October 6, 2021

Best Wavy Hair Extensions

Best Wavy Hair Extensions

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This article is about the best Wavy human hair extensions available in 2023.

Wavy hair has been gracing our pages and our screens for decades. It is the quintessential style that can work with every outfit, from the red carpet to beachy-chic! So let’s dive deeply into the best wavy extensions around to get you that ultra-glam or boho-chic look!

Hello friends, allow me to introduce myself. I am a wavy-haired, platinum princess who has been rocking waist-length extensions since 2006. I have tried a myriad of methods, and I am eager to share my accumulated wealth of knowledge with you today.

My latest obsession is tape in extensions. So I might be a little biased here, but Sunny Tape In Bodywave extensions are the wavy-haired wonders that have caught my eye. Well-made, of great quality, and super-comfortable to wear.

But if you prefer wefts or a 60-second makeover, don’t go anywhere! I have some recommendations up my sleeve to entice and titillate you too!

So, let’s get to the review already!

Quick Summary

3 Best Wavy Extensions – Our Top Picks

In this section, I will go over my top picks and detailed reviews for each section.

Sunny Tape In Bodywave

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair
  • Extension length: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches
  • Volume: 50 grams 
  • Best for: Overall

Sunny Hair has managed quite a feat. They have made a bodywave extension, with durable tapes, thick to ends and the hair is silky soft. It also stays that way for up to 9 months.

The Remy hair is SUCH good quality and stays silky soft for absolute months. The bodywave means that it is quick and easy to get those glamorous curls. The wave has lasted six months so far and seems to be going strong. 

The tape itself lasts 6-8 weeks without slipping or the dreaded flapping at the ends. The wefts are very thin at the top. This is great because the extensions sit flat against your head and are very comfortable. 

Even the first night after installation, you should be able to sleep well without any issues.

However, even though it’s brilliant that the wefts are so thin and invisible, it also means they are thin. So you need more of them.

I would say buy three packs to make 30 sandwiches. This means you’ll have a good amount of hair to distribute over your head to get full coverage and a seamless blend.

Felendy Ponytail Wavy Extension

  • Key features: Synthetic Hair
  • Extension length: 18 inches
  • Volume: 170 grams 
  • Best for: A 60-Second Makeover

The Felendy ponytail extension comes in at a generous 18 inches of long, rippling waves. As it is synthetic hair, it is thick to the ends with a uniform color throughout.

There are 23 different color options, so plenty of variety. From platinum blondes to ombre shades, there is a color match for you.

The Felendy ponytail also comes with a sturdy jaw clip to literally make it a 60-second makeover! Put your hair in an oval bun shape, clip the ponytail on, and swish swish out the door!

The last thing to note about this wavy wonder is that it is super cheap. For the price of 3 Starbucks coffees (or two of their extra fancy ones), you can have a massive, wavy ponytail that lasts for up to a year!

But with big hair, comes big weight. This ponytail can get heavy on your head quite quickly, so it isn’t great for wearing it over 4 or 5-hour periods. Just secure your oblong bun underneath with two elastic bands to give the jaw clip a sturdy base.

Lastly, synthetic hair is shiny, so remember to give it a few squirts of dry shampoo to take that synthetic shine off.

Laritaiya Deep Wave Wefts

  • Key features: 100% Virgin Brazilian human hair, thick to ends
  • Extension length: 10 – 28 inches
  • Volume: 100 grams per bundle
  • Best for: Deep Wave

The Laritaiya Store has created some gorgeously waved wefts that are long, strong, and thick to the ends. Made with Virgin, Brazilian hair, the wefts are double-wefted so thick to the ends.

The hair has a year-long lifespan, on average, and the waves last for up to 7 months if they are maintained properly. The hair is silky-smooth and stays that way for at least a year of tangle-free glamorous waves!

Laritaiya hair has an 8A grade, so it will have thinner ends. However, with this style of wave, thinner ends are actually quite flattering. If you prefer the ends to be thick all the way down, then just plan to trim a couple of inches.

There are a variety of options on offer that range from 1 to 5 bundles, and some options have closures included. Some closures have baby hairs and some don’t, so if the edges are important to you, make sure to check the option before purchasing.

Best Wavy Hair Extensions – What to Consider?

When buying Wavy hair extensions, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

The Virgin Definition

Virgin hair has never had any processing done at all. No coloring, no processing, and no chemicals have touched the hair. It is just as natural as hair can possibly be.

So how do you get Virgin hair with a bodywave?

Well, there are two methods of permanently waving hair. One is with chemical processing. And the other is using steam and allowing the hair to curl around a rod.

So if you are buying dark, bodywave hair wefts, look for Virgin hair as it will last you much, much longer than hair that has been chemically processed to get a wave.

Are All Waves Created Equal?

When you type in “wavy extensions” into Google, many terms come up. Bodywave, deep wave, water wave, loose wave. But which wave is best?

Well, it depends on the type of hairstyle you want. If you want a tight wave closer to a spiral curl, you would want a water wave or a deep wave.

For a soft, natural, large curl then I would search for bodywave or loose wave. Both of those are very similar and give you those huge, soft waves that frame your face.


Here are some commonly asked questions relating to wavy hair extensions and their quick answers.

Can you get hair extensions with wavy hair?

Yes, you can get hair extensions with wavy hair, it is a good idea to get straight hair extensions, or wavy hair extensions matches your natural pattern.

You may need more styling work if you get straight hair extensions, so they blend naturally with your own hair.

How Do you Maintain Wavy Hair Extensions?

Wavy hair extensions require more maintenance than straight hair extensions. Here are some great tips to keep them in tip-top conditions.

Here is a great video about how to maintain wavy hair extensions (hair wefts).

My Verdict

I love Sunny Tape In Bodywave extensions, as I personally prefer both the tape in method and I like the huge, glam waves you get with the bodywave. The Sunny tape ins are durable, long-lasting, soft, and are quite natural-looking.

The texture is silky smooth too! I have fine, blonde hair, so I actually prefer having thinner wefts and wearing more all over my head. So whereas it might not be as convenient for people with thicker hair, it is a plus point in my book.

What is your favorite wavy hairstyle? Do you have a set of wavy extensions you love more than life itself?

Let me know in the comments below! I love hearing from you! 


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