June 7, 2022

The Most Stunning Bridal Hairstyles Revealed By 11 Hairstylists

The Most Stunning Bridal Hairstyles

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A bridal hairstyle is one of the most important elements of a bride’s look. You want to look gorgeous on your wedding day and for that, you must identify the perfect dress, hairstyle, and makeup.

This is not as easy as it may seem. Sometimes you can see a certain hairstyle in a magazine or on a celebrity but that does not fit you.

A hairstyle that may look amazing worn by a friend may not look the same on you if your hair doesn’t have the same length or thickness.

Wigs and extensions can definitely help you get whatever hairstyle you want but if you do not want to rely on such solutions then it is vital for you to communicate well with your hairstylist, listen to his or her advice and you must have a hair and makeup trial before the actual wedding.

It is best to avoid experimenting with something for the first time on your big day.

Research also plays an important role. While you shouldn’t take a photo and demand your hairstylist to arrange your hair that way without taking into consideration your particular features, we also don’t recommend you to go completely clueless.

A bride that just says she wants to look breath-taking, mesmerizing, or unbelievable without specifying anything concrete will be difficult to satisfy.

To help you find a middle ground we reached out to 11 hairstylists and asked them to share:

What are the most stunning bridal hairstyles?

Keep reading to see what they had to share.

Allyson Carter – Hair Spies

I personally think you can never go wrong with a classic half-up half-down style for your wedding.

Especially with light curls, the half-up section will keep most of the hair out of your face while the half-down section will give you that elegant look and compliment your features.

A low bun is also a classic and can be styled in many ways. You can have your hair in braids running down to the bun or the actual bun hair in braids as well.

This style is great in its simplicity since you can add flowers, pearls, diamond decorations, and other accessories to really make the hairstyle pop. A low bun is also great for attaching the veil to.

A small tip for you is if you really don’t know what hairstyle to choose, try to first pick out an accessory and have your stylist work around it.

Whether it be a glimmering headband, pearly clips, or a floral headdress your stylist will surely be able to come up with a way to style your hair for your special day!

Blonde bridal hairstyle

Lauren Holland – Latest Locks

Cascading Side Curls

Cascading curls are a stunning and popular choice among brides. They are a great style choice for off-the-shoulder or boob tube dresses and are practical and elegant.

All the curls are creatively brought to one side of the head to gracefully drape down the shoulder.

The curls are more relaxed and tousled and are finished beautifully with an adornment such as flowers or a blingy hairpin.

Off Centre Low Bun

A low bun is a classy and elegant style that will suit most dress styles. There are many ways to create this stunning look, but a more polished and sleek finish is ideal for a bridal look.

A flower or formal hair accessory can be used to give it that extra bridal touch and the bun creates a perfect structure to support a veil.

Off Centre Low Bun

Half Up Half Down

Pinning half the hair up is a great way to balance loose hair with an updo. It is elegant but relaxed and a softer look overall. It is a great way to enjoy your locks down while creating and gorgeous base to place a veil.

Brides who are having difficulty deciding whether they want their hair down or up will love this look and feel comfortable with their choice on their wedding day.

Accent Braid

Braids have been a bridal trend for some time now and that is not changing anytime soon. It is a great way to incorporate some texture and contrast and showcase the hairs beautiful hues.

It beautifully bridges the gap between the up style detail and the front of the hair and gives the hairstyle an interesting and stunning element that can be noticed from far.

Fishtail Braids

This is a classic and creative hairstyle choice that is simply elegant. It is a great way to wear most the hair up and away from the face while keeping it soft and bridal.

The fishtail braid is a simple braid that enhances the multiple tones in the hair and can showcase length without having to leave it all loose. It is also a great base to incorporate small flowers such as babies breath or beads and pearls.

Classic Curl Updo

This updo is the epitome of bridal hair. A classic and stunningly elegant style that is soft and glamorous. The hair is softly pulled back away from the face and is the perfect base to support a veil.

What is so great about an updo like this one, is that when the formalities are done, the pins can be removed and you are left with voluminous party curls to dance the night away.

Voluminous Loose Curls

Bridal hair can still be elegant without the addition of bling or opting for an updo. Big cascading curls are soft and feminine are a great choice for a dress that steals the show.

Extensions can be added for extra volume and density and will help support the curls in lasting the night.

Voluminous Loose Curls

Caralee Pridemore – Sweetly Pinned

Caralee Pridemore

The most stunning bridal hairstyles in my opinion are anything classic. Think chignons, glam waves, and sleek buns. They always come back and look flawless when done correctly.

Each time they make a comeback a stylist might make a few tweaks to make them more modern, which always adds a special element.

These styles aren’t always easy to do, but they will never stop coming back and be stunning.

Laura Clark – Just Bought It Hair

The most stunning, common, and classic bridal hair trend we are seeing for 2022 would be the “hair down, loose curls” look.

More brides than ever before are adding hair extensions to add volume and length and even highlights! Permanent extensions are also great for the honeymoon after the wedding to achieve an effortless look when on vacation.

The Hollywood waves are making a comeback with “Euphoria-inspired” gems and hair stickers through the part or even down the hair.

To achieve this look, use a wide barrel wand, section the hair, and curl each section going the same direction. Use a volumizing spray, hair spray, and high shine gloss to get those perfect soft, shiny waves.

To keep this look perfect all evening, we recommend keeping a dry shampoo, hairbrush, and hairspray close by to maintain overnight – delegate a bridesmaid to this task.


There are many stunning bridal hairstyles to choose from. Some of the most popular include a classic chignon, glamorous waves, or an elegant up-do.

No matter what style you choose, make sure it complements your dress and overall look. If you’re looking for something a little bit more unique, consider a braided hairstyle.

Braids can be elegant and formal, or fun and playful, depending on the style you choose. They’re also a great way to add some extra detail to your look.

If you’re not sure what style of bridal hairstyle is right for you, take a look at some pictures of past brides and see what catches your eye.

You can also ask your wedding planner or stylist for advice. They’ll be able to help you choose a style that will suit your personality and the overall tone of your wedding.

Whatever style you choose, make sure you have a trial run before the big day. This will help you make sure everything is perfect and that you’re comfortable with your hairstyle.

Fabiola Murray

The hairstyle is essential for the bride to shine on her wedding day.

In my opinion, the most impressive hairstyles for long hair are: half Updos with waves, braids or ponytails, either high or low, using tousled loose waves to give the hair more volume.

You can also play with combinations of these hairstyles such as a semi-collected braid with tousled hair to give the hairstyle a touch of naturalness and volume.

For short hair, something simple like loose hair with thick waves to add volume works wonders.

Don’t shy away from extensions either, which will allow you to play with more hairstyle options.

Ana Roberts – Top Trends Guide

Generally, the best bridal hairstyles are elegant updos with feminine details such as braids and flowers.

Perfect for medium-length to longer hair, you’ll want to plait your hair loosely to maintain volume and soften the look while allowing small flowers and cute accessories to enhance the style.

As an alternative, some brides prefer a half up half down style that allows long flowing hair to complement the braided top. You can adorn the braid with a beautiful floral clip for an extra chic look.

Make sure your stylist adds soft waves to the rest of your hair to create dimension and fullness.

If you want a more low-maintenance style that is still classy and stylish, consider a side braid that flows past your shoulder.

Great for a more relaxed and bohemian vibe, you’ll want to keep your braids loose and thick for an effortlessly fashionable finish.

When it comes to hair products, make sure to invest in a quality texturizing spray that offers a moderate hold without stiffness.

Bridal hairstyle for readheads

Thalita Ferraz – Her Bones

Thalita Ferraz

As beautiful and elegant as intricate hairstyles can be, I think that there is a very special beauty in something more simple.

This kind of hairstyle still requires effort and time, so it feels special, however, it’s going to be fairly easy to remove at the end of the night, and it should pull or leave you with a headache.

I also absolutely love the boho feel of it that can be enhanced by incorporating some kind of a floral or jeweled bit of decoration.

Kathryn McDavid – Editor’s Pick

Long smooth curls

Long, smooth curls allow you to keep an exquisite, natural look while incorporating hairpieces and headbands to match your wedding attire. This adaptable hairstyle is best for women with naturally long hair, but a hairpiece or weave can be added if your locks are a little shorter.

Add jewels, flowers, textiles, or a veil to create a truly spectacular bridal outfit.

Long hair also looks great with strapless gowns since it hides the top of your back. This haircut is ideal if you have any back tattoos that you want to conceal.

To prevent your hair from drying out throughout the day, apply a dollop of serum to the ends of your hair. But don’t go overboard or the whole thing will sink.

If you want to go for a side part, use enough hairspray to keep it in place for several hours. Carry a little hairbrush in your purse to untangle your hair before the wedding photos.

Lauryn Hock – Lauryncakes

The most breathtaking bridal hairstyles show off the bride’s face while also allowing the rest of her hair to flow. It gives the sense of being prepared and pulled together, without being too structured or rigid.

I love a gorgeous pulled-back half-up-half-down hairdo with loose or sultry curls or even mermaid waves. It keeps the hair out of the bride’s face for all-day activities, while also adding a sense of fun and whimsy to the hairstyle.

The best part is that this look can be customized with braids, twists, and varying types of curlFor more playfulness and feminism, add floral pieces to the half-up-do to complete the look.

You can never go wrong with a bit of baby’s breath white flowers placed at the crown or back of the head. This beautiful bridal hairstyle is timeless, classy, and will never go out of fashion!

Ian Turner – Gentleman Haircut

The most stunning bridal hairstyles are fishtail braids and low buns.

Fishtail braids are especially gorgeous because they’re a great way to make your long hair look more voluminous.

They also look great with any sort of dress, from a long gown to a short cocktail dress.

If you’re going for something more casual, fishtail braids are a great way to add some flair to your outfit without being too over-the-top.

Another stunning hairstyle is low buns. It’s is a classic choice for brides because it’s elegant, chic, and universally flattering.

The low buns are a great way to show off your face and shoulders as it allows you to show off a beautiful necklace or earrings while still keeping everything neat and tidy.

Thank you so much to all the hairstylists that have contributed to this expert roundup! If you enjoyed reading this article, then please share it with your friends and followers.

Let us know in the comments below what is your favorite bridal hairstyle.


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