August 11, 2021

Best Conditioners for Hair Extensions

best conditioner for hair extensions

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This is a review of the Best Conditioner for Hair Extensions for 2022.

My name is Lori and I have been wearing wigs and hair extensions for over six years, together with my team member Lauren, a hairstylist, we will provide you with our best picks about best conditioners for hair extensions and some useful tips to choose one that suits your need.

To give your hair extensions the best care, it is vital to find a hair care routine that works for your extensions. 

This means finding the best possible products to maintain and nourish your extensions. Treat your extensions as you would treat your hair.

When choosing a conditioner for your hair extensions, choose a sulfate-free conditioner. You want to revitalize and condition the extensions, not weigh them down and coat them.

If you are looking for a conditioner with an overall hair care system for your hair extensions, RemySoft Moisturelab Recovery Cream Conditioner is the go-to conditioner.

This conditioner is jam-packed with natural nutrients and a moisture-rich, one-of-a-kind protectant serum that contains jojoba oil which strengthens and protects your hair.

Of course, there are other great hair weave conditioners out there to choose from. I will be discussing them one by one in this article.

Keep reading to learn more!

Quick Summary

5 Best Conditioners for Hair Weaves Reviewed

This section will discuss my top picks for the best conditioners for hair weaves, along with a detailed review of each option.

RemySoft Moisturelab Recovery Cream Conditioner

  • Key Feature: Rich in antioxidant fruit and berries, sulfate-free, 16 humectants, and infused with BlueMax Protective Sealer
  • Volume: 8oz per pack
  • Texture: Lightweight
  • Best for: Overall

The RemySoft MoistureLab Recovery Cream Conditioner is equipped with antioxidant fruits and berries which protect and effectively moisturize wigs and weaves.

This product is sulfate-free which does not dry out your hair or strip the hair of its dye. With all of the 16 humectants conditioning agents in this product, it leaves your hair feeling silky soft.

The moisture-rich protective serum formula and the humectants absorb moisture, strengthening and protecting your hair, ensuring tangle-free, smooth, silky, and shiny hair. 

While this deep conditioner is great for moisturizing, strengthening, and protecting the hair, it is very lightweight. If you need something that is a little more repair and replenishing, look for a conditioner that is a little heavier.

Tabitha James Kraan 4-in-1 Conditioner Amber Rose

  • Key Feature: Plastic-free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, 4-in-1
  • Volume: 5.5oz per pack
  • Texture: Lightweight
  • Best for: Environmentally friendly organic product

This 4-in-1 organic conditioner is an excellent moisturizer for hair as well as being a traditional conditioner, a leave-in, a detangler, and a co-washing hair cleanser. 

You can apply this conditioner on both wet and dry hair. Made with pure certified organic ingredients, this is an environmentally friendly option suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

This is a lightweight conditioner designed to be layered, and you can apply this product to your human hair extensions as often as required to smooth and dress the hair without build-up. One pump at a time would be good enough to keep your hair silky soft.

Combining with Tabitha’s clean conditioner, a deep moisturizer when washing your hair extensions, you will get a smooth finish on the hair. They worked really well on saving my curly hair extensions.

The Golden Citrus and Amber Rose scent are lovely, relaxing, and pleasant. Actually, it was one of the main reasons I purchased this conditioner.

B3 Brazilian Bond Builder Extension Repair Conditioner

  • Key Feature: Multi-active, repairs, and strengthens hair extensions, silicone-free
  • Volume: 12 oz per pack
  • Texture: Medium-lightweight
  • Best for: Repairing

The B3 Brazilian Bond Builder Extension Repair Conditioner is equipped with multi-active ingredients such as coconut oil, keratin, shea butter, castor oil, onion bulb, and sunflower seed extract.

These moisture-rich ingredients help to repair and replenish dry and damage chemically-treated hair extensions. This product also hydrates, detangles, and strengthens hair extensions.

This product is silicone-free which allows moisture to penetrate the hair shaft so that the natural oils promote balance and nourish your hair.

This product also prevents debris buildup, will not loosen hair extension bonds or adhesives, prevents breakage, and protects against fading.

While this product is great for repair and replenishing hair weave extensions, it’s geared to only hair that has been chemically treated with color or bleach.

HotHeads Hydrate Deep Conditioning Masque

  • Key Feature: Sulfate and Paraben free, rich in natural ingredients
  • Volume: 8oz per pack
  • Texture: Lightweight
  • Best for: Deep Conditioning

The HotHeads Hydrate Deep Conditioning Masque is infused with all-natural products straight from Mexico. This product is inspired by the native beauty rituals of Mexico.

The Mexican cocoa beans provide protection and strengthen the hair, while the avocado deeply hydrates the hair for renewal and the agave nectar adds silkiness, smooth texture, and shiny finish.

The best thing about the natural and earthy ingredients is that they help prolong hair extensions’ life.

Also, this conditioner is sulfate and paraben-free which does not dry out or weigh the hair extensions down.

This product is a bit on the expensive side, so if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, this product might not be for you.

Matrix Total Results Conditioner

  • Key Feature: Paraben-free, provides nourishment and detangling system
  • Volume: 10oz per pack
  • Texture: medium
  • Best for: Nourishment and Detangling

The Matrix Total Results Length Goals Conditioner is equipped with a nourishing mask to restore and prolong longevity for hair extensions.

This product is great for all human hair types, and it’s designed to supremely nourish, detangle and soften hair extensions.

This conditioner is not heavy and leaves the hair extensions feeling soft, supple, and like new. A little goes a long way.

Even though this product states that it is for all types of hair, they do not recommend using it on synthetic hair. Therefore, if you are looking for a great conditioner for synthetic hair, this is not the conditioner for you.

Best Conditioner for Hair Extensions – What to Consider?

When purchasing a hair extension conditioner, consider these elements to make the best purchase.


Keeping your hair extension conditioned is key because it helps to extend the life of the hair extensions. Conditioning your hair regularly helps to maintain and decrease tangles and matting.

Try to go for shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate and Paraben-free. Sulfur contains salt which will dry out your hair. Parabens are harmful synthetic chemicals that can cause defects. 

Go for ingredients that are natural and rich in moisture and nourishment. Look for conditioners that deeply condition, strengthen and soften hair.

Also, go for conditioners that use keratin and biotin, which nourish the hair and scalp and provide vital B vitamins to keep the hair and scalp healthy.

Avoid products that use parabens, alcohol, and a lot of perfume. These can dry out, cause fading, and damage your hair weave extensions.

Environmentally Friendly Component

According to Tabitha James-Kraan, a professional hairstylist, owner of an organic salon, and an award-winning hair product brand, to keep your human hair extensions soft and moisturized, you should choose a product with the ability to moisturize without weighing the hair down or making it greasy.

“Go for products that do not contain polymers or copolymers – these are liquified plastics and will build up in the hair and make it unworkable. Look for products that are not greasy and heavy, and this can be done with products that are also kind to you and to the planet” said Tabitha.

Type of Conditioner

Not all hair weaves extensions are created equally, therefore, not all conditioners are created equally. Defending on your need, know what type of conditioner you are looking for.

There are many types of conditioners. Whether moisturizing, deep conditioning or leave-in conditioner, synthetic hair extensions need different care than natural or human hair extensions. 

Not every conditioner will work for synthetic and or natural hair extensions. Depending on the ingredients and the hair extension type, doing your research will ensure you find the right conditioner for your hair extension.


Here are some quick questions relating to conditioner for hair extensions and their quick answers.

Should I condition my hair extensions?

Yes, you need to condition your hair extensions, just like your own hair. Wash and condition your human hair extensions on a regular basis will extend the lifespan of the hair.

When you apply the conditioner to your extension, starting from at least 1 cm away from the roots of the hair extensions (attachment), or else it may build up at the connection part and cause allergies.

Why are the ends of my hair extensions dry and frizzy?

Sebum, a natural oil produced by our scalp, will keep our natural hair healthy and moisturized, when it comes to hair extensions there is no sebum to rely on, so they will go dry and frizzy, especially at the end of the hair.

You will need to wash, condition, and apply treatment oil or a hair mask regularly to repair your extensions.

My Verdict

Purchasing the best conditioner for your hair extensions is important because conditioners protect the hair and provide nutrients that maintain the hair. 

I conclude that RemySoft Moisturelab Recovery Cream Conditioner is the best overall because it is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that revitalize hair weave extensions.

This product leaves your hair weave extensions silky soft, moisturized, and shiny.

Hair extensions are a great investment, protect and love your hair extensions as you would your natural hair.


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