October 6, 2021

Best Affordable Clip In Hair Extensions

Best Affordable Clip In Hair Extensions

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This article is about the best and most affordable clip in hair extensions available in 2023.

Hair extensions can take you from drab to fab in a couple of clicks of a few clips. Clip in extensions is the perfect way to test drive new hair colors, add temporary highlights, volume, and glamour, darling!

My name is Bianca, and I am an extension-obsessed woman who has been studying, wearing, installing, and just basically drooling over extensions for the last 15 years.

I adore a few different extension methods, but the freedom to be wild, and daring that clip ins offer is unrivaled in any other extension method.

After my research, as well as trial and error, I have come up with my number one recommendation that is WindTouch Human Hair Clip Ins. In particular, I am a fan of the balayage and highlighted options, as they will add highlights to your natural hair without having to bleach and damage your own hair. And they will add volume to boot!

If you are looking for a different type of highlight or a fashion color, don’t you worry, I have a whole host of amazing options up my sleeve for you!

So enough talking, let’s get to the reviews!

Quick Summary

4 Best Affordable Clip In Hair Extensions – Detailed Reviews

In this section, I will go over my top picks for the best, affordable clip in extensions, together with a detailed review of each option.

WindTouch Human Hair Clip Ins

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, seven pieces
  • Extension length: 15, 18, 20, and 22 inches
  • Volume: 70 grams per pack (15 inches)
  • Best for: Overall

These may be affordable, but that doesn’t mean WindTouch has made cheap extensions!

Oh no, in fact, the reason why you are seeing these babies at the top of my list is that they are so well made!

The hair is unmixed, 100% Remy human hair. The cuticle is intact, and you can dye them darker should you need – but don’t bleach them unless you want a horrible ratty mess!

The clips are sturdy and sewn on well to the double wefts. The wefts themselves are also well constructed, which means you can get them to lay flat on your head for a seamless look.

I am truly blown away by the quality texture, design, and softness of the hair. The color I went for is medium brown with blonde highlights, and if you have naturally mousy brown to dirty blonde hair, these will blend well and add volume with some gorgeous creamy blonde highlights.

The 15-inch extensions are 70 grams, which means they are not the thickest extensions around. If your hair is about 14 – 15 inches in length, these will add volume, but you will need 2 – 3 packs to add length. If your goal is to add length, I would save up a little and purchase a 100-gram-plus set.

Vario Human Hair Clip Ins

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 7 pieces
  • Extension length: 15, 18, 20, and 22 inches
  • Volume: 70 grams per pack
  • Best for: Platinum Blonde Hair

All my platinum blonde ladies know how hard it is to maintain the color, tone, and healthy ends when you start going to the high blonde tones. Phew! It’s a tough job!

Well, these Vario clip in extensions is great as you can keep your dirty blonde hair, clip these in and get that high-tone, creamy platinum blonde look without the purple treatment and split end battle!

Vario also has a few other gorgeous color combinations that are worth a look. With 17 different color options to choose from and the majority being either mixed or ombré, it is a safe assumption to make that most base shades are covered in here.

This is a bit of an odd complaint, but because the hair is SO healthy, it actually battles to hold a curl! This means if you like to curl your extensions, just plan to give them a wash and make sure to have a heat-activated curling agent on hand to get a curl that lasts. 

A top tip from me is when you aren’t wearing them, spritz with a little leave-in conditioner, and store them curled up so that they are glam and ready to go for the next time!

YMHPRIDE Multicolor Synthetic Clip Ins

  • Key features: 30 pieces, Mixed pastel colors
  • Extension length: 20 inches
  • Colors: 30 pieces, with White/Pink/Light Blue/Light Purple in ONE
  • Best for: Mermaid Hair

If you have a special occasion that calls for pastel highlights, say a party, a festival, or Halloween, then these are a great option for a temporary look.

The clip in set comes in a range of 30 pieces of individual clips. Each clip has a beautiful mix of synthetic hair with white, pink, light blue, and light purple, blended into each clip. As the hair is synthetic, each piece is uniform in length, color, and composition.

Even though it is synthetic hair, the hair feels silky to the touch and actually very similar to real hair. The clips are sturdy and well-made and sit snugly against your head.

Synthetic hair is an uphill battle to curl without some preparation, and being synthetic, the hair can tangle easily. For that reason, I would HIGHLY recommend using these clips in to create an ombré, mermaid braid, or box braids. They look beautiful running through most base shades of hair and, as there are 30 individual clips, it is actually very easy to braid with them.

Sué Exquisite Synthetic Hair Extensions

  • Key features: Synthetic Hair, 4 pieces
  • Extension length: 20 inches
  • Volume: 200 grams
  • Best for: Value

Sué Exquisite has put together a lovely set of synthetic hair extensions for a very good price. For under $25 you can get a very thick set of 20-inch extensions, which are thick to the end and well made.

Obviously being synthetic hair they won’t last as long and will tangle quite quickly compared to human hair, however, if you have a special occasion or want to test drive a color or style before committing, you cannot go wrong with these.

I particularly like the chestnut brown set with the ombré blonde highlights, as I think the rich, warm color of the chestnut is set off beautifully by the highlighted blonde tones running through. They also have a darker root, so would blend well with a large range of brunettes.

My only issue with these extensions is that you get 4 pieces with 200 grams of hair. That means that there will be a lot of weight on each clip, making these great for short-term wear, but daily wear or wearing for hours on end is out of the question. No one wants bald spots or headaches from their extensions!

Best Affordable Clip In Hair Extensions – Buying Guides

Here are a few things to take into consideration when looking at different sets of affordable hair extensions.

Everything Is Better With Intention

Everything in life is easier when you have a clear intention, goal, and purpose for doing or buying it. And shopping for hair is no different!

First, define what you want to do. Is it to add volume, to add length, to add highlights, to try a new style, for a one-night affair?

This will help you decide how long you want to use these extensions and therefore how much to invest in them.

If you want to add length and volume to your hair, you want to wear the hair daily, and you want human hair – the budget you set will need to be higher.

If you want a set of extensions to add mermaid colors for a Halloween outfit – your budget will be much lower.

Defining the purpose and your personal requirements at the outset will make it much easier to search for your perfect set of affordable clip in extensions.

Clippety Clip

I love extensions in general, and I have a special place in my heart clip ins. However, a word of caution. Clip in extensions is not a daily solution – especially if you want to add a lot of lengths and lots of volumes.

Your hair follicles are sensitive and need to be taken care of. Clip in extensions add weight and strain to your scalp and can damage your follicles if they aren’t given time to rest and restore themselves. 

When you hear people talk about how extensions gave them bald spots, it is invariably because they were wearing clip-ins, non-stop and adding a lot of weight to a small section of their scalp.

If you get a set of clip ins, and you find that you want to wear them every day because you love them so much! Then it’s time to look at a semi-permanent option, to keep your scalp happy and healthy.

My Verdict

The WindTouch Human Hair Clip Ins are so well made and the hair is such good quality that I feel these should be on everyone’s Amazon wishlist!

I love feeling like I’m getting the best value for my dollar, and these certainly do that. The clips sit snug to your head, and they are comfortable to wear for a longer period of time.

What do you think? Have I missed an affordable set of extensions, and do you think I should review them?

Let me know in the comments below, I love hearing from you!


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