September 22, 2021

Best Tape In Hair Extension Brands

Best Tape In Hair Extension Brands

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This article is about the best tape in hair extension brands in 2023.

Tape in extensions is one of the easiest to apply, easy to wearing, low-maintenance semi-permanent hair extension methods out there. They can take you from a grown-out pixie cut to a long-haired seductress in 45 minutes flat. 

They are light, seamless, GREAT to sleep in, and (a week after a tight installation) you can even wear your hair high up on your head. If you haven’t figured it out yet, let me make it clear – I am a passionate advocate for tape in extensions.

And who am I? Well, hi there, I’m Bianca and for the last 15 years, I have been researching, experimenting, and learning all about extensions, hairpieces, connection methods and so much more! And today, I am bringing my expertise to you in the form of recommending some amazing tape in extension brands.

One of my favorite brands that, I think, balances phenomenal customer service, a really solid product, and a good variety of weights, styles, and colors is Moresoo. They also have great customer service and Prime delivery!

If you want a few more options to choose from (I get it, I like to shop around for the best deal too!), then never fear. I have a few more brands I can recommend to you so you can make the best decision for you and your gorgeous do!

Read on, dear reader, read on!

Quick Summary

4 Best Tape In Hair Extension Brands

In this section, I will go over my top picks for the best tape in hair extension brands, together with a detailed review of each option.


Moresoo is a brand that has thought about their customer and tried to make every step as easy as possible.

They started off with really good hair. And I mean really good, Remy, Virgin (single donor), cuticle intact hair. Then they added some strong tapes that last up to 3 months, well past the time when you would need to have moved the tapes up.

Next, they added colors. Balayage, straight colors, blondes, brunettes, the blackest blacks, Ariel reds, gray and dark maroon to name a few. After that, they offered all these colors in both straight and wavy styles, as well as 50 gram or 100-gram packs.

And if that wasn’t enough, if you feel lost, they highly recommend you send a picture to their friendly customer service team who will color match and create your custom tape ins for you.

Your extensions come in a fairly plain plastic bag-style packaging, not a box, unfortunately, but delivery is fast and free, which is a bonus.


Suyya has a narrower range of tape ins to offer than Moresoo but what they do, they do well. They offer good hair, at an affordable price, with strong tapes and a beautiful presentation box to boot.

Suyya has Remy hair with the cuticle intact, in different lengths and all the air comes from a single donor. Meaning that the quality is likely higher.

Suyya offers their tape ins in all the currently popular colors, from simple solid colors to retro striped extensions. They offer a good collection of balayage colors as well as some fashion colors including Ariel red, sea monster-green, electric blue, and a very dramatic maroon.

This package qualifies for free delivery on Amazon in North America, but the delivery can take up to 6 days if it is free.

When your package does arrive, however, it comes in a sturdy magnetic box that is well-branded and aesthetically pleasing. And if you are here looking for a good extension brand, I know you will appreciate those good aesthetics.


Yilite are a brand that has been around for a while, and they’ve become popular due to their great quality hair. The tapes are very strong and last well past the time you would need to move the hair up by.

One of the ways that Yilite stands out from the crowd is that they have a few fashion colors in their range that really appeal to the wild child in me. 

From cotton candy pink to a soft lilac, a Storm White (yes, the badass babe from Xmen), and a very in-fashion gray. Yes, the fashion colors don’t have the longevity of the more standard and natural colors, but they are fun!

And to find fun tape in colors that are also high quality and durable is a bit of a rarity, therefore making Yilite particularly noteworthy for achieving this.

Their standard colors are nothing to be overlooked either, with a good base of colors, all offered in a host of different lengths. There are quite a few options you get with Yilite, so don’t think you’ll be limited if you choose to move forward with this brand.

When it comes to delivery, there are some days when you can get same-day delivery, and these extensions qualify for Prime too, if free is more your vibe.

When your package does arrive, it comes in a super sturdy gift box to keep the hair safe and sound inside. I much prefer when my hair arrives in a box. I know it’s just a mental thing, but it just makes it feel more expensive and special.

Last, but not least, the customer service is quick, friendly, and happy to help. Which is another feather in this already well-feathered cap. The returns policy is easy and fair, making this a great brand for anyone to try out.


Now, if you are a brunette, have I got a brand for you! Doores has specialized in adding touches of beautiful colors, such as gold, red, green, blue, gray, plum, maroon, and many more colors to brunettes without the use of bleach or trips to the salon.

Doores balayage range is phenomenal and well worth an investigation, especially if you have delicious, chocolaty roots.

Doores also has the thinner tapes on offer which makes wearing them light, easy and seamless. The hair is silky smooth, soft, shiny, and just everything you want from long glamorous hair.

Doores has one of the BEST customer service teams around. Honestly, email them now, and you should get a response back within hours. Even if it’s a really complicated request. The customer service team is so well-informed and deserves an extra special shout-out.

Doores also has the best packaging by far and when you order your tap in extensions it comes in a stunning holographic and green box with a complementary set of eyelashes to complete your transformation.

My Verdict

Now, even if I do say so myself, this is a darn good list of brands here. Which may help clarify your decision, or may have confused you even more!

But let me help ease any confusion. I think overall Moresoo is my go-to for tape in extensions just because the offering is so well thought out and the product range is so easy to navigate. The color range is beautiful, and the fact that it comes in straight and wavy goes a long way to make this my number one.

We have published several articles talking about how to put, remove, and wash tape in hair extensions. Go and take a look at them because all these tips can extend the lifespan of your beautiful hair!

Did you decide which brand to go with after reading this article? What’s your favorite tape in brand? Let me know in the comments below!


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