October 6, 2021

Best Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions

Best Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions

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This article is about the best blonde clip in human hair extensions available in 2022.

Gentlemen prefer us, and we definitely have more fun! Yes, it’s time to talk about my favorite hair color- blonde! And what better way to talk about blondes than in conjunction with the quickest hair glow-up tool around – clip in extensions!

My name is Bianca, and since 2006 I have been wearing, installing, and learning all about the wonderful world of extensions. Through my many successes and failures, I have amassed a wealth of information that I enjoy sharing with the world.

Because we all deserve a great hair day, every day.

After considering all the factors such as hair quality, blonde options on offer, clip quality, price, and durability – I have come up with WindTouch Balayage Blonde Clip Ins as my top pick when it comes to blonde clip in extensions.

If a rooted blonde isn’t your style, never fear I have straight up, mixed, platinum, and extra, extra thick all in store for you. 

So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Quick Summary

4 Best Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions – Top Picks

This section will go over my top picks and detailed reviews for each one.

WindTouch Balayage Blonde Clip Ins

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 7 pieces
  • Extension length: 15, 18, and 20 inches
  • Volume: 70 grams per pack
  • Best for: Overall

WindTouch makes good quality extensions at a great price with Remy quality human hair. Those are just facts and part of the reason WindTouch come up top of my picks today.

The wefts are machine sewn and double crown, so the hair is thick to the ends and has minimal shedding. The stainless-steel clips are sewn in well and sit securely on your head. I found these wefts were quite easy to hide too.

The hair is soft, shiny, and has a lovely movement when you walk. It remained tangle-free through a few washes and, so far, is easy to maintain.

As WindTouch has a selection of blondes on offer, most blondes will be accommodated from dirty through to platinum.

These extensions are meant to add highlights and volume. That is why the price point is so attractive while still maintaining such good quality. If you want to add length to your hair, I would try one of my other recommendations below.

Full Shine Platinum Blonde Clip Ins

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 8 wefts 
  • Extension length: 12 – 22 inches
  • Volume: 100 grams per pack
  • Best for: Platinum Blondes

Ah, Full Shine, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

These platinum extensions are a gorgeous, creamy platinum blonde. Full Shine offers 13 types of blonde color options, with 7 of those having platinum colors included. So if you have those high-tone highlights, then this is your best bet of finding your perfect set!

At 100 grams for a 20-inch set, these aren’t the thickest set of extensions, but how they have put the wefts together is actually very clever. So in a pack you get two of each clip:

  • 2 pieces of 8 inch wefts with 4 clips on each
  • 2 pieces of 6 inch weft with 3 clips on each
  • 2 pieces of 4 inch weft with 2 clips on each
  • 2 pieces of 1.5 inch weft with 1 clip on each

What makes this so special? Well, since you have 2 sets of long weft to play with, you can sandwich the other extensions between them, with one larger one at the crown of your head and one at the nape. And as you have more wefts than usual, you can stagger them for a natural look.

This means that you can effectively emulate natural long, platinum blonde hair which is usually fine, silky, and not particularly thick.

The downside? 

These clips aren’t sewn right at the end of the weft, so after a couple of wears, the weft starts to curl up and poke through your hair. Had I known that at the beginning I would have moved the clips before I started wearing them.

DOORES Ombré Ash Brown Clip Ins

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 7 pieces
  • Extension length: 14 – 24 inches
  • Volume: 120 grams per pack with 7 pieces
  • Best for: Rooted Ombré

The classic ombré style is exactly that – a classic. It is also still one of the easiest styles to maintain while looking ever-so-chic.

Doores have a good range of 7 blonde ombré color options for you to choose from. The 20-inch set weighs in at 120 grams, which means 2 packs for length and 1 pack for volume or subtle highlights.

The clips are silicone coated and are sewn to the ends of the weft, so the hair sits very securely to your head. This helps give a seamless blend and if you color-matched your roots correctly, you can put the large weft quite high up. This is best for a lovely blend and natural-looking length and volume.

The hair is silky and very soft. It has a great natural shine which will blend with most people’s hair, and it holds a curl really well!

I will only comment on the ends being a little dry and brittle once I had heat styled them. I know this is because the processing blonde ends go through. Regardless, I would budget time and money on a brilliant hair mask and oil, once a week.

Lovrio Dirty Blonde Clip Ins

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 10 wefts
  • Extension length: 16, 18, 20, and 22 inches
  • Volume: 120 grams (16”-18”), 160 grams (20”), 220 grams (22”) 
  • Best for: Extra Thick

These Lovrio extensions are amazing. The only reason why they aren’t on the top of the list is that they are a little pricey. But if you want to add thickness and volume to your hair, then these are actually good value as you don’t need to buy 2 sets, you just get 1 set of these bad boys.

First off, the presentation box is really cute, and I like that you get spare silicone clips, a wide-tooth comb, and a bigger hair clip. It just feels like you are getting your money’s worth from the get-go.

Upon opening your box you are treated to these amazing extensions which are beautifully crafted. THICK to the ends and the wefts are so well made. I am a fan of silicone-coated clips, and these have them to make wearing them as comfortable as possible.

Obviously, I got the blonde set, and what I noticed was that the silver tones were more golden tones. It’s a quick fix, by doing a purple shampoo dip, however, I wish these were true to color from the get-go.

What to Consider – Best Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions

Here are a few things to take into consideration when looking at different brands of ombré clip in hair extensions.

The Snip Factor

One of the biggest complaints I see online is that people install their clip in extensions and then complain that the ends are “choppy”.

This has me rage-screaming at my screen for 2 reasons.

Firstly, extensions come as a standardized length so you, the user, can install them on your head, position them perfectly and then blend the ends to suit. 

Secondly, this cannot be done before you install them, as everyone has a different head in terms of shape, width, and length.

When buying extensions, please factor in the cost of getting them installed and trimmed by a stylist the first time you wear them. Or if you are a DIY queen like me, read my handy-dandy article on how to layer your extensions like a pro here.

The Blonde Tax

When you go blonde, there is an unwritten rule that you are going to have to work harder to keep your hair looking good. Blonde hair generally needs to go through more processing and is susceptible to brassiness, if you forget to purple tone it.

This is true with extensions; it is even more important to ensure your blonde extensions are well taken care of.

Purple conditioner is better than purple shampoo!

A decent purple conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and a good serum for the ends should be factored into the cost when purchasing your extensions to keep them looking tip-top and to give them the longest shelf life.

This is true of all extensions but especially important for blonde extensions. This is why I have dubbed it “the blonde tax”.


Here are some quick questions relating to best blonde clip in hair extensions.

Can you shower with clip-in hair extensions?

You can shower with clip-in hair extensions. However, avoid washing your hair when wearing clip-in hair extensions.

The shampoo and conditioners will build up at the clips and the root of the hair and may cause the hair to fall off, besides, wet hairs are more fragile than dry hair.

Can I wear clip in extensions everyday?

Yes, clip in hair extensions is designed for short-term use so you can use them every day.
Just make sure you have installed the hair extensions properly so it will not cause too much pressure to the root of your hair.

Are clip in extensions good for thin hair?

It depends, for short-term uses, clip-ins are great because you can remove them in the evening.

Just make sure you pick something lightweight so they will not cause too much pressure to your natural hair.

My Verdict

The WindTouch Balayage Blonde Clip Ins are a brilliant set of extensions to add volume, and highlights. They are well-made with excellent hair and a solidly constructed weft.

The fact that there are so many blonde color options to choose from means that most people will find what they are looking for here, and that is another reason they are top of my blonde hair hit list!

Do you have a favorite brand of blonde clip in extensions that I didn’t review, and you think should be included?

Let me know in the comments below!


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