March 29, 2022

Best Deep Conditioner for Hair Extensions

Best Deep Conditioner for Hair Extensions

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This is a review of the best deep conditioner for hair extensions.

Hi beautiful! It’s an amazing thing when you’ve got lush extensions on. It makes you look flawless. However, how do you retain that lush and vibrant outlook?

Call me Tee, the extension fairy. I’ve used all kinds of extensions in the past six years of my life, and I usually use deep conditioners to maintain them. This article will give you a detailed review of the best deep conditioners to use.

If you’d prefer a deep conditioner that has an immediate effect, protects, and makes your extensions lush and supple, you should consider the Argan Oil Hair Mask Deep Conditioner. It’s the best overall.

Regardless, I’ve taken the time to put together with other great products as well. It all depends on what you’re seeking to achieve with your extensions. Take a ride with me!

Quick Summary

Top 4 Best Deep Conditioner for Hair Extensions Reviewed

Here’s an in-depth review of these deep conditioners.

Pure Nature Argan Oil Hair Mask Deep Conditioner

  • Key Features: Contains Morrocan oil, intensive hair hydration, collagen protein, keratin, rosemary extract, aloe vera
  • Volume: 9.6 fluid ounces
  • Product Dimension: 3.54 x 3.5 x 2.64 inches
  • Best For: Overall

Moroccan oil helps to naturally improve the vibrancy and health of your human hair extension. The pure nature ​hair treatment mask​ penetrates deep to help restore damage from chemicals, sun exposure, and pollution. It also helps to protect against shedding and split ends.

This deep conditioner moisturizes, protects, and smooths hair with its unique combination of natural oils and proteins. This is a product you want to use on your natural hair as well.

This ​deep conditioning hair treatment​ is ideal for most hair extension types. The hair mask​ reduces frizz and flyaways with straight hair and naturally enhances the curls and bounce of voluminous locks. 

However, this conditioner has a very strong smell, and you may find it displeasing if you get easily irritated.

Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask Deep Conditioner

  • Key Features: Instant conditioning, advanced frizz control, long-lasting moisture, intensive deep conditioning, contains complex biotin and castor oil strengthening moisturizer, weightless formula
  • Volume: 8.45 fluid ounces
  • Product Dimension: 3.66 x 3.58 x 2.24 inches
  • Best For: Human hair extensions

The keratin deep conditioner contains castor oil and keratin, which helps to hydrate and moisturize your extensions deeply. This also serves as an anti-breakage thermal protection shield against heat damage.

This deep conditioner also has an advanced frizz control that helps ease your tresses from frizzy hair. This also protects your extensions from split ends and makes them easier to style.

Also, this deep conditioner is weightless and won’t weigh down your fine tresses. The formula is non-oily, which is great for straight, wavy, and normal hair textures.

However, a downside to this conditioner is that it has a very strong smell. You may want to watch out for that if strong smells nauseate you.

Curlsmith Double Cream Deep Conditioner

  • Key Features: Intense moisture and nourishment, contains andiroba and resurrection flower, contains no sulfates or silicones 
  • Volume: 8 fluid ounces
  • Product Dimension: 2.76 x 2.76 x 3.15 inches
  • Best For: Curly extensions

The Cursmith deep conditioner contains a nourishing mask with a thick, rich, buttery texture that instantly delivers intense moisture to your strands. It also contains a nutrient-rich gel that provides curl definition and frizz protection for extra thirsty locks.

This conditioner also has a double cream deep quencher containing Andiroba and Ressurection flower, which are raw ingredients that help nourish curly and maintain healthy, beautiful curls.

Also, this conditioner doesn’t contain harmful sulfates or silicones, which makes it healthy and long-lasting to use on your hair extensions.

Although, be informed that this product comes in a small size, and may not be more than two washes. You may want to consider two pieces instead of one.

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Deep Conditioner

  • Key Features: 20% conditioning and damage-repairing serum, lightweight formula, hydrates and detangles, prevents split ends, no leave-in time required
  • Volume: 6 fluid ounces
  • Product Dimension: 1.91 x 2.97 x 7.97 inches
  • Best for: Colored extensions

The L’Oreal deep conditioner consists of 20% conditioning serum, anti-oxidants, and pomegranate, which helps to revive rapidly, repair, and protect color-treated hair.

This conditioner formula leaves hair silky, nourished, and revived in just a single-use. Its lightweight properties allow it to rinse easily in the shower with no weigh-down on the hair. 

Also, this conditioner is formulated with 20% damage-repairing serum to provide twice the results– rapidly reviving your hair extensions without adding time to your routine.

However, you need to rub in a decent amount before this conditioner works as it should.

Best Deep Conditioner for Hair Extensions – Buying Guide

Here’s what you need to know before getting a deep conditioner.

Natural Ingredients or Artificial?

It’s a great thing if the deep conditioner is made with natural ingredients. This is especially great for human hair extensions because it’s just like how you would treat your natural hair. When the ingredients consist of natural products, your extensions last longer and retain that natural look.

However, if your extensions are synthetic, you don’t really have to worry about natural ingredients or not. This is because synthetic hair is made from artificial fibers, and there isn’t much need to be particular about natural ingredients.


A deep conditioner is easier to wash out, or even leave-in, when it’s lightweight and not heavy on the strands of your extension. Although this may or may not be written on the product pack, you can easily check this out in reviews if you’re making an order online.

Instant Conditioning

Check if the conditioner works instantly, or you’ll have to wait for a couple of hours or days before it penetrates your extensions deeply. However, this largely depends on you and the patience you can exert while applying your conditioner.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about buying deep conditioners for hair extensions.

Can I use coconut oil on my hair extensions?

Yes, coconut oil can bring your hair extensions lots of benefits: prevent dryness, tangles, damage caused by different elements in the environment.

Leave around 3 inches to the bonding area because you don’t want these conditioners to build up at the clips and tapes.

How do you restore dry hair extensions?

These are some tips to restore dry hair extensions. 

  • Use sulfate-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free shampoos and conditioners.
  • Control heat damage, avoid heat styling them and go for low temperature if you have to
  • Make use of deep conditioner, heat treatment, leave-in conditioner
  • Apply lightweight hair oil to your hair extensions daily

Can you use purple shampoo on hair extensions?

Yes, purple shampoo can help you to maintain your hair color. You can use it on hair extensions but not too often.

Please stay away from the bonds and make sure the purple shampoo only contacts your hair extensions’ lengths.

Useful Tips and Information

Taking good care of your hair extensions is the key to extending their lifespans and keeping them in tip-top conditions.

Wash your hair extensions regularly, but not too often, once every 7-10 days is usually good enough. If you have curly or wavy hair extensions, you may want to wash and condition your hair more often. Gently brush your hair before washing your hair, and avoid brushing your hair when it’s still wet.

When you apply the deep conditioner, stay away from the bonds, leaving around 2-3 inches is good enough. Or else, the hair products will build up at the bond, causing hairs to loosen up.

Follow this video for expert tips to apply deep conditioners to your hair extensions:

You can also check out some of my other wigs and hair extensions product reviews and buying guides:

Final Verdict

A deep conditioner is such a fantastic product to revive your extensions and keep them in shape. the PURE NATURE Argan Oil Hair Mask Deep Conditioner is my choice for best option. It contains natural ingredients that can restore damaged hair and prevent split ends efficiently.

Let us know whatever product catches your fancy in the comment section below.  Stay Queening!


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