October 13, 2021

Best Products For Human Hair Extensions

Best Products For Human Hair Extensions

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If you’ve recently had human hair extensions installed or you’re thinking about getting them and you’re researching the best products and techniques to maintain them. You’re in the right place.

I’m Lori and I’ve been fortunate enough to have learned a whole host of useful knowledge about human hair wigs, weaves, and extensions. I will share with you in this article the best products to keep your extensions looking 10/10.

Why You Should Always Use The Best Products

Whether you’re new to the world of extensions or have been a loyal member of the wigs and bundles club for years, it’s always worth familiarising yourself and staying up to date with the best habits to help your human hair extensions last longer. 

Human hair wigs, weave, and extensions are the best types of additional hair you can find on the market to invest in. You’ll enjoy a more natural look and longevity because you can remove and reinstall human hair extensions/weaves multiple times so long as they are well looked after.

Hair extensions, much like a luxe cashmere sweater, deserve the right care and attention to prolong their lifespan. The same way you would carefully check and follow the instructions on how to wash a new sweater that you’ve invested precious savings into is the same way you have to think about taking care of your human hair extensions.

Best Products for Human Hair Extensions 

The fact that human hair extensions are chemically processed means they will naturally be quite dry. For this reason, you definitely want to avoid harsh ingredients that may dry the hair out, and instead, choose products with ingredients that add moisture back into the hair.

Sometimes, this means spending a bit of extra cash. However, more expensive does not always equal more effectiveness. From drugstore to salon-quality hair products, I’ve gathered the ten best products, to make things super simple and easy for you to have everything you need.

Ready to maintain your human hair extensions, keeping them looking flawless from the comfort of your home? Read on… 

1. Wide Tooth Comb

The nonslip handle and wide-spaced teeth provide you a comfortable styling, smooth combing, experience, and practical support without ripping and breaking the hair.

It’s plastic yet with good temperature, friction, and corrosion resistance, lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. A wide-tooth comb will not pull or damage the hair, which can also prevent and reduce hair loss. You can use wood-alternative wide tooth combs too.

2. Tangle Teezer

I LOVE this brush! It works wonders with both my natural hair and human hair extensions. Cuts my detangling process down by half as it glides through the hair effortlessly.

That’s probably due to the memory flex technology as the brush is designed specifically for speedy yet gentle and painless results. It’s also ergonomically designed for a palm-friendly, no-slip fit to use on wet or dry hair.

3. Paddle Brush

This is probably a tool you already have as it’s definitely a staple styling tool for your natural hair, which also makes it perfect for use on human hair extensions. 

The flat cushion provides a large surface area for use during drying with a blow dryer to create a straight, smooth look. The ceramic bristles in this particular paddle brush mean you’ll have even heat distribution when you use it with a blow dryer. It also has nano silver bristles for natural anti-bacterial and anti-frizz results.

4. Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

The best premium choice shampoo and conditioner for human hair extensions is Keratase. Its highly nutritive formula helps to thoroughly cleanse your human hair extensions, providing complete conditioning from root to tip. Specially designed for dry and sensitive chemically processed hair. To ease detangling and leaves the hair feeling nourished, soft, and light instead of feeling weighed down.

I’m sure this goes without saying, but if you want your human hair wig, weave, or extensions to maintain its vibrancy, texture, and color, avoid heavily chlorinated water, hot water when washing, or seawater to protect the tresses.

5. Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner

The best overall for budget and results is the worldwide salon-recommended NYK1 salt and sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner set. It cleans the hair without stripping or debonding it, leaving it frizz-free, soft, and shiny. 

They are also paraben-free to prevent hair dryness, damage, and irritation and are suitable for all hair types, including color-treated hair extensions. Alternative to and comparable with the Kerastase shampoo & conditioner.

6. Hair Oil

The truth is hair oils are absolutely beneficial to your hair as well as to your extensions when applied at the midshaft to the tips. Just keep in mind not to apply them at the roots or the weft bonds or else the microbeads or adhesives may loosen. 

The OGX Extra Strength Argan Oil is the best overall hair oil for your human hair extensions. Say goodbye to dry and frizzy hair when you use this regularly. Other great natural oils to use are coconut oil, argan oil, or extra virgin olive oil.

7. Hair Spray

The unique formula in this hair spray keeps human hair extensions silky, hydrating, and nourishing and helps seal the moisture in the hair, keeping the cuticles intact.

The long-lasting gloss and hold are what I really like and the fine mist gives your hair brilliant shine and polish, whilst helping to control static. You can use it to spray evenly over blow-dried hair and brush through for an added boost of shine and to hold the style all day long.

8. Hair Straighteners/Flat iron

Possessing premium quality hair straighteners is a must-have for every woman who sports straight styles, and these are great when you need to revitalize your wigs, weaves, or human hair extensions. 

You probably already have your favorite hair straighteners, but it’s always good to familiarise yourself with your styling tools to determine what works best for you and both your natural and human hair extensions.

9. Curling Wand

If you want to give your hair extensions a new look altogether, then use a curling wand. The curling wands that have interchangeable & different sized barrels are one of my favorite tools, but be sure they come with a good quality heat-proof glove as you’ll need this to change hot barrels like the one linked above. 

Just remember to avoid using a curler or flat-iron too often. It can make your human hair extensions prone to breakage or dryness.

10. Wig Stand

You should store your human hair wig or extensions on a wig stand when you’re not wearing them. Many people usually make the mistake of storing their wigs, weaves, and extensions in drawers, which can cause serious irreversible damage because it can interfere with the patterns of the curls or make the hair tangled and matted.


Here are some frequently asked questions relating to choosing the best products for human hair extensions.

How do you keep human hair extensions in good condition?

  1. Wash your hair extensions regularly, but not daily.
  2. Always dry your extensions entirely before storing them.
  3. Make use of brushes and combs specially designed for human hair extensions
  4. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a prolonged period.
  5. Avoid wearing them to the swimming pool or beach. Chlorine and saltwater are harmful to your hair.
  6. Make use of conditioner whenever you wash your human hair extensions.
  7. Making use of hair masks, deep conditioner, and hair oil are great ideas
  8. Avoid sleeping with your temporary hair extensions like clip-ins, tape-ins.

What not to use on human hair extensions?

Avoid products that color, tint, or perm your human hair extensions. Also, stay away from products containing sulfates, parabens, and silicones.

How often should you oil your hair extensions?

You can apply lightweight hair oil on your hair extensions every day to keep them shiny and soft.

Why are my extensions dry and frizzy?

Human hair extensions become dry and frizzy because they receive no natural sebum from your scalp to lock the moisture in the hair strands. 

The sebaceous glands on our scalp will produce natural oil (sebum) to keep our hair healthy and moist. That’s why we need to use hair products to moisturize our human hair extensions.

Wrapping Up

Human hair extensions need extra care and attention compared to our real tresses. They don’t oil naturally from our scalp like our natural hair does or get the nutrients that they need to look shiny, healthy, and full of life.

So the best ways to keep your human hair extensions in good condition is to pamper them with natural oils, cleanse them with a good shampoo and conditioner and style them on low heat. 

Are you more confident about the best products to use on your human hair extensions now that you’ve had the chance to learn more about them? Let me know in the comments below


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