October 5, 2021

Best Permanent Hair Extensions

Best Permanent Hair Extensions

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This is a review of the best permanent hair extensions in 2023.

Maybe clip ins are your jam, but you’re ready to look for a more permanent solution when it comes to wearing extensions.

My name is Lauren, and I have worked in the hair industry for over a decade. Four years ago, I was introduced to wearing and installing permanent hair extensions, and it changed my outlook on how to wear extensions as a whole.

Whether you’re looking to wear permanent hair extensions up to six weeks, or up to six months, then this article will showcase the best options for you.

Now if you’re looking for permanent hair extensions that you can use again and again, then the ABH AmazingBeauty Hair Pre-taped Extensions is the best overall choice. Not only are these extensions made with 100% traceable Remy human hair, but they can be reused up to four times or more with the addition of replacement tape.

There are other remarkable permanent hair extensions that I will cover in this article and explain the highs and lows for each. After reading this article, you should gain a better understanding of the best permanent hair extensions for you.

Quick Summary

4 Best Permanent Hair Extensions Reviewed

I will now give a detailed review of my top choices for the best permanent hair extensions in the section below. Keep reading to find your ideal extensions.

ABH AmazingBeauty Hair Pre-taped Extensions

  • Key features: Remy human hair, double-sided tape, 20 pcs
  • Volume: 50g
  • Length: 14-22 inches
  • Best for: Overall

These tape extensions are made with quality traceable Remy human hair that is soft and silky, with a very natural look and feel. You can straighten it or curl it just as you would your own hair. The multi-tonal technology ensures that the hair extensions seamlessly blend with your natural hair color.

You will get a strong hold with these extensions because of the double-sided tape that will keep your extensions in for up to 4-8 weeks. The tape is easy to remove, reapply, and clean, with no trace or residue of glue.

You will get the convenience of laying your extensions flat on your head with this hair. There are 20 pieces included so that you can get full coverage and thickness.

While these extensions are great for someone who is new to permanent hair extensions, they do shed and can become thin after four weeks. If you are looking to wear these extensions for a longer period, then I suggest you consider a different brand.

Ugeat I Tip Body Wave Hair Extensions

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 50 strands, wavy
  • Volume: 40g
  • Length: 14-24 inches
  • Best for: I Tip

Ugeat I Tip extensions don’t require any heat or glue and are made of Remy human hair to give you a soft and natural look. The extensions can be straightened, curled, and restyled just like your own hair.

You get 50 strands, which will give you a very natural look and can be equated to the size of one bundle. If you want the hair to be fuller, just order another set of strands to reach your desired thickness.

The hair is styled in wavy and comes in various colors and lengths to blend in with your natural hair color. You can also use heat styling tools with this hair. Just make sure the temperature does not exceed 180C.

I Tip extensions are great for permanent hair extensions. However, the strands with this brand seem to be thinner and will require the purchase of additional strands to get a fuller look. For this reason, I suggest trying out different extensions.

Moresoo Keratin Bead in Hair Extensions

  • Key features: Brazilian Remy human hair, pure color, ombre color, highlights, 50 strands
  • Volume: 40g
  • Length: 16-24 inches
  • Best for: Keratin

The pre-bonded extensions can be used with the fusion method or I Tip method for installing your extensions. They are made with the finest quality of Brazilian Remy hair that comes in natural and dyed hair colors for easy blending.

You can choose from lengths anywhere between 16 to 24 inches and achieve a natural fullness with the 50 strands included. You will get long-term wear with these extensions and instant volume.

You will find that the hair ends are made of Italian keratin glue. This can be an extremely strong protein and sticky enough. Your extensions will be well fixed and there will be no hassle of them falling out.

The color choices make this hair a great option for those who are interested in having colored extensions. However, the colors may look slightly different in person than they do on screen. You will probably have to dye the hair yourself or look at other vendors that specialize in colored extensions.

LaaVoo Easy Weft Hair Extensions

  • Key features: Remy human hair, micro beaded hair weft, balayage
  • Volume: 50g
  • Length: 16-22 inches
  • Best for: Micro Weft

Micro weft extensions are another way to have permanent hair extensions that will give you extended wear. These extensions are made with Remy human hair that comes in a soft and silky straight texture. You can curl, straighten, wash, and restyle this hair as you would your own.

The micro beads come pre-attached to the weft, making for an easy and quick installation. You can choose from standard hair colors to different blends of balayage that come in darker browns to lighter blondes.

One set is 50g that will give you additional volume to your natural hair. To achieve a full head, then two to three sets are recommended.

Unfortunately, after a couple of washes, this hair will become very dry and rough. This will make it more likely to shed and give it a plastic or doll- like feel. I suggest trying out other extensions for this reason.

Guide to Buying Permanent Hair Extensions

Take the following factors into consideration when you are screening out the best permanent hair extensions.

Length of Wear

How long you decide to wear your permanent hair extensions can help you determine which option is best for you. If you’re looking at a matter of weeks to even a matter of months, then knowing which extensions are suitable for that amount of time will make the process of finding the right extensions that much easier.

Tape in extensions will last anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks with the proper maintenance. It’s a matter of buying additional tape when you want to reinstall them. I Tips and micro wefts will give you 6 to 10 months of wear, with additional maintenance routines every 6 weeks.

The great thing about permanent hair extensions is that they can offer convenience when it comes to installing natural looking extensions. They save you time and effort more than other methods and can be maintained in the long run with the proper upkeep.


Maintenance is key when it comes to wearing extensions, but even more so with permanent hair extensions. Unless you have a lengthy experience with wearing permanent hair extensions, I would suggest seeking professional services for maintenance.

Tape in extensions may not require too much additional help and can probably be done on your own. However, with I Tips and micro wefts, when it’s time to get them tightened and pushed up, you will need professional guidance unless you can do this yourself.

Outside of washing and conditioning the hair, a regular maintenance routine should be in place when wearing your permanent hair extensions. This will make them last, look great, and save you from hassle in the long run.


Getting the right thickness isn’t rocket science, but it can be a challenge when wearing permanent hair extensions. What full looks like to me and what full looks like for you can be two totally different things.

I generally try to keep the standard measurements of bundles I would wear with a sew in to the measurements of tape ins or I Tips sets when I think of fullness. It generally takes 2 to 3 bundles to give you a full head with a sew in, which is about 100 to 150g of volume.

The 20pcs of tape in extensions and 50 strands of I Tip extensions are roughly 40 to 50g a set, so that would be comparable to one bundle of hair. So if you want a fuller look, then add one or two additional sets to get a full head. Again, fullness is different for everyone, so make sure that you are achieving the right thickness that is good for you.

My Verdict

Permanent hair extensions offer solutions for longer wear, convenience, and saving time when it comes to wearing extensions. There’s no hassle of tedious every day maintenance or installations like clip ins.

My top pick would have to be the ABH AmazingBeauty Hair Pre-taped Extensions because of its excellent Remy quality, reusability, and its ability to lay flat on the head to give a realistic look.


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