August 18, 2021

Best Colored Hair Extensions

Best Colored Hair Extensions

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This article is about the best colored hair extensions available in 2023.

From just wanting a few rainbow highlights in your hair, all the way through to going full ombre, pink goddess – extensions can help give you that splash of color without damaging your natural locks!

I’m Bianca and I have had pink, orange, blue, purple and (currently) platinum blonde hair, to name a few. I love the fact that I can switch up my hairstyle in an instant with the help of some gorgeous rainbow extensions.

For an overall chic do with a hint of pink, I love the Vario Brown To Pink Mauve Ombre Hair Extensions. Made from good quality human hair, these clip in hair extensions offer you the flexibility of hints of soft pink without having to color your natural hair at all.

I have hunted high and low for the best colored hair extensions around though, so if subtle isn’t what you are after then do read on, dear reader!

Quick Summary

Who Should Get These

If you want to add some spice to your hair without risking your natural hair, using colored hair extensions is a wise decision.

You don’t need to worry about whether the color suits you or if your hair will become dehydrated after dyeing them.

They are also great if you love cosplay or plan to join a theme party.

4 Best Colored Hair Extensions – 2023 Top Picks

In this section, I will go over my top picks for colored hair extensions, together with a detailed review for each option.

Vario Brown To Pink Mauve Ombre Hair Extensions

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 7 pieces, double drawn, durable weft
  • Extension length: 22 inches
  • Volume: 120 grams per pack
  • Best for: Overall

Vario have provided the market with an incredibly versatile set of clip-in extensions that are durable, high quality, and also have an unusual color, but subtly so.

If you have naturally dark brown locks, you are in luck! With a few clippety-clips and a snap of the fingers, you can transform your hair to a soft pink-mauve ombre without touching chemicals or an expensive trip to the hairdresser.

These clip-in extensions are great quality, so you should get a good year or two’s wear out of them. As it’s Remy hair, you will have tangle-free hair and bombshell locks for the duration of that time, too.

With a whopping 22 inches of length, you can have pastel, ombre mermaid hair quickly and easily. You can even afford to trim them a little to get the perfect shape without losing the impact the long hair makes.

If you’re looking for something bright, these are not the extensions for you. If you’re looking for something cheap, these are not the extensions for you. 

But GREAT NEWS, my next recommendation is bright, affordable, and cheerful! So read on for some Rainbow Brite’s sassy horse realness!

Wiysday 20PCS Colored Clip in Hair Extensions

  • Key features: High temperature synthetic hair, 36 pieces, single clip
  • Extension length: 22 inches
  • Colors: 26 rainbow colors, 10 ombré colors
  • Best for: Cheap & Cheerful

These clip-in extensions are BRIGHT! They are every color of the rainbow and more. In the pack, you get 36 single clip wefts. 26 of those wefts are a block color and 10 of those wefts have ombre colors in them.

The hair is high-temperature synthetic hair, so it’s a bit of a struggle to get it to take a curl. Basically, you need to wet it slightly, wrap it around your curling wand or iron, let it dry on the iron (about 20 seconds is usually sufficient). Once it’s dry, leave it curled up and let it cool down for a couple of minutes on a table.

Another method is to wash them gently and curl them and let them dry overnight in a curl. I advise washing them gently as these extensions are cheaply made so will pull apart quite quickly if you aren’t gentle with them.

But you are paying absolute pennies for them and because they are so affordable they are perfect for festivals, kids’ parties, one-night wears, and even UV glow parties.

So if you want a little fun and are happy to pay a little for some budget-friendly, easy-to-experiment-on extensions, then these are for you. If you are looking for bright extensions that will last a little longer, then these are not for you.

I do however have something up my sleeve that will delight you, so read to the end for a recommendation that will thrill you!

VCKOVCKO Jumbo Braid Crochet Braids Hair Extension

  • Key features: three-tone, colored ombre, braiding hair extensions
  • Extension length: 24 inches
  • Volume: 100 grams per bundle, 3 bundles in pack
  • Best for: Braiding

Look at the beautiful colors! From pastel pink, purple, and blue to the brighter end of the rainbow and some more commonplace ombre colors of black to gray, green, or blue.

This braiding hair is super versatile, and you can use it in twist braids, box braiding and even those thick, double french braids look amazing with a bit of rainbow threaded through. The large braids, kept intact, are also super impactful to wear in one large braid.

Box braids are a hairstyle involving braiding, usually with extensions added. The term “box braid” has also been used to describe more complicated hairstyles that combine different types of hair, including natural hair and synthetic hair.

It’s good hair and doesn’t tangle and is easy to manipulate into various braids and braiding formats. The three-tone ombre format is beautiful, and the colors come together nicely and work their magic through any braiding style.

There are certainly cheaper options on the market, but the quality you get for this price is amazing, and the range of colors is certainly unique. If cost isn’t your biggest motivator, then I would certainly give these a whirl.

JUAN HAIR by Aison 100% Remy Tape-In Extensions

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 7 pieces, double drawn, durable weft
  • Extension length: 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches
  • Volume: 30g (16″), 40g (18″), 50g (20″), 60g (22″), 70g (24″), 20 pieces per pack
  • Best for: Semi-Permanent & Bold Color

Did I tell you I had something special at the end or what?! These tape-in extensions are gorgeous, full-colored, 100% Remy human hair AND they have premium medical grade tape.

They come in a range of lengths and the large and in charge color selection includes Maroon, Blue, Pink, Red, Burgundy, and Purple.

These silky, straight, smooth, and thick-to-the-ends extensions are not for a little girl’s birthday party.

These large and in charge extensions are for a committed individual who has decided to make a statement with her tresses and go against the grain. These are bright, full-bodied, excellent quality tape-in extensions.

For a full head application, you will need 2 – 3 packs. I always suggest getting 3 packs and keeping any extras as spares. If you are going to all the effort of your tresses into a beautiful jewel tone, you don’t want to spoil the effect by having too little hair.

I will say that these are a commitment, as you will have to color your natural hair to match these or go to a hairstylist to help you ombre your hair into these, but a trip to the salon is imperative to make these tape-ins work.

The hair will last you between 6 – 12 months, with proper care, as these extensions have had to be processed more than most to get the intense colors. So even though the quality of the hair is very good, you won’t get the same long life as you would if you had “normal” colored extensions.

But really, who wants to be normal anyway?

Best Colored Hair Extensions – What to Consider?

As with any chemically processed hair, it will need a little more care, whether an extension or natural.

Make sure if you are purchasing colored hair extensions for long-term wear, that you get a mild shampoo (baby shampoo used to work a treat for me), and deep conditioning treatment. I used to use a weekly hair mask as my normal conditioner.

Leave in conditioner, hair oil are great products for extending the lifespan of your extensions as well.

Also, be wary of heat styling when you have heavily processed hair.

I would buy the keratin treatment used in a  Brazilian Blowdry treatment in salons, and I would apply that as my heat protector. It worked well on my very dry and brightly colored hair, and I could keep my hair soft and silky smooth.

With synthetic hair extensions, factor in the extra time and effort it will take to get a curl out of them. If I had to buy these extensions, I would wet them and let them dry in a curl, and then store them that way.

With synthetic hair, it’s much easier to make them straight than to get a curl in a hurry!


Here are some commonly asked questions and their quick answer about choosing colored extensions.

Can you get hair extensions colored?

It depends. Usually, you can’t color synthetic hair extensions and low-grade human hair extensions like non-Remy hair extensions.
However, you can color virgin human hair extensions to all colors, while you can only color Remy human hair extensions to darken colors.

What are the best hair extensions for fine hair?

If you have fine hair, look for a halo or clip-in hair extension if you want something temporary. If you are looking for something permanent, go for sew-in hair extensions or tape-ins.

Sew-in hair extensions are often used as protective hairstyles.

My Verdict

I think nearly everyone has these flights of fancy about getting brightly colored hair at some point.

Having done it numerous times myself, having the option to clip the colors in and out and have such an unusual color as per the Vario Brown To Pink Mauve Ombre Hair Extensions, is by far the most appealing in my book. They are gorgeous, amazing quality and will have your head turning every other head when you walk by!

Did you try any of the recommendations? Let me know, I love to talk of all things hair, so don’t be shy!


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