October 6, 2021

Best Blonde Human Hair Extensions

best blonde human hair extensions

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This article is about the best human hair extensions available in 2022.

What do Marilyn Monroe, Dolly Parton, Pamela Anderson, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Bridget Bardot, Grace Kelly, Debbie Harry, and Jayne Mansfield have in common?

They’re all blonde, and they are all iconic! 

We all love blonde hair, but to get a good length or volume to those blonde tresses, you invariably need a little help from extensions. So which blonde extensions are best?

Well never fear, dear readers, my name is Bianca, and I am here to answer that very question! After a 15 year love affair with all things extensions and being a die-hard platinum blonde myself, I’m here to share my extensive hair wisdom with you all!

My personal preference when it comes to my own waist-length, platinum blonde hair, is to use tape ins. I love how easy they are to install, how comfortable they are to wear, and how versatile they are to place for a perfect blend. Full Shine Tape In Platinum Extensions is amazing quality and phenomenal value for money.

If you are a dirtier blonde or prefer a different extension method, don’t fret for even a millisecond! I have scoured the internet to bring you the best offerings online to get you the best blonde hair out there.

But enough of this jibber-jabber, and on to the mane event!

Quick Summary

4 Best Blonde Human Hair Extensions – Our Top Picks

In this section, I will go over my top picks for the best, blonde human hair extensions, together with a detailed review for each option.

Full Shine Tape In Platinum Extensions

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 20 pieces
  • Extension length: 10 – 24 inches
  • Volume: 50 grams per 20 piece pack 
  • Best for: Overall

Full Shine has some of the best human hair on offer. Even when you get to the platinum blonde colors, the hair is soft, manageable, tangle free and stays that way for at least six months with good care and maintenance. It is healthy, shiny, and I haven’t seen a split end yet!

Full Shine also specializes in blonde colors. Out of the 16 colors on offer, a whopping 10 are blonde! So come one, come all blondes of all tones – Full Shine has something delightful for you. I also appreciate that the blondes are all creamy and have both cool and warm tones, without having brassy tones.

If you have shorter hair, then remember that you will need 3 packs for volume and length. You can get away with one or two packs just adding volume or highlights.

The hair is thick to the ends for the most part, but especially with the platinum colors, expect to trim an inch by the second or third installation. The ends breaking and being more fragile is just an unfortunate side effect of hair that has gone through more processing.

GooGoo Light Blonde Mix Extensions

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 7 pieces
  • Extension length: 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 inches
  • Volume: 90 grams 
  • Best for: Halo

GooGoo is a brand that has been around for a while and has amassed a legion of lifelong fans for having a near-perfect system for processing their extension hair with as little damage as possible. This means that their extensions are durable and long lasting.

Now, the Halo extension is a fairly new method for adding hair, and it is best used for adding volume only. This is not a great solution for adding length, but it is an excellent method for adding highlights. At 95 grams, the 18-inch Halo has quite a generous amount of hair and will add an instantly noticeable va-va-voom to your hair-do!

The GooGoo Halo is well constructed and has both the invisible fish wire and the clips sewn into the weft, so you can use either method for an extra secure fit. The ends of the Halo weft have clips sewn right on the edge to ensure the weft lays very flat to your head, which means a secure fit and a seamless blend.

I will mention that GooGoo only has three blonde options available, so if you have anything other than very light blonde hair, this wouldn’t be appropriate for you.

Ugeat Highlight Ash Blonde Extensions

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 10-Inch Weft
  • Extension length: 14 – 24 inches
  • Volume: 50 grams 
  • Best for: Micro Bead Weft

The micro bead weft is another extension method that is fairly new and has gained popularity in recent years. Unlike the Halo extension, this is a semi-permanent extension method and can last 3 months before needing to be reinstalled. Another good point to note is that you can layer the micro bead wefts to give you both length and volume.

Ugeat have an eye-watering 26 color options available, and of those, 13 are in various shades of blonde. This is brilliant as whether you want to add highlights, or you have a rooted or balayage style, there is an option for you. From platinum to dirty blonde and beyond, you are catered for.

When the hair arrives, it is so shiny it almost looks synthetic, but don’t worry! After one wash, it returns to normal and has a lovely texture. I will say that after washing, the hair has a slight wave to it. Not a bad thing per se, but just to make you aware.

The one disadvantage is consistency. The wefts are firm and sturdy with some orders. And then, the next order, you have wefts that need to be hand-stitched to reinforce them. If you can see past that, these are a great option, with hair usually lasting between 6 – 12 months.

Moresoo Rooted Balayage Extensions

  • Key features: 100% Remy human hair, 7 pieces
  • Extension length: 14 – 22 inches
  • Volume: 100 grams 
  • Best for: Seamless Weft

A common complaint from the fairer-haired lovelies is that the hair at the top of their heads is thinner, and lighter, so it is hard to hide extensions in them. And, in honesty, it’s a common complaint of mine too. This is why I was so delighted when I found Moresoo’s seamless weft extensions!

Not only are these extensions thick at 100 grams, but they also have incredibly thin wefts at the top which are very easy to hide in thinner, lighter hair! There are six different blonde options to choose from, so just make sure to get the color that matches your roots the best for a totally seamless blend.

The silicone-coated wefts are well made and long-lasting, and the clips are covered in silicone too, so the hair sits snugly to your head. For so much hair, they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

Just beware that even though the hair and the wefts are of unbeatable quality, the clips themselves are a bit ‘hit or miss’. So don’t be shocked if the clips break. However, if you don’t mind sewing a new clip on every now and again, these are a brilliant choice in your quest for blonde domination!

Best Blonde Human Hair Extensions – What to Consider?

Here are a few things to consider when looking at different sets of blonde human hair extensions.

Blonde Tax

Blonde hair DO care!

Blondes have more fun, and gentlemen prefer us, but we do have some shortfalls when it comes to maintaining ‘The Do”. I have dubbed it the “Blonde Tax”.

Blonde hair, especially blonde extension hair, has to undergo more processing to get the color both consistent and creamy.

This means that you need to purchase a variety of toning, hydrating, protecting, and moisturizing products to keep your extensions healthy. So make sure to get some high-quality shampoo, conditions, deep conditions, hair oil and leave in conditions to keep your extensions tangle-free.

It also means that even though you jump through proverbial hoops to keep your extensions in tip-top condition, you will need to trim the ends often and replace them faster than your brunette counterparts.

It is, unfortunately, the price of beauty. And blonde is, undoubtedly, beautiful.

Color of Extensions

Blonde human hair can be dyed darker, but never bleached. What I noticed when looking for that perfect blonde shade was that I would find it in a straight blonde, or mixed blonde, but not a rooted blonde.

Don’t let that put you off.

Purchase the color of extensions closest to what you want, whether straight or mixed, and add the root yourself. My favorite set of platinum extensions is a mixed platinum and honey blonde. I bought a box of drugstore hair dye in a “soft brown” shade and painted a little root on myself.

The color is exactly what I wanted, and I haven’t lost out on quality. I am currently on month 4, and we are still going strong!


Here are some quick questions relating to choosing blonde hair extensions and their quick answers.

Where do blonde hair extensions come from?

The raw material of blonde hair extensions comes from black or dark brown hair collected from Asia. The hair factories will process the hairs collected and bleach them into blonde color.

This is because most hairs used for making hair extensions come from low-income countries.

What is the most popular type of hair extension?

It depends on the target market of the hair extensions. For beginners, most people prefer clip-in hair extensions, because they are easy to install and take off.
For Caucasians, halo and tape in hair extensions are both very popular. While for Africans, sew-in hair extensions are the most popular.

My Verdict

The Full Shine Tape In Platinum Extensions are so beautiful, the color is gorgeous, and they are incredibly well made. So I am confidently advising all of you platinum-haired readers to go have a look, and let me know what you think!

Do you have a favorite set of blonde extensions I missed?

Did you try any of these out?

Let me know in the comments below!


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