July 26, 2022

Best Synthetic Bob Wigs

Best synthetic bob wigs

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This is a review of the best synthetic bob wigs in 2023.

Hi wig lover! Are you tired and bored of your same old style? Or are you seeking to take a break from human hair wigs and try something different? Well, here’s a comprehensive review of the best synthetic bob wigs. 

My name is Tee, and I like switching my looks a lot, especially with wigs. I’ve used a few synthetic bob wigs in the past, which has provided me with experience to spot the good from the bad. 

If you’d like a bob wig that looks natural, with some degree of heat resistance, high-quality fiber, and the overall features to watch out for in a synthetic wig, then the NOBLE Synthetic Lace Front Bob Wig is your go-to wig. It’s the best overall. 

Although, there are other awesome wigs as well, and I’ve taken the time to select them, just for you. I’ll discuss their exceptional features in this article so you better take a ride with me!

Quick Summary

4 Best Synthetic Bob Wigs – Our Top Picks

Let’s dive into their features!

NOBLE Synthetic Lace Front Bob Wig

  • Key Features: Yaki straight, pre-plucked natural hairline with baby hair, 13-inch HD lace front, 4.5-inch middle parting, high-quality heat-resistant synthetic fiber
  • Color: Black
  • Length & Density: 12.5 inches, 150g
  • Best For: Overall

This Noble bob wig has a natural hairline with baby hair, which makes it look realistic, just like your natural hair.

The HD lace front makes it perfect for most skin types. It looks like a real scalp and blends well with your skin, thereby giving you that complete seamless look.

The heat-resistant synthetic fiber allows you the opportunity to be able to straighten or curl it with heat.

However, a downside to this wig is that it comes in a small cap size, which you wouldn’t find comfortable if you had a larger head circumference. Also, the wig is relatively thin, so if you want something voluminous, this is not the wig for you.

Bopocoko Black Bob Wig

  • Key Features: Heat-resistant synthetic fiber, silky soft, 100% breathable net, adjustable cap size, 
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Best For: Bob wig with bangs

The Bopocoko bob wig is made with great quality synthetic fiber, which is very soft and silky, just like real hair. The fiber is also heat-resistant, allowing you to style it with heat. However, make sure that whatever heat you use is minimal and not overly high.

The wig is made with a 100% breathable net, which makes you feel very comfortable when in use.

This bob wig also comes in adjustable cap size, and with a wig cap circumference of 21.5” to 22.5”. There are two adjustable straps at two sides of the wig, which can be intertwined to a fixed position to suit various head sizes. 

However, a con of this wig is that the bangs are a bit uneven, and it sheds a lot.

VCKOVCKO Synthetic Wavy Bob Wig

  • Key Features: Made with kanekalon fiber, non-shiny, strong double machine wefts, tangle-free, loose waves, adjustable straps and breathable cap, natural hairline
  • Color: Purple-pink, black, brown, also available in other bright colors
  • Length & Density: 10 inches, 180g
  • Best For: Colored bob wig

This bob wig is made of Kanekalon Fiber, a high-temperature resistance fiber that allows you to style your wig at a minimum temperature.

Also, this bob wig is not super shiny, which makes it perfect because as a bright color, that would come off as outrightly synthetic. The non-shiny look makes it resemble human hair.

The solid double machine wefts prevent it from pulling out or shedding when brushing it.

However, a mini downside to this wig is that it gets itchy if you wear it for long hours. So, that doesn’t make it an ideal option to wear throughout a workday. It’s best for quick shopping, date, photoshoots, costume wear, and other activities that don’t require you to wear it for long.

Nnzes Synthetic Curly Bob Wig

  • Key Features: High-quality heat-resistant fiber, brown lace scalp, 100% air-permeable net, natural hairline
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 14 inches
  • Best For: Curly/wavy bob 

This synthetic bob wig is made with a high heat-resistant fiber that makes it possible to use heat-styling tools on it.

Also, it comes with a brown lace that makes it easy to blend with brown skin tones and look totally natural.

It also has a 100% air-permeable hair net which helps to promote ventilation and makes the wearer feel comfortable. Alongside 2 adjustment straps that make the wig well attached.

However, this wig is very thin and sheds a lot. It’s not for everyday wear.

Best Synthetic Bob Wigs – What to Consider?

Here’s what to consider before you buy a synthetic bob wig.


Although we all know that synthetic hair doesn’t hold heat, some do to an extent. It just can’t be as hot as you would style the human hair. And this feature is especially for blunt-cut bob wigs because they need to be straightened at the tips to have that bob effect. If you’ll be going for wavy bobs, you don’t have to be particular about styling.

Natural-looking Hairline and Scalp

A synthetic wig with a natural-looking hairline or lace front makes it look less synthetic and more realistic. So, if you are seeking something a bit natural, that doesn’t totally deviate from the human hair look, you should take note of this and go for synthetic bob wigs with lace front and baby hair.


Synthetic wigs are not meant to be hard and rocky. There are soft and silky synthetic wigs too, and these are the ones you should be gunning for. When they are soft and silky, they give that natural look and feel, such that it would even be challenging to detect that it is synthetic.


Here are some commonly asked questions relating to choosing synthetic bob wigs and their quick answer.

What wig looks the most natural?

Human hair wigs will look more natural than synthetic wigs, while HD full lace wigs will look the most realistic because they will blend into your scalp perfectly. If you want a more affordable version, look for a lace front wig with large lace frontal area, like 13 x 6.

How much does a good synthetic wig cost?

In general, a good synthetic wig may cost at least USD 100. Lace front synthetic wigs or full lace synthetic wigs will cost more, up to USD 300.
Do expect to pay the same price for installation if you plan to have it installed professionally.

Can you wear a synthetic wig everyday?

Yes, you can wear a synthetic wig everyday. Usually, most hair experts recommend you to take it off every six weeks so your scalp can take a break.

Wearing the same synthetic wig every day will shorten its lifespan, so we recommend rotating the wigs.

Final Verdict

Congrats if you’ve gotten to this part of the article! You’re now better informed on the great synthetic bob wigs out there. For me, the NOBLE Synthetic Lace Front Bob Wig is still my best choice. Let me know your choice as well in the comment section below.

 Stay safe!


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