July 6, 2022

Luvme Hair vs Keswigs (Detailed Review with Pics)

Lvume Hair vs Keswigs

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This is a detailed comparison review of 13×4 glueless undetectable frontal lace wigs from Luvme Hair and Keswigs.

These are the two products we have purchased and tested: Luvme Hair’s 24 inches Undetectable Invisible Lace Glueless 13×4 Frontal Lace Wig (Real HD Lace), and Keswigs 24 inches 13×6 human hair HD Lace front wigs 180 density straight lace frontal wigs.

I am Alexis, a licensed cosmetologist, and I have been wearing wigs for over ten years. Recently, while trying to find the best glueless HD lace wigs, I have purchased products from two renowned brands: Luvme Hair and Keswigs.

The 13×4 HD glueless wigs from both companies are great, while we believe that Keswigs slightly outperform Luvme hair’s wig because they come with better details and are cheaper than Luvme hair’s HD glueless lace front wig.

Keep reading for more information!

Quick Summary

Luvme HairKeswigsWinner
Lace MaterialHD LaceHD LaceSame
Size and Shape of LaceTrue 13×4Larger than 13×4 (13×4.5)Keswigs Win!
Pre-plucked hairlineYes, very naturalYes, very naturalSame
Hair QualityVirgin HairVirgin Hair (More Shiny)Keswigs Win!
Density180%180% (feels like 200%)Keswigs Win!
Details4 combs +
1 adjustment strap
4 combs +
2 adjustment straps
Keswigs Win!
Hair LengthTrue-to-length 24 inchesEven close to 26 inchesKeswigs Win!
Bonus and PackagingStandard gift itemsStandard gift items
+ hot iron
Keswigs Win!
Price$434.9$426.9Keswigs Win!
Delivery Time48 hrs handling time
+ Express Service
48 hrs handling time
+ Express Service

Wig Quality

This section will review the different aspects of the 13×4 lace frontal wigs from Luvme Hair and Keswigs.

Lace Material

Both Luvme hair and Keswigs have used undetectable HD lace to construct their wigs

Both Luvme Hair and Keswigs have claimed that their wigs are made with Top Swiss lace (undetectable HD lace), and we can confirm those are accurate descriptions.

The above pictures show that both wigs blend perfectly with the skins, and you can’t even notice that it is a wig with naked eyes after installation.

Size and Shape of Lace

Keswigs used 13×4.5 lace frontal while Luvme Hair used 13×4 lace front to construct their wigs

When it comes to lace front wigs, the hair strands are hand-tied to the lace frontal. The hairs will look like they are growing out of your scalp. Therefore, the larger the lace frontal, the better because you are given a larger area to part the hair as you look (more free part area).

A larger lace also means the wig would be more breathable and comfortable. Of course, wigs with larger lace frontal areas are usually more expensive because more workforce is needed to tie the hairs.

Both companies used true 13×4 lace frontal to construct their wig, and they have done a great job. Actually, the lace front part used by Keswigs was 13×4.5 inches!! (Great details Keswigs!). Hair stands were close and offered you a very natural looking.

Pre-plucked hairline

Both Luvme Hair and Keswigs have done a great job at creating a natural-looking pre-plucked hairline

A natural-looking pre-plucked hairline is a key to the ultimate natural look, and I found that both companies did a great job at this. No additional work was needed to be done at all.

Hair Quality

Luvme Hair vs Keswigs: Hair quality comparsion

Both companies suggested that the hair is 100% virgin hair. We have taken a side-by-side photo of the wigs. Obviously, the hairs of Keswigs’ wigs are shinier. However, both hairs were soft and bouncy.

To further confirm the quality of the hairs, we have performed two tests: a burning test and a dyeing test. 

We have cut some hairs out from each wig and burnt them into ashes, none of them smells like plastic. So we believe that both wigs were made with 100% human hair.

The dyeing test is to find out the hair quality; only virgin hair can be dyed into a lighter color. We have cut around 20 hair stands from both wigs, then we tried to bleach them into 613 colors. 

I am impressed that hairs from both units show the ame reaction to the hair dye, in terms of color and texture, indicating that the hair was collected from one single donor. And they were still bouncy, soft, and shiny after we bleached them.

Lower-grade hairs are collected from different donors, and they will react differently to the hair dye, resulting in different colors and textures. Chemically treated hairs cannot be bleached, they will become fragile and easy to break.


If you love a full and voluminous look, then wig density is a big thing for you. We ordered 180% density wigs from both companies, and we’re very pleased.

180% density wigs are known as high-grade wigs, they should be exceptionally thick. You can feel that the wigs were much thicker than others, even at the end of the wigs.

From the above photos, you can see that the 13×4 lace front wig of Keswigs is obviously thicker than Luvme hair, but it doesn’t mean that Luvme hair’s wig is not 180%, they are still much thicker than others, it’s just because Keswigs’ product is extra thick and feels like 200%.

Good job, Luvme hair! Great job, Keswigs!


Compared with Luvme hair, Keswigs glueless has one more adjustable strap for extra gripping.

The wig caps of both wigs were constructed with four combs and adjustable straps, while Keswigs have another 2 inches of elastic straps sewn into the cap to provide extra grip (which I love these sweet details a lot).

The caps were made with comfortable, stretchy material, and they should be able to fit most head sizes. 

Hair Length

Luvme hair’s wig is true to length, while Keswig’s hair is longer than expected.

We ordered 24 inches of hair from both companies, and both wigs arrived were at least 24 inches long. Keswigs hair length is longer than described (almost 26 inches!).


The 13×4 HD lace glueless wig we purchased from Luvme hair was $434.9, and the wig we purchased from Keswigs was $426.9.

I was pretty surprised that the 13×4 glueless HD lace front wig offered by Keswigs was cheaper than Luvme hair’s. I thought it should be more expensive with all the additional details it provided!

Bonus and Packaging

Packaging and Gifts from Luvme Hair and Keswigs

Wigs purchased from both Keswigs and Luvme Hair arrived in a nice packing box, while there is an additional hot iron offered by Keswigs (pretty good quality, though!).

Delivery Time

Both companies offer very speedy delivery, and the wigs were sent out within 24 hours via express service. I received the Luvme hair product on the 6th business day, while the Keswigs product arrived on the 5th.

Wrapping Up

I hope you find this detailed comparison review between the 13×4 glueless HD lace front wigs offered by Luvme hair and Keswigs.

Luvme hair’s wig has outperformed a lot of other wigs in the current market, while Keswig’s wig is even better!


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