June 17, 2022

Best Hair Extensions For African American Hair

Best Hair Extensions For African American Hair

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This is a review of the best hair extensions for African American hair in 2023.

As a proud African American, I was always fascinated by the texture and color of our hair. My name is Alexis, and when it comes to buying hair extensions, I’ve searched all over for the best extensions that suit black hair and women of color.

Since there are so many different curl patterns and hair textures, we’ve made the challenging search quite simple for you. We’ve found through digging that Sassina Afro Curly Clip in Hair Extensions are the best hair extensions for African American hair overall.

This hair company provides high-quality, 100% human hair extensions including clip-ins, and tape-ins. This caters to the way you’d like to style your natural hair best. Its 8A Remy quality can be straightened, curled, and colored to a darken color!

While we’re loving this one, there are plenty of other options for you to choose from to find the best hair extensions for you. Today I’ll share a detailed review of a few top-rated choices. Let’s dive in.

Quick Summary

Top 4 Best Hair Extensions For African American Hair 

Here’s a detailed review of the top picks for the best hair extensions for African American hair.

Sassina Afro Curly Clip in Hair Extensions

  • Key Features: 100% Brazilian Remy Human Hair
  • Hair Length: 12,14,16,18, 20, 22
  • Can be colored, cut, and permed
  • Best for: Overall

Sassina clips in extensions are soft, full, and ideal for kinky curly hair. These clip-ins are processed from 100% Brazilian human hair, so if you’re looking for an easy way to add color or increase your hair’s volume, these hair extensions are the ones to shop for!

This unique texture of hair and several different lengths makes for the best versatility and styling options. This hair can also be colored, curled, and straightened, but you’ll need additional styling products to maintain the natural curl of the hair.

These extensions are a great option for long-term use. Since Sassina extensions are one of the most affordable and can be worn for various occasions this makes them extremely popular.

The only downside to these extensions is that without proper care, this hair can dry easily without proper care. It is recommended that you hydrate the hair often with water and a good leave-in conditioner. However, it requires less washing than other hair types so this is a major plus.

Adette Brazilian Remy Straight Clip in Extensions

  • Key Features: 100% Brazilian Remy Human Hair 
  • Hair Type: Straight 
  • Advantages: Double wefts, sewn with high-quality invisible clips 
  • Best for: Budget

If you adore silky straight hair, then you will love these great price point extensions. Adette clip-in extensions are dedicated to women who want straight but thick and full human hair extensions. These extensions are soft, tangle-free, and have a very natural shine. 

These hair extensions use invisible snap clips that seamlessly blend into your natural hair and hold the hair firmly so you don’t have to worry about them losing grip. This makes styling a breeze! You can wash, dry, and curl this hair as if it were your own and still maintain the quality.

This hair can be worn regularly for different occasions and can last up to 6 to 12 months if proper care is taken. It is recommended to go easy on heat and hair styling products to make them last longer and more durable.

The downside to these extensions is that while the wefts are full individually, one pack of extensions may still be too thin for certain hair textures. Three or more packs are recommended for a fuller look, especially if your hair is naturally thin.

Six Star Hair Kinky Straight Clip in Hair Extensions

  • Key Features: Remy Human Hair, Kinky Straight
  • Hair Type: Kinky Straight 
  • Hair Color: Natural black-brown (Between #1B and #2) 
  • Best for: Quality

Next, we have Six Star Hair made with fine quality Remy hair. One of the best clip-in extensions for African American hair, the kinky straight texture makes for the perfect natural hair texture. Two sets of these extensions would be just enough for a full look and perfect blend. 

Like the other clip-in extensions discussed above, they can be washed, dried, cut, straightened, and curled. While only available in natural black brown (1B to 2), you can dye it or color it however you prefer.

The hair, while full of texture, is lightweight and allows your scalp to breathe. You’ll love wearing these clip-ins and trying different styles like ponytails, updos, and more. 

The downside to these extensions is the color options. Since there is only one color option available and not everyone enjoys coloring their extensions, this may not be the option for you if you’d rather skip that step.

Unice Hair Brazilian Body Wave

  • Key Features: 100% human hair 
  • Hair Type: Brazilian body wave  
  • Best for: Long lastingInstalls

If you are looking for long-lasting hair extensions, then look no further than Unice hair. Brazilian hair is the most popular hair type among black women, known for its shine and bounce. These extensions are category body wave which has a lot of natural body and require fewer bundles to create a full look.

Since these extensions are bundle wefts, you can wear this hair with lace closure, frontal, or sew it in with leave out to style your hair.

Being 100% unprocessed virgin hair, it can be cut, colored, straightened, and styled to your liking. With the proper care, you can reuse this hair for years, making it an excellent buy for the money. It will even still be soft and tangle-free after dyed or bleached.

Once installed, this hair can last for around six weeks until you need to retouch it. I love these hair bundles because it’s so long-lasting.

The downsides to these extensions are mainly the costs and installation. While clip-ins are easy to install, bundles require a professional if you don’t have much experience, comparing with other temporary options, these hair bundles may be the most expensive option on the list.

Best Hair Extensions for African American Hair – What to Consider?

Consider the following factors for choosing hair extensions that suit you the best.

Hair Quality

Hair quality is one of the most important factors to consider when buying hair extensions. Good-quality hair not only lasts longer but also makes the styling and blending process much easier than bad-quality hair. 

When it comes to hair quality, consider it an investment for the continuous use of your hair extensions. You’ll notice that high-quality hair is typically shiner and silkier and has amazing body and volume. This is what you want. 

Additionally, quality hair extensions also have a great endurance level for heat, a feature that makes them very versatile when styling. 

In my opinion, the best quality hair is 100% virgin hair because it is unprocessed and therefore can be styled and colored like your own natural hair. The most popular types of human hair are Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and Indian Hair.

Attachment Method

Depending on how long you want your hairstyle to last, the best way to decide on the right extensions for you is the attachment method. 

Clip-in extensions for example are very easy to apply and maintain. Since you can attach and detach the extensions at your leisure, this method is very low maintenance but won’t last long. You will need to restyle your hair often as the clips need to be removed every night. 

If you prefer a long-lasting install, sewing in your extensions would be ideal for you. The sew-in method can last up to 10 weeks, so it’s great for women who want to grow out their hair or give it a rest from heat styling. 

Color Options

Hair color isn’t always a major deciding factor when purchasing hair extensions as plenty of women don’t mind bleaching and coloring their hair to a suitable color. 

If you on the other hand have no desire to color your extensions and just want to install and wear them, failing to determine your hair color accurately before buying your extensions can create an uneven look between your natural hair and extensions. 

To determine your hair color, visit any local beauty salon or store around you, and get a hair swatch. Using this swatch, you will be able to accurately determine the color of your hair to then buy an extension that closely matches your hair color.

Useful Tips and Information 

Taking care of your extensions should be a routine if you want to keep them for a while. It isn’t necessary to wash and condition your extensions after every use but, aim for at least 2-3 times a week. 

Making use of leave in conditioner, hair oil, and deep conditioner is a great habit. If you love to heat style your hair, always make use of heat protectant and style them with low heat. This will maintain the quality and luster of the hair.

It also helps if you don’t manipulate your extensions too much during use as this can cause frizz and tangling. It’s a good idea to wet the hair and finger detangle at the end of each wear to ensure its softness.

With proper maintenance your hair extensions can last a while, just make sure you dont weigh down the hair with too many styling products during maintenance. Less is more and most times water and conditioner are all you need. 

Wrapping Up

Hair extensions are a great way to switch up your look for a special occasion, experiment with a new cut and color, or lock in a new protective style. This article listed the best hair extensions for African American hair, considering the quality, style, and key features. 

I highly recommended Sassina Afro Curly Clip in Hair Extensions (top pick!) because they are soft, full, and the perfect realistic blend for kinky curly hair.

Have fun styling your hair!


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