October 6, 2021

Best Hair Extensions for Relaxed Hair

Best Hair Extensions for Relaxed Hair

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This article is about the best hair extensions for relaxed hair available in 2022.

So, you’ve started relaxing your hair on a regular basis, and you’re beginning to realize it’s actually pretty hard to get a lot of length on your hair because with relaxing you have to trim those ends quite frequently. Well, don’t worry, friend! I have a few tricks to get you long hair in an instant!

My name is Bianca, and I have been happily ensconced in the wonderful world of extensions for 15 years (so far). I’m here to help you figure out the best extensions for your relaxed hair according to your wants, needs, and budget.

My number one recommendation, after trialing, testing, and investigating en masse, is CanaryFly Virgin Clip Ins. They are well made, sturdy and the hair is Virgin so incredibly soft and long-lasting.

Need a cheaper option? A faster option? Well, don’t lose heart. I have options for you right here.

Come on, let’s keep reading and see which one you’ll love most!

Quick Summary

The Best Relaxed Hair Extensions Reviewed

In this section, I will go over my top picks for the best relaxed hair extensions, together with a detailed review for each option.

CanaryFly Virgin Clip Ins

  • Key features: 100% Virgin Brazilian hair, 8 pieces
  • Extension length: 14 – 24 inches
  • Volume: 120 grams
  • Best for: Overall

Oh, CanaryFly have created such an amazing set of clip in extensions! I am so excited to show you these beauties.

First off, these extensions are a natural black, and are unprocessed. This means the hair has not been color processed in any way and is silky soft. It is incredibly easy to manage and has a lovely bounce when you move.

The hair has a great texture and blends well with relaxed hair. It also has a natural shine and looks and feels healthy. The hair holds a curl brilliantly, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it blends with relaxed 3b-3c hair.

The wefts and clips themselves are well constructed and are of good quality. They are comfortable to wear, quick to clip in, and sit well on your scalp.

If your natural hair is quite long you can get away with ordering just one pack, however, if you want to add volume and length, then 2 or even 3 packs is very necessary.

Sué Exquisite Synthetic Clip Ins

  • Key features: Synthetic Fiber hair, 4 pieces
  • Extension length: 20 inches
  • Volume: 200 grams 
  • Best for: Glam Waves

Sué Exquisite has created a 4 piece clip in set from excellent quality synthetic hair. This is perfect if you want to wear long, glam waves, and you don’t want to heat damage your natural hair.

The clips and wefts are well constructed, and they feel comfortable and secure when you wear them. The hair is very silky and shiny, so if you have a silky, shiny hair texture, then these will blend nicely with your own hair.

The curls are a little messy, but I quite liked that element, and it made me feel that it was more natural-looking than the usual body wave sew ins. The hair is also very thick all the way to the ends, and the wave makes them look even thicker. These are very full extensions.

I will say that these extensions are very cheap, and are made from synthetic hair. This means that they are here for a good time and not a long time. Don’t be surprised if they start tangling after a few wears.

A handy hint to try to preserve them and stop them from tangling is to lightly spray fabric softener on the ends when you aren’t wearing them.

KethBe Body Wave Synthetic Ponytail

  • Key features: Synthetic Ponytail Extension, 1 piece
  • Extension length: 24 inches
  • Volume: 150 grams 
  • Best for: 60-Second Makeover

I love a super-high, super-glam ponytail. And with this clip extension from KETHBE, you can achieve the glam ponytail in 60-seconds!

The ponytail comes in at a staggering 24-inches and has a soft wave to add extra glam and extra texture. There are two clips that attach to the top and bottom of your bun with an adjustable strap to securely fasten the ponytail in place.

The hair is synthetic which means you can’t really restyle it, but if you are happy to have a soft wave, then it’s an easy style that is always ready to go.

At 150 grams, this ponytail extension is thick to the ends and both feels and looks expensive. The downside of this is that it can pull quite a lot when you are wearing it as it is so heavy. I got to about 6 hours and had a headache, but that might just be me.

Jiameisi Human Hair Clip Ins

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 8 pieces
  • Extension length: 14 – 22 inches
  • Volume: 100 – 120 grams 
  • Best for: Comfort

If you like shiny, silky, smooth hair that flows down your back then these are the extensions for you! Jiameisi clip ins come with 8 separate wefts with a total of 20 clips.

The wefts are very thin on top and made of double-edged lace. This makes them very comfortable to wear as they allow your scalp to breathe. The wefts are very well made, and the clips are sewn on securely.

The extension lengths from 16-inches through to 22-inches are all 120 grams in weight. This means if you are getting 18-inches or longer, you will need 2-3 packs of hair to add both volume and length.

The one negative thing I noticed when using these extensions is that they shed a lot more than others I have used previously. They shed noticeably more, which is frustrating as these are the most expensive extensions on this list.

Guide to Buying Hair Extensions for Relaxed Hair

Here are a few things to take into consideration when looking at different hair extensions for relaxed hair.

Shiny, Happy Hair

Relaxed hair usually has a soft and silky texture which is very shiny. Sometimes, when it is over-processed, it can break off and become very dry and brittle. This is obviously why you need to make sure you are keeping up with your relaxing routine, regularly maintaining your hair, and keeping your natural hair as healthy as possible.

Extensions always look healthy and shiny, so the goal should be to keep your natural hair as healthy and shiny too. This way, when you leave your crown out, it will blend seamlessly.

Take A Break, Before It Breaks

Clip ins, especially long and heavy ones, put an enormous amount of pressure on a small piece of your hair and scalp. The weight tugs and pulls and even if you become accustomed to it, your scalp won’t.

Relaxed hair is weaker than natural hair, so you need to make sure to give it and your scalp a break from clip ins to limit damages. This is particularly true for the super-gorgeous 22-inch extensions. Just make sure to wear them a couple of times a week at most and try to limit the time to 5 hours or less at a time.

Relaxed Hair: How to Install Hair Extensions

Check this video out for detailed steps to install clip in hair extensions if you have relaxed hair.

Tips to Take Care of Relaxed Hair and Stop Them from Breaking

Here are my most recommended ways to stop relaxed hair from breaking:

  • Wash your hair at least once a week
  • Make use of deep treatment hair products such as oil treatment and deep conditioners
  • Keep your hair well moisturized, apply hair oil containing ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, castor oil on a daily basis
  • Use a seamless comb and be gentle when combing out your hair
  • Be very careful with the chemicals you use to relax your hair and how long you use them.
  • Wear looser hairstyles and support a healthy scalp while allowing it to breathe and be cleaned regularly.
  • Always make sure to protect previously relaxed hair when your root touch-ups are done. This will stop the chemicals from damaging your hair further.


Here are some commonly asked questions relating to hair extensions for relaxed hair.

Can you put tape in extensions on relaxed hair?

Yes, you can! Relaxed hair has been chemically treated and is more prone to damage. However, as tape in extensions is so light, they don’t damage or put any great weight on your hair as sew-ins do. Check this article out for detailed steps to install tape in hair extensions.

Can relaxed hair go back to natural?

Unfortunately, when you relax your hair, it chemically changes the structure of your hair. Once your hair is relaxed, that part of your hair is relaxed.

However, we are lucky as our hair never stops growing! So all your new hair growth will be natural.

If you want to get rid of all your relaxed hair, you have one real option – cutting your hair.

You can either go for one big chop to get a new hairstyle. Or you can go for regular trims to gradually get rid of the relaxed hair.

My Verdict

The CanaryFly Virgin Clip Ins are amazing. Virgin, unprocessed hair that is soft, flowing and ever-so-shiny. The length is accurate, the thickness is brilliant, and they are just actual works of art.

The price of these extensions is also noteworthy as they are so affordable. Just very good value for money and a brilliant purchase.

Do you have a favorite set of extensions you like to wear with your relaxed hair?

Have any good tips on maintaining that healthy shine?

Let’s talk! Let me know in the comments below!


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