable for daily use.

QD-Tizer Synthetic Straight Blonde Lace Front Wig

  • Key Features: Korean kanekalon high-temperature synthetic fiber, 13×1.5 inch front lace, transparent swiss lace, pre-plucked hairline and baby hair, middle parting
  • Color: Blonde 
  • Length: 22 inches
  • Best for: Blonde/ Colored hair

This lace wig is made with Kanekalon high-temperature synthetic fiber, which makes it more heat resistant and suitable to style with curling irons and other heat tools up to 370˚F.

The wig also comes in a light-colored swiss transparent lace that matches most skin tones and is incredibly soft, comfortable, and free of damage to the skin.

The hairline comes pre-plucked, which makes it look very natural and realistic. Also, the inner elastic net cap allows for good air permeability and breathability when in use. 

However, this wig is very thin, and the cap size is relatively small. If you like long and voluminous hair, this wig is not the one for you.

Missyvan Synthetic Lace Front Wig

  • Key Features: 10% human hair + 90% heat-resistant synthetic fiber, swiss brown lace, pre-plucked baby hairs, 3 combs (2 at the sides and 1 at the back), natural hairline
  • Color: Brown
  • Length & Density: 22-24 inches, 180% density
  • Best For: Synthetic blend

This synthetic wig is made of 10% human hair and 90% heat-resistant synthetic fiber, which makes it able to withstand heat up to 320 ℉.

Also, the wig comes in a swiss brown lace with pre-plucked baby hairs, which gives it a completely natural look and also saves you the stress of plucking the hairline. 

The wig has 3 combs, 2 at the sides and 1 at the back, which helps to give a better fix and fit to the head when in use.

A con of this wig is that it tangles easily and doesn’t last long at all.

Outre Neesha Natural Synthetic Swiss Lace Wig

  • Key Features: Pre-plucked swiss lace, high heat resistant fiber up to 400F, natural texture and volume
  • Color: DR Sienna Copper
  • Length: 18 inches
  • Best For: Yaki look

The Outre Neesha synthetic wig has a natural texture and volume, making it very natural and realistic, giving you that African-American look and texture.

The frontal is made with Swiss lace, which is a very realistic, soft, and comfortable kind of lace on the scalp and hairline.

The synthetic fiber is highly heat resistant, making it easy to style with heat tools up to 400F.

Although, do note that this wig is not big head friendly and maybe a bit tight if you’ve got a bigger head circumference above the average size.

Guide to Buying the Product

Here’s what you should consider before buying a synthetic lace front wig.

Heat Resistance

It’s always a better choice if your synthetic wig has some degree of heat resistance. This enables you to be able to style your wig with heat tools, up to the allowed temperature.

The Frontal Lace

Also, be on the lookout for the kind of lace that the wig comes in. HD transparent lace and swiss lace are often the best types of lace that mimic the hairline, look completely natural, and also blend with most skin tones.

If you are after a natural look, always go for a wig with a larger lace front area. This gives you more space to part the hair as you like. From this article comparing two tip-top quality lace front wigs in the current market, you will be able to see what makes a great lace front wig.


When the hairline or parting of the frontal is pre-plucked, it gives an entirely natural look because it simulates how real hair would look, which is meant to be thin at the hairline and fuller down the hair. 

The pre-plucked wig will save you the stress of doing all that yourself, especially if you’re a beginner. Also, when the wig is pre-plucked, you can easily create baby hairs.

Wrapping Up

Lovelies, that wraps up this article. I’m pretty confident that by now, you’re better informed on the tremendous synthetic wigs out there and what you should always be on the lookout for. As for me, the Joedir Synthetic Wavy Lace Front Wig is still a great choice overall.

Happy wigging!


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